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  1. I had just noticed a marked lack in interesting people. All signs led to your absence.

  2. Sean of the Dead?

  3. I had hot tamales for lunch today. Made me think of you.

  4. Missing you. Wish you wre here!

  5. Smoking profile picture! Did you have Red 5 touch up the eyes?

  6. I don't usually have anything to say. I did put something up on 9/21

  7. *rushes to blog*

  8. Dave? Dave? DAVE?!

    ..high five?...


  9. Happy now? I even changed my photo.

  10. Someone needs to start a shindig

  11. Perving on my profile?

  12. You know, people look at your profile just to take a peak at your boobs.

  13. I think you're being sarcastic and I don't believe you.

  14. Viewing her profile is the only way I get to her blog, and I don't read it THAT much.

  15. That's the best profile picture I've ever seen.

  16. Well, aren't we friendly now?

  17. You need to update your blog.

  18. Forever Blue by Chris Isaak. My wrists are bleeding.

  19. You should get on AIM... it's all the rage!

  20. Just checking up on you.

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