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  1. If as some people say he needed this place for interaction it may be better for it to be taken away. There is nothing wrong with talking to people here and becoming friends or whatever but if its your major source of that, I don't think that can be good. Maybe this place was a crutch that needed to be removed to kinda force him to find in real life friendships?
  2. I hate to see anyone banned but this one was earned. A man doesn't talk to a woman that way. And its not about any one word in particular. What kind of man could talk to any woman with that kind of tone and harshness?
  3. Like was said in the other thread Zerimar played the victim, always in every case. Then when it got to the point that he had no other recourse to defend himself hed play the "i might be autistic" card. Which may or may not be true. If he does have some undiagnosed disorder or condition I really hope he gets it diagnosed and can get help.
  4. Its the way you said it, the "no win" situation comment. The calling of a woman in your age range without kids a "unicorn". I cringed when I read that post. I couldn't imagine how a woman would think about it.
  5. Cue the post about how its all a misunderstanding and hes really perfect.
  6. You ever see The Office where Michael is told he idealizes relationships? Well you seem to idealize them before they even happen. That kind of thing can happen to anyone but you seem overly suspectible to it.
  7. We, as guys, often think women are far different from us in cases like this but in reality they aren't. If a girl texted and called you and decided to not respond are you really just hoping she attempts a third time? Ofcourse not. Its no different with women.
  8. The Choc

    Episode X!

    Ive never read one of these but obviously have seen the links to them. So they are just people writing parodies?
  9. Is that from the next Borat movie?
  10. I agree with alot of what you say, but the starting QB of an NFL team is a huge spokesperson for that team. Normally the QB and the head coach are the 2 big faces of the franchise. If it were a left guard you were talking about youd be right, but in this case Kap was easily more prominent inside the Niners as Carrano is for Lucasfilm.
  11. Its really just about if the juice is worth the squeeze. If Russell Wilson had knelt instead of Kap hed have faced no discipline. He is just too valuable. Its the same here. I don't think any one thing Gina said was all that bad. She just kept constantly knocking on that door between beliefs you may disagree with and actual horrible beliefs. But she just wasn't worth the trouble to Disney any more. These are business decisions by companies, not moral ones.
  12. Im not even sure Id call what she posted anti-semetic, although maybe I missed something, more like just incredibly dumb and out of touch. Really just a waste for her.
  13. Another woman came forward with allegations against Manson. Esme Biano, probably best known for playing "Ros" on the early seasons of Game of Thrones. She claims he would show her sex scenes to guests, that he controlled who she could have contact with, that he repeatedly cut her torso with a knife, that she fled from him and left him for go after he chased her with an ax. A quote from her "Hes not a misunderstood artist, hes a monster who should be behind bars for life."
  14. I know, I was more just trying to amplify your mock of the choice of name.
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