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  1. I hate this news. Out of the different sort of ways you can group Star Wars together the Mandoverse is by far my least favorite. Its just so blah.
  2. Oh that was the same lady? I really didn't know. I guess Ill mostly withdraw.
  3. Anyone else think what they did with Morgan was maybe the lamest thing ever in Star Wars. I mean Baylon and Shin are sort of removed from the main story but its like "oh man we need someone for Ahsoka to fight". So lets just have the witches touch Morgans face and conjure up some magic sword and now all of a sudden she can fight Ahsoka. Just dumb as dumb can be.
  4. I hate how they write Thrawn. It's just like he sends his guys on a mission, it all goes wrong for them, then after he is like "nah, all good, thats what I wanted anyway" and its supposed to make him seem smart. The actor playing him is doing a good job but its just a lame character.
  5. I like bits of this show and overall Id give it a tepid thumbs up but man I mean 8 episodes just to bring back a couple characters Filoni decided to send away at the end of a cartoon is a bit crazy.
  6. I really like the Baylon character. His idea that its essentially a never ending cycle of wars "darkness rises and light to meet it" is the real enemy rather than the darkness itself is what Episode IX should have been about. He seems to somewhat be the old "well intentioned" villain. I can only think that his methods will lead to his ultimate failure.
  7. Some things about the sequence made me think she actually was in some other plane of existance, some things made me think it was a vision/dream. In the end it doesn't matter and I hope we get no definitive answer either way.
  8. Well obviously I do but I think you also get my point that the political situation in Star Wars should be the background of the story and not what really matters.
  9. Here is the difference. In Star Wars sure there are unexplained things, as there should be, it works best with an amorphous backstory which gives the storytellers freedom. However in Star Wars the characters on screen and the basic stakes are obvious about 3 minutes into the movie. Vader shows up, walks over some dead guys like he dont give a crap. He chokes a guy to death and throws him to the side like a rag doll. He threatens the Princess. Leia shows up she is cute, obviously brave and she talks back to the badass Vader. We like her immediatley. Right from the start we are like "this Vader guy is a bad dude and someone better beat him and this Leia girl is cool as hell, someone needs to bust her out." Thats really the basics of the movie. Evil Knight takes Princess prisoner. Farm boy and good knight attempt to rescue her." Its so simple. If anything this should be more focused like that, we don't need the crap about teh New Republic sucking and all that. But ofcourse gotta set up the climax to all of this in the cross over movie. It should be focused on the characters on screen plus the stakes of why is Thrawn so bad and why is Ezra so good.
  10. In your life experience how many real life governments are not inept? This tracks perfectly. Plenty of people who were war weary from WWI put their heads in the sand in the lead up to WWII. Whats transpiring in the New Republic is probably the closest to what would actually happen. I mean in Harry Potter they don't listen to friggin Albus Dumbledore and the timeline between the 2 wars is even shorter in Potter.
  11. They absolutely do not. We don't need every single thing that transpired between the trilogies explained.
  12. Unless I misunderstood I dont think they believed the hyperspace rings were there. Whats going on here reminds me of Harry Potter when the ministry didn't believe Voldemort what back.
  13. The show is just too dependent on a cartoon. I mean why would based on whats established in this show the audience care about Ezra? Its not like Luke Skywalker who is one of the most beloved characters in pop culture history. Same goes for Thrawn, we hear if he returns itll be war, but why? What about him? Nothing like that has been established. Its kinda crazy. It goes back to a couple things. Firstly just this intertwined storytelling between series with characters appearing across them and all that. I just dont like that kind of storytelling. Beyond that it goes back to the hierarcy of Star Wars. You make an Obi Wan show you don't need to establish Obi Wan or Vader or Leia or Bail or any of that because there is basically no one watching Obi Wan who doesn't know all about them. The same thing goes for Andor, you can make a safe assumption that the vast majority of viewers saw Rogue One. Thats not the case here, or at least they should hope its not. If this show is limited to Rebels fans thats a problem. At least I think it is. I mean people are going to say "I have to watch a friggin cartoon to get this?" I mean where does it end? Making a show where you have had to play a video game? Read a book? Read the back of action figure packages? As for the episode it kinda fits right into what I was saying in my last post.
  14. I just get the same feeling I get from the rest of the Favreau/Filoni led shows, other than BOBF which was a level below, I like the show well enough to keep watching but thats really about all the excitement I can muster.
  15. I really liked this episode. A couple reasons 1-I love the idea of someone who is not pre disposed to be strong in The Force being trained in The Force. Its sort of the other side of the coin of what Rey's story should have been before they made her Palpys granddaughter or whatever. Just the idea that everyone has the Force, it does not belong to some sort of chosen few. Love this idea. 2-The end of the action sequence with the space whales was very cool. It really gave me a sense of wonder that is so important in Star Wars but also sometimes absent. Just looked cool. However Ahsoka going out i n space in the spacesuit was one of the dumbest things I ever saw in Star Wars. But not enough to make me not give the episode a solid thumbs up.
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