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  1. What Im saying is that it never could be the end of Grogu's arc because Grogu was never going to be happy after being taken away from someone who loved him like Mando. It was not a happy ending for him because it was obviously a bad thing. Whatever training and power he acquired with Luke doesn't matter. Love is more important than power.
  2. The ending of season 2 was never going to be the ending because Luke taking the baby was always a mistake and was never going to work out. Now having that shown during a totally different show than Mando is another story.
  3. The Choc


    I don't know if its the same plot as much as the Airk thing is there to show us and make sure we understand what is going on with Graydon.
  4. The Choc


    I wont really say much about the song. I didn't put 2 and 2 together then when watching. I thought the riff from the song worked well though. If it bothered anyone else I suppose thats fair. As for the show yeah its just solid and fun. The mid credits scene seems to indicate they want to do 3 seasons total of the show although season 2 hasn't even been picked up yet. Seems to be a fairly popular show so should be a solid chance to get a 2nd season. My main question on Graydon is does he know what hes seeing isn't real? Or does he actually believe he is with Elora?
  5. The Choc


    Overall I thought it was a really fun season. Hopefully they will make another.
  6. The Choc


    That was the first episode. I only watched the first one and it was in that one. I really liked it though, alot of fun.
  7. Okay, not sure if we did this after "Obi Wan" or not but it;'s time for every Star Wars fans favorite thing to do, ranking shit! So for myself, like I did last time I did this, I will consider live action movies and tv shows and I will consider each season of each show it's own thing. Which basically means Im just splitting Mando into it's 2 seasons. 1-The Last Jedi 2-The Empire Strikes Back 3-Star Wars 4-The Foce Awakens 5-Andor 6-Revenge of the Sith 7-Rogue One 8-Return of the Jedi 9-Obi Wan Kenobi 10-Solo 11-The Mandalorian Season 2 12-Attack of the Clones 13-The Phantom Menace 14-The Mandalorian Season 1 15-The Rise of Skywalker 16-The Book of Boba Fett
  8. The Choc


    I felt this show was truly excellent. The first Star Wars show that wasn't "Star Wars Lite" and really felt like something great on it's own. It fulfills the promise of what we were all excited about when Disney bought Lucasfilm. Obviously we all were excited to see Luke, Leia, Han back and the ST. This though fulfills the idea that you can set all different kinds of shows in the Star Wars universe. Im not saying that this is what Star Wars "should be" because I don't think thats the case. There is certainly room for stuff that is more traditional Star Wars with Jedi and the Force and lightsabers. At least there better be cause I love that stuff. This show was just great though.
  9. Yeah, I mean Im not saying they should have done this in the 90s. It would never have worked and would ahve seemed "less" than a big movie trilogy. Nowadays though? You 100% could do it as a big TV show and not have it feel less important. As for the idea of them doing TV shows around the movies, well thats what has happened just spread out over alot of years. Personally I don't love that type of storytelling. Id much prefer just like a single series titled "Fall of the Republic" or whatever. Its pure just fantasy booking at this point just something I thought about watching Tales of the Jedi.
  10. Okay I recently watched and made a post about Tales of Jedi, specifically the episodes focused on Dooku. I really enjoyed it and thought how cool it woulda been to have some of this in the actual PT to flesh out the character. Then I thought with how much alot of people like The Clone Wars and even the early rebellion stuff of Andor that the story of the PT coulda been great as a long, multi season TV series. I mean the whole "taxation of trade routes" thing seems boring when put into the scroll but actually in a way could have been strangely compelling if like given a whole season. The OT and ST are fairly simple stories, well suited to being told in 6-7 hours. The PT just isn't. Hate to make it as simple as GoT in space but I mean the PT 100% could be that in alot ways. There are so many interesting facets of the PT and this is evident in like I said earlier how much people like most of the stuff thats spun off from the PT. There is so much in the PT that is either in there so vaguely or not in there at all that fans then extrapolate out that is in alot of ways really interesting. Obviously in the mid 90s when Lucas decided to make the PT the idea of putting it on tv would have seemed basically insane. In todays landscape, not so much. Most Star Wars fans, even thouse who like the PT, have probably spent time thinking about how they could have been better or what they should have been. I think though the story Lucas wanted to tell was just not really possible in a movie trilogy format and that really that story shouldn't be told in 7 hours, it should have been told in 80.
  11. Anyone check out these shorts yet? There are 6 episodes about 15 minutes each. Three are centered on Ahsoka, three on Dooku. I have to say I thought the 3 Dooku episodes were maybe by favorite Star Wars animation ever. Just really good stuff. Dooku always seemed like such a character with so much potential, the idea he was truly doing what he felt was right and maybe even was mostly right but he just goes too far in his tactics. This leans into that some. although obviously still has to have him be in league with Palpatine at the end.
  12. I figured going into the season it either would end with cutting between both Aegon and Rhaenyra being crowned or would end with the dragon fight above Shipbreaker Bay. They made the right choice I think now.
  13. Thought it was a really good finale to a really good first season.
  14. It's not a theory. It's gonna happen in the show, just a matter of it's the climax to this season or the start of next. So I don't really wanna post it cause its a flat out spoiler.
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