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  1. It's not selfish if you are good at it.
  2. As I was reading that post I assumed he was mocking the sort of "internet Star Wars fan". Its kind of shocking that he was serious. Hard to believe really. Its the kind of thing that makes all subsequent opinions on Star Wars from him be completely irrelevant. If you are going to take a lego cartoon that serious I just think you are beyond help.
  3. Hammill is a voice actor, have him give orders and communications over comms then very rare appearances. Once or twice a season. I don;t love the idea of the shared universe and tying everything together but if they are gonna do it, and clearly thats what they are doing, then may as well really do it.
  4. Maybe very rare appearances from Luke. He allows his students to go and work with Ahsoka while he stays back and tries to come up with his ideas for exactly what his Jedi Order will be? We could just get a recast Ben and the other students. Establish the rivalry between Ben and his friends (the future Knights of Ren) and the other students.
  5. What could be kinda cool is if what Tank is saying is something that gets shifted kinda to a possible Ahsoka spin off show. What if she has been training a few students, maybe Ezra turns up and they have to deal with this group of force powerful bad guys in the outer rim while the Republic buries their head in the sand?
  6. Thats the other possibility and the one I greatly prefer. I don;t like the idea of things being made "backwards compatible" and one movie or tv show or whatever depending on another to fill in gaps to start with. Plus a group of force powerful bad guys would be just fun for the action of the show.
  7. This seems to be the obvious conclusion. The only thing I'd throw in is I don't think this "Baby Yoda" storyline will end with the Imperials getting hold of the child and doing further experiments on him. Maybe they fail and thats why Snoke is kind of decrepit and Palpatine cant come back fully until the wonderously convienent "force diad" in Episode IX.
  8. I don't have a problem with the adventure of the week format. All I said was that if they are going to do that then the adventure better be fun and exciting on it's own. This weeks was. The chase from the base to the settlement was pretty great. We also got a tad bit more from Mando himself. HIs interactions with Baby Yoda were some of the best and most humanizing Mando has had thus far. Lastly it was cool to get a bit more into Moff Gideon's operation.
  9. This week was maybe the best episode of the series yet.
  10. ALthough it has some serious flaws and it does fail at alot of what it is attempting to do I still find the movie fun to watch and entertaining. Especially the 2nd half of the movie from the Obi Wan-Jango fight till the end.
  11. Anyone else watch this today? It was pretty great.
  12. Im not saying its not intentional. More just "some episodes are good and some aren't". Which is true of most shows. Very few shows leave you really satisfied after every week. Those are the great shows. I don't think Im even being negative. Two of the three this season have been very good. Most people here would agree with that. I just find that when you have an entire episode that is basically he crashes on a planet and escapes from a spider, thats just a waste. To get back to the way TV used to be vs how it is now: it feels like an episode of tv from the 80s or 90s where the season had to be
  13. I don't think its a matter of being impatient. More just being honest and taking it as it comes. If an episode isn't entertaining then its not. If at the beginning of an episode Mando is seeking to bring the frog lady home and meet fellow Mandalorians and then at the end thats the exact same situation then at least make that 30-40 minutes entertaining on its own. I don't think its fair to say "well its going to get better so just accept the weak episodes now". Like I said, its not being impatient. If the show was more serialized and the story moved forward in some slow episodes you could
  14. Its great if Mando eventually gets to be a little less boring but that doesn't help make the 11 episodes we've already had any better. I;d expect even if the story opens up in some ways for the usual series of events to continue: Mando gets some objective. A couple episodes where he gets sidetracked and has pretty much stand alone adventures. Then he reaches the objective set a couple episodes earlier, only to be given some new objective which it will take him 3 or so episodes to reach with a couple detour episodes between. On the surface thats totally fine. Until recently the main
  15. I think sometimes his overly dry reactions to baby Yoda's antics are supposed to be funny but they don't seem to work in that way.
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