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  1. With Mando I feel most fans really enjoyed the early stuff, obviously Baby Yoda is just an all time genius creation. However they wanted to story to become less story of the week and more of something larger. Then when it did that most people didn't like it. Which was fair because the whole story about the Mandalorians wasn't very good. Also just the Favreau/Filoni stuff with the intertwined storytelling just doesn't work in 99% of cases. There are obviously episodes of BOBF that are Mando episodes. There is a Mando episode on Coruscant about how crappy the New Republic is. It just doesn't work. Marvel was a once in a generation thing that needed 10 different things to work perfectly to work out. And it did in the biggest way possible culminating with End Game. Since then even the "Marvel way" hasn't worked for Marvel. Its never going to work for Star Wars.
  2. I really liked Andor too, I think its the best Star Wars TV show by a fairly wide margin, but I do think in alot of cases the distance for many fans between "this is just a rehash of Star Wars" vs "This just doesn't feel like Star Wars" is very very small. With the other Disney stuff obviously TFA is a partial remake of ANH. No sane person could deny. Its just so well done that it still works very well. I love that movie. As for TLJ, Im sure most people here know my feelings about the movie, but as for this specific discussion I do think it uses the familiar to then give us the unfamiliar. Obviously there is a throne room scene, Jedi training, a battle on a white surface with walkers. I do think its using the familiar to then not do the exact things wed expect. Having said that the idea it is so subversive or whatever I don't agree with. The basic plot of Rey finds Luke, he dont wanna train her, he is convinced to, she wants to leave against Lukes wishes, she and the Resistance get into trouble, Luke comes to help and is killed by Kylo while the Resistance escapes is a pretty simple plot and if i had told most fans before the movie that was the outline they;d all have nodded their heads. As for TROS, I just don't know what to make of it. It feels just like a mess of ideas where very little works outside of the comradrie and interactions between the main characters.
  3. For me just has so many great sequences. The whole thing around the throne room, the Holdo manuever, the battle on Crait, Luke vs Kylo. Just all top tier Star Wars stuff.
  4. Its funny, I think the 2nd half or so of TLJ is the greatest hour so in all the franchise.
  5. He doesn't feel at all like a 10 year old boy in the movie. Definitely gives off more of a teenager vibe.
  6. I had no idea how old he was supposed to be but just from watching the movie there is no way he felt like a 10 year old boy to me. If anything he felt older than the 13 years Furlong was.
  7. I don't think its a fair comparison for many reasons. Furlong was about 4 years older than Lloyd when making the movies. Which when the difference is between 13 and 9 while filming is a huge difference. If you wanna say Anakin should have been older in TPM then fine, but thats your issue. The difference between building the movie around a teenager and a little boy.
  8. I think the end was pretty amazing storytelling really. What worked well is that really none of the guys who came down to help Cody did anything to Roman. They just stopped the Bloodline from cheating on Roman's behalf. So Cody's win is essentially clean. Also him losing because he just can't let go of Seth turning on the Shield all those years ago is amazing.JUst before hitting him with the chair he says to Seth. "You took something from me I can never get back" and "You are why Im like this". He jsut can't get over that betrayal from Seth. Really cool, long running storytelling.
  9. The Choc

    The Acolyte

    I feel like if a fan goes into a tv show expecting the same feeling as going to a theater and seeing "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..." and then the music and all of that hitting they are just being unrealistic. The tv shows have been hit or miss for me. Andor was tremendous. Obi Wan was very entertaining. Mando has had it's moments and overall been good. Ahsoka and Fett not so much.
  10. The Choc

    The Acolyte

    Most aliens in Star Wars are essentially scenery with a few exceptions like Yoda, Chewie and Jar Jar.
  11. The Choc

    The Acolyte

    I just dont get the whole knife thing. I mean people still have to like cut food and stuff like that, right? I don't think average people are using mini lightsabers to cut up their Life Day dinner. As for boats, we basically see a boat in TPM. It's essentially a submarine but close enough. As for Disney not spending money, I just don't think thats fair. The budgets for the movies I think have all been more than adequate. For tv shows Id expect the budgets to be smaller.
  12. The Choc

    The Acolyte

    When I say it looks really good Im not saying its going to end up in the pantheon of all time television shows or that itll be better than the best Star Wars movies. People just get so caught up in stuff, the one guy complains too many humans. I mean in ESB how many aliens are there? Chewie? Yoda? A few bounty hunters who basically get cameos? Is that it?
  13. The Choc

    The Acolyte

    I think it looks really good.
  14. Why didn't the entire Rebellion fleet get sucked in by the Death Stars tractor beam?
  15. I love the LOTR books but its an issue there too. Its like "hey the good guys won at Helms Deep" ok well thats just a minor battle compared to whats coming at Pelennor Fields. Well the good guys win that. Well still wait till ya get to the Black Gate, thats when it gets hard. The bad guys keep losing but its constantly just like "oh well the real hard battle is next."
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