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  1. Whats interesting is the impact of the increased serialization of the series has had on the Craig movies. I feel its been a bit of a double edged sword. It increases the stakes and has made Bond more of a human being but at the same time it's maybe taken a bit of fun out of it. When you watch the old Bonds the terrible things that happen have almost not effect on Bond. In Goldfinger that poor girl who helped Goldfinger cheat at cards dies for no reason other than Bond broke into the room and found her. She died simply because she met James Bond. It has little or no effect on him. Fast fo
  2. Was my first time in a movie theater since The Rise of Skywalker. Suffice to say it was a much more enjoyable experience. This is a great movie. Maybe just a shade below Casino Royale and Skyfall but just a shade. Craig has been a magnificent Bond, in fact I'd say the best. He gave us everything Bond we love but then so much more on top of it. Even the lesser of his movies, Quantum of Solace and Spectre, he is great in. The next guy has a tough act to follow.
  3. Yeah, when I first heard of this my interest was zero. As I read a bit more about it I wanted to watch it because it seemed to be outside the normal timeline and not just fleshing out stuff that happens between TPM and TROS which is what I want to see. So I really wanted to give it a go but I just couldn't.
  4. I really tried to watch this but as someone who has never watched anime I couldn't get past the style of it. Only got a minute or two into the first one.
  5. Personally Kylo Ren through 2 movies is the best character in all of Star Wars. When you factor everything in, including Drivers performance. To build him up to take Snokes place and surpass Vader in that was was truly great. Its a crime that they spent 2 movies doing that just to bring in another old guy in a cloak on a throne to put back above him. Having him not be the main villain of the third movie was just insane, no matter what choice was made with regards to his possible redemption.
  6. I wish I could argue with you. If you look at the ST as one 7 hour story though you are just 100% correct. If you compartmentalize it TFA and TLJ are both great and I don't let TROS detract from my enjoyment of either of them.
  7. I agree, its the only Star Wars movie I've ever left the theater unhappy.
  8. Im not sure of this. I really do think Johnson's intent with Rey closing the door on him at the end of the TLJ was that he was done with his chances to come back. Having said that although I to think turning him back was the wrong choice it's not indefensible. Plus some of the decisions used in his redemption were right like having it be a memory of his father that pushed him in that direction. As opposed to the decisions with Rey which are kind of hard to even fathom how anyone could think they were good decisions. Its funny though I almost don't even consider TROS when thinking of Star
  9. The Jedi were totally different than I envisioned as a kid. I thought there were very few. Like under a hundred. I also didn't think they were one huge group who was a wing of the government. I pictured like a few Jedi masters spread throughout the galaxy who taught those they felt worthy. The two most prominent were Yoda and Palpatine. As for the Republic I thought more like the Roman Republic rather than what seemingly was a peaceful place for 1,000 years with peaceful transitions of power. More like officially a democracy but from time to time there would be those who would vie for pow
  10. She doesn't have evidence. Its just intuition. She doesn't say "I know it's Dooku, I have proof." She says she thinks he is behind it. The Jedi won't even entertain the thought.
  11. They say its poor writing but its blatantly obvious what Padme's position was, why she didn't trust Dooku and why hed want her dead.
  12. On the surface it does seem odd but I think Padme just knew there was more to the situation than meets the eye. She understood there were forces on both the Republic and Seperatist side that wanted a war no matter what and she believed Dooku was one of them.
  13. No, this isn;t about the movie. Its about the current state of Star Wars! Does it seem to anyone like somehow Jango Fett has become the most important character in all of Star Wars. Im 11 or 12 episodes into the Bad Batch (which overall I like) but doesn;t it seem like cloning has become just overwhelmingly key to Star Wars? The Mandalorian has major plot points about Imperials wanting Grogu for seemingly some sort of cloning experiment. Bad Batch is about everyone wanting Omega for cloning purposes. The next show we will seen is about a clone, Boba Fett. Snoke was a clone it seems of some sor
  14. When I drink I take advil before I go to bed, usually 4. Other than that I almost never take pain killers.
  15. The logo looks alot like a logo the Angels used in the 90s. They should just use the block C.
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