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  1. Does anyone else find it funny that Ewan and Hayden seem to have the relationship that Obi Wan and Anakin should have had?
  2. In a way Vader does that but hes lying to himself and justifying his actions to himself. In ROTS after he kills the Seperatists he is standing on that balcony crying. Even when he first turns and bows before the Emperor after the Emperor killed Mace the whole thing reeks of them just kinda saying things they both know are not true to justify this all. I mean Anakin hears the Emperor gleefully say "unlimited power!!!" while killing Mace. He can't possibly believe it when 2 minutes later the Emperor is talking about how the Jedi are bad and all that. He knows what the Emperor wants. Thats h
  3. Thats probably alot of it, being able to go to a movie and enjoy it without having watched 25 other movies and 4 TV series.
  4. I think you are totally wrong. The whole point is that there IS good in him. As Luke says "The Emperor has not driven it from you fully". Even earlier in the movie the Emperor questions Vader asking him if his feelings on this are clear. The light has never fully gone out of him. Now if you say you don't want that light to ever shine through in any kind of small way thats fine. But to say its gone is wrong. But I'd say there are a few instances of him showing that flicker of light prior to the end ROTJ. When he first awakens in the Vader suit the first thing he asks about is Padme. At th
  5. This is getting insanely good reviews. I cant wait to see it.
  6. Im certainly not saying this has to happen but I don't think it would in any way, shape or form harm the existing story. When you think about Vader in the suit he is tortured and not just physically by his burns and injuries but emotionally. He should be constantly regretting what he's done and wanting to do the right thing but he just can;'t do it. If he's just in the suit twirling his mustache and revelling in his being evil I think it takes away from the character.
  7. If Vader is just going to be evil and its going to be another Rogue One ending situation of just "look how evil and badass Vader is" then there is really no reason for him to be on the show.
  8. Obi Wan doesnt have to know that Vader did this, he could think he somehow got away with it and Vader just didn't know what was going on.
  9. Right I don't have an issue if Vader is just completely evil Vader in this but I don't think there would be anything wrong with that small good showing up either. Like if his last scene is him meeting the Emperor who asks him what Kenobi is up to and Vader lies or something. I don't think there would be anything wrong with that. Also from a practical plot standpoint I mean if Vader finds out Obi Wan is on Tatooine and like doesn't think something is up he just seems dumb. If he finds out and then covers it up, it makes sense.
  10. I look at it more that he always had that small kernel of good in him and coming face to face with Luke led to it growing. Luke brought the good out but it had to be somewhere deep inside him for Luke to find it.
  11. I kinda think Vader is going to learn about Luke and where he is but the small kernel of good still within him will lead to him not acting on it or telling anyone else about it.
  12. People want to this this stories were handed down to Lucas atop a mountain or something and if they weren't its some huge problem. Within the OT there are obvious times when Lucas intention gets changed. Obviously Luke and Leia's kiss. Also no one would have a Death Star blown up in the first movie if they were planning on having another in the third.
  13. I'd argue that what happens in the movies not aligning with what fans expected is a good thing. I also don't see it as a stretch or out of line with stuff that appears elsewhere. Yoda does say that people strong in the force will see the past. Thats a fact that I don't think anyone would disagree with, right? Leia has the Force so she could have visions of the past. Some of those visions are of Padme. In reality it's one of those happy coincidences like her being able to sense Luke in ESB. At that point she was not Luke's sister but she obviously has some connection to the Force. Her hav
  14. The Force isn't an absolute. Its not like there is a formula. Amount of time spent equals number of visions of the past. Leia has visions of Padme, Luke does not. Needs no explanation.
  15. It's 100% not what Lucas intended but thats not relevant. He also didn't intend Luke to be Vaders son or Luke and Leia to be siblings.
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