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  1. This was the first time for me a time jump really affected the show. Hard to get so worked up about Harwin Strong or Laena dying when we barely know them. Having said that still a good episode and I feel the pieces are set for a really blockbuster final 4 episodes.
  2. Its like when someone makes a movie that disagrees with the Gospels and people freak out. The movie doesn't change what you celebrate in church so who cares?
  3. No, the Silmarillion is mostly about the 1st age, this is the 2nd age. They actually don't even have the rights to the Silmarillion. Im a Tolkien fan, but not to the extent others are. I've read LOTR probably 5 times, read the Silmarillion two times through and certain segments I enjoy more than that. Not claiming to be any kind of Tolkien expert or scholar and probably aren't as concerned about changes to the lore as others may be. I like the show so far, I think some of the things its doing thematically are really good. Im not sold on the mithril thing but also not going to flip o
  4. Another great episode. The show definitely knows its groove now. Definitely kinda sad that we have to say goodbye to Milly Alcock and Emily Carey who both I feel have just been fantastic playing Rhaenyra and Alicent. What a great moment for Alicent walking into the wedding in that green. I remember once saying how "Thrones" at one point was so good it made a thrilling scene out of Davos applying for a loan in Braavos. Well this show has made a truly great scene out of Alicent simply walking towards a table. Great stuff!
  5. Not "defending" it. Simply explaining the reasons I loved the episode.
  6. Sorry for posting the reasons I like a show in a thread dedicated to that show.
  7. The sex scenes had to be a bit long here. They are too important for Rhaenyra. She has grown up thinking she will be married off to some Lord not of her choosing and have sex with him to have babies. For her sex is not something she is looking forward to. It leads to how she saw her mom and eventually her moms death. We see this with Alicent when she is conforting Rhaenyra. For Alicent sex is just a duty, its not something she likes. She can't even understand why Rhaenyra would go to a pleasure house. Thats how Rhaenyra views sex prior to this. Then she is at this pleasure house and her uncle
  8. For this show you have to accept things I think 1-The premise is crazy, the idea that this karate rivalry is life or death ridiculous. You just have to accept it though. 2-The 3 increasingly cheesy movies from the 80s are actually an epic backstory. This plays into the last one but you just have to accept that although Karate Kid 3 kinda sucks that in this show the events of it are taken completely seriously. If you can accept these things the show is awesome and thematically rich. It teaches great lessons and in it's own way inside of this ridiculous premise is pretty epic. Fo
  9. The Choc


    Between the trailers and any other promo material they've put out I really think this will be the best Star Wars show yet. And by a pretty good margin too.
  10. Thie episode was so rich with great moments and character developments. Just start with Rhaenyra. Start of the episode she is sitting there blowing off suitors. She wants to be heir and thus Queen but she isn't willing to take on the duties and responsibilities of it. Her father even has allowed her to make her own match, something very very few high born ladies would be afforded. Then her uncle shows up and takes her out drinking and fucking, or tries to the 2nd one. He tells her "marriage is just a political arrangement, we do waht we want." The Princess comments she doesnt care what the sma
  11. This week was great, the best episode yet.
  12. The King or Queen is just like a mascot.
  13. This is essentially the plot of "House of the Dragon"
  14. So Reggie finally finished the job.
  15. I feel the overall quality of the 3 episodes has been pretty consistent. Very good but not reaching greatness, although has been a bit of greatness in there. The bridge scene in the 2nd episode was pretty damn great. As for this episode all the stuff around Kings Landing and the hunt was excellent. The stuff on the Stepstones not so much. Felt a bit like some of the rushed battles from the last couple seasons of Thrones.
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