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  1. Man I didn't like the Mortis stuff but this stuff with Yoda on that planet at the end of season 6, that may take the cake.
  2. Definitely nothing wrong boring with meeting your spouse young and not having many problems. I actually met my wife when I was a sophmore in college, she was a freshman. I was actually like the first person she met there, I had volunteered to be part of the "welcome crew" which helped freshman move in. Pro tip: every male in college should do this, best way to meet girls who don't know anyone else and think you are actually cool before they meet people who are way cooler than you. We were together that entire year, the following summer and then into about October of the next school year. She d
  3. I got the J+J shot a while ago, I felt pretty crap for a while after. Being a single shot its pretty potent. Glad I only had to go once though.
  4. I get that about Mandalore having been warlike and now being pacificist and all that. In fact I like that aspect of the story and really how it all plays and if it is even possible to truly be pacifist when war is all around you. Im just saying it doesn't quite all fit together. Which is really fine, its cartoon. And I really enjoy it more than I thought. I've gone through it much faster than I thought I would.
  5. I'm not sure this explanation really holds up. Mandalore is not the only neutral system, there are like a couple thousand. We see several of these systems represented by Senators in the Republic Senate. That Rodian Senator who was friends with Padme. That one Senator who ended up turning bad and trying help Death Watch. There were a few more. So basically if a planet has a Senator in the Republic Senate then obviously it is a part of the Republic. However these systems are essentially allowed to stay neutral which is really no different than leaving the Republic in a time of need.
  6. Here is something I don't get. Maybe Im looking too into it or thinking on it too much but, how is Mandalore neutral? I mean doesn't that essentially just mean they are leaving the Republic but not fighting a war about it? If systems are just allowed to declare neutrality and not help the Republic than why the hell is the Republic fighting this huge war to keep the Seperatists from leaving? It seems like systems are just allowed to leave if they want. Mandalore seemingly has.
  7. I'd think George was easy to work with back then: George: ok got it, great Actor: You sure, I feel I could maybe do a better job George: nope, perfect you were standing in the right spot for the green screen. Pretty easy to work with really.
  8. Yeah I mean Im not going to yell and scream about it. Just sometimes I do watch and not paying 100% attention cause its a cartoon. When I realized they were on Mortis I was kinda in that mode but thought "hey this is what so many people love" so I didn't watch right then and waited for a time when I could actually watch it all. Then I watched it and was disappointed. Thats ok though, like I said I like the show overall.
  9. I started watching this series recently after holding out for some reason. I don't really know why cause I like Rebels. Im about halfway through season 3. In fact just finished the Mortis episodes. Its funny though cause I had heard so often how great this was and really they may be my 3 least favorite episodes so far. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because I didn't like some of the stuff Filoni did in Rebels with The Force, like the Bendu. And even in Mando I didn't like the whole like mountain that can broadcast the Force or whatever it was, although overall that episode was great. Really
  10. God damn it! Now I know what they are called.
  11. I think alot of what Tank said is probably right on. I'll add this though. I think there will be a "leak" with Luke. Someone will come to Tattooine who knows the name Skywalker and maybe even who knows Vader's identity. Obi Wan will have to prevent this info from reaching Vader.
  12. Just look at the language in the article. If its like "Favreau owns Kennedy!!! Fans dreams about to come true!!!". Thats obviously not an unbiased reporting of events. Its someone just saying what they want to be true.
  13. I disagree, the issues with the sequels are down to one movie. Which JJ also made to be fair.
  14. Rejwan is a full time Lucasfilm employee. She is gonna get a producer credit on every live action show. Chow is directing every episode of this so you have to look at her as the major creative force behind it I'd think.
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