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  1. Pascal said hed play the part as long as they want. Probably because he can like record a whole season in a day or two and be mostly done with it. Seems to me like what they plan in Season 4 being is what the cancelled Cara Dunne show was going to deal with. Maybe they felt they couldnt go ahead with the plan without some version of that show.
  2. Ive been pretty critical of this show throughout but I gotta admit I really thought that was an excellent finale. Pretty awesome overall. Felt like a series finale.
  3. I also just hate that nothing that happens matters on this show. This is a problem overall with Star Wars too. The season finale famously has Grogu and Din separated and then back together like nothing happened in the next seasons first episode. Also though it has Gideon defeated and captured. Now he is back seemingly stronger than ever. I get that they showed one scene of the shuttle he was being transported on was attacked but for all intents and purposes his capture had zero consequence for the show. This episode ends with the one big Mandalorian dying but why cant he just be alive still? I mean you have guys who were cut in half, ate by a monster, thrown down some pit on a battle station that was then blown up and they all lived or came back in some way. Why can't this guy? Nothing that happens matters. Maybe Padme will show up next week? Who the hell knows! This isn't a problem only with this show, heaven knows TROS "killed" Chewy, had threepios memory "wiped", blew up Kajimi where Kerry Russell and Babu Frick were and had Kylo stabbed through the stomach and none of that mattered.
  4. I don't disagree, from the start I thought a main storyline of this show would be Mando learning that and then showing the Mandalorians that their way is completely wrong. This week he did say to Bo that he dont care who has the saber he cares about other things, so its maybe there a bit but not really. Ya know people talk about "getting Star Wars" or whatever but for me nothing misunderstands Star Wars more than the Mandalorians. Democracy is so inherently important to Star Wars that in TPM Lucas had Padme be a 14 year old elected Queen, against any and all logic, as opposed to just a monarch because the good guys could not in any way be non Democratic. The Mandalorians here their system of government is following whoever is a good fighter and can beat someone else who owns a laser sword. The Jedi's ultimate fall is when they go from being peacekeepers to warriors. This is their downfall, yet the Mandalorians fetishize being warriors. Luke Skywalker, still Id say the greatest hero of the saga, his greatest moments are when he refuses to fight. When he throws his saber down at the end of ROTJ, when he saves the Resistance by commiting no violence. Yet the Mandalorians fetishize this. The Mandalorians should absolutely not be good guys in Star Wars. They are the antithesis of alot of the themes and lessons at the very heart of it all. Like I said, and I think you in general agree, I thought the show would be about Din showing them that everything they do is wrong. Its just not the case.
  5. The best part of the episode was Grogu in the robot. That was great. I just don't get why I should care about the Mandalorians. None of them are very likeable. Their culture fetishizes weapons and violence. Two of them were gonna fight it out over a disgreement about rules to a board game. Why should I want things to work out for these guys? What a terrible culture.
  6. I thought overall the trailer looks good. I'll just say though do we need another hallway scene where a Force user destroys a bunch of helpless guys (or droids).
  7. The Dookue centered Tales of the Jedi were great. The Ahsoka ones were pretty good too.
  8. Yes, ofcourse. Just like the ST wasn't about Luke. But its still the continuation of that story.
  9. Something i find frustrating is this: They said TROS was the climax of the Skywalker Saga. Yet now we have a movie being made about Rey Skywalker which takes place basically a generation after TROS. What makes this not Episode X?
  10. The only issue I have from what I've seen is the macguffin. The best Indys have had the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. Now I don't necessarily believe either of those thing are real, at least not in terms of having any kind of powers, they are real in the sense that they exist outside of the Indy series. Most people know what they are. Indy searching for the Ark or the Grail has a gravitas that really cannot be there when searcing for something that is essentially made up just to be the macguffin in this movie. Still looks good though!
  11. 100%. The fact that he said the major inspirations are the 10 Commandments and Ben-Hur is perfect. I remember years ago when RJ was announced as developing as trilogy there was a topic about you'd do in that situation. I remember saying that I'd look at Star Wars as a religion with the Skywalker Saga as sort of the New Testament. Id try to make the Old Testament. So him saying he sees it Biblical epic and it just seems to be exactly what I want to see. Out of the 3 the Filoni one is the one Im least excited for, by far.
  12. Is Bo Katan the main character now?
  13. I like this show. I always watch it right away. I dont like it as much as alot of fans seem to, which is fine. But my main issue is I feel there is a gear they can go to which they seem to stay away from on purpose. Now maybe its due to budget. Maybe they are about to go balls to the wall Mandalorians vs Imperials which could be great. I just dont have faith they are going there.
  14. Thats kinda my issue with the show. Whats its about? Is it about the Mandalorians? Is it about how the FIrst Order rose during the New Republic? Is it about fun adventures with Mando and Grogu? I suppose its all of the. BUt thats why I just dont like this style if story telling. Where its like like lets have major events that should pertain to this show taking place in BOBF. It just doesn't quite work for me. For me its like, just tell a story. Don't fill in gaps of another story.
  15. I agree, a fun episode.
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