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  1. The logo looks alot like a logo the Angels used in the 90s. They should just use the block C.
  2. They shoulda just done what the Redskins did and go with "Cleveland Football Team"
  3. Pretty accurate. Im from Long Island but there may not be any cities on the island big enough to count for this:
  4. I get it, you can get sucked into a video game and lose track of time. Whereas a tv show you kinda know "hey ive watched one episodes that so long or Ive watched and thats so long".
  5. No, I mean she's even told me its the specific action of video games. Even from what she says he does his part and then when its his downtime she isn't ok with video games but is ok with tv or movies or really anything else.
  6. Well if I know the kid I wil body check them out of the way and run up to the ice cream truck like a maniac yelling "im getting the last chipwich" but once there I will let the kids pick first.
  7. As for me if we hear the ice cream man you better get out of my way. I don't care if you are a little kid. Im not gonna let some kid get the last ice cream bar that I want and have to settle for something else. Just kidding really. Id obviously let a child have their choice of ice cream before me, but inside Im not happy about it.
  8. Its kinda funny with the whole gaming. I don't play video games on any kind of regular basis. I don't own a consule. I do sometimes find it off how women sometimes hate it so much. One of my good friends likes to play games and he said if he is in his den watching tv alone, his wife doesn't care. If he is in there playing video games, she freaks out. She accepts that like everyone he does need some time to himself, but not if he is playing video games. Always didn't seem right to me.
  9. Whats great about sports is that it can make you feel emotions that are so strong but you know deep down aren't real in a way. If the Yankees lose in a heartbreaker in the playoffs Im upset, sometimes for days. But really it's not a bad thing to feel that badly especially when you know that its not really warranted. As for caustic fans, its like Star Wars. Most fans are fine and "get it". I can get into it with some opposing fans and never have a problem. Never have. You can tell the people who are true ***holes, just avoid them.
  10. Your first game? Did ya have a good time slugger? Get some cracker jacks? A helmet full of ice cream?
  11. I like fireworks but really only once a year for a short weekend. On July 4 once it gets dark enough to see them which is usually getting near 9:30. Then they should be done by 10 or so.
  12. Not redundant, but you easily could have made Padmes security guy be able to fly a ship. Take 2 weak characters into one at least somewhat stronger one.
  13. Not that it would have made any kind of huge difference in the movie but shouldn't those 2 characters, meaning Panaka and Ollie, have been combined into one guy?
  14. Whats going well is that its summer time! The lakehouse we bought a few years ago is finally at the point where its basically completely good to go. No work to be done other than like fun cosmetic work to make it cooler and more fun. The summer we bought it we didn't even stay in it, instead staying in my cousins house while there instead. To see it go from that to like a house you could spend a weekend in to a house now you can spend the whole summer in has been awesome.
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