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  1. I like watching people organize their shit on Tik Tok. There's a whole community of people who organize and restock things on there, and it relaxes me. 

    My husband is like a Tik Tok addict. He'll just be glued to it for like an hour before he falls asleep. I think it works well with his ADHD brain. 

  2. So yesterday I finally got a job. Unofficially at least. I should have an official offer letter by this evening. This is fantastic news because my husband's job is not going well and his medical problems are starting to all come to light. Now his doc wants to schedule him for an MRI because he's concerned about Trevor's memory loss. 

  3. Yesterday I had a 2nd interview for a decent job that's in a different aspect of real estate than I'm used to. I heard back first thing this morning. Apparently he was "very impressed" and would like to meet me in person next week. So this is sounding good. 

  4. 27 minutes ago, Metropolis said:

    Virgina tried to put in it's abortion protection law in 2019 provisions that would allow termination up to birth. They would be given time after the birth to make the decision. It got shot down after the bad press from it. The bill passed in 2020 without that provision.

    I don't even have a comment for the absurdity of this. 

  5. 23 minutes ago, Fozzie said:

    If I have time and patience to respond, I will, but seriously a lot of what Torch said is from memes created by angry teenagers who did a ctrl-f search of the Bible to find words. Nobody with any biblical understanding, including ardent atheists, would agree with the breath of God of Genesis 2 having anything to do with breath being the start of life. It's basically referencing humanity first receiving a soul, not literal breath. So if you use that in an abortion argument, you just show that you're trying to score points from your friends and not actually intelligent.

    It's a fairly common Jewish belief that life begins with first breath, and they've arguably been studying Genesis far longer than any Christian. I actually first learned this from a devout Jewish friend of mine who still holds this belief and have heard it from several sources since. So, no, it's not just "angry teenagers" online, unless we're going to start classifying Jews as "angry teenagers" which just seems a tad bit off base. 


  6. 2 hours ago, Jacen123 said:



    Did you spend as much time crying this week as I did? I don't know why this one hit me so hard when I pretty much went into it knowing what would happen!

  7. We're going to enroll Luke in the fall. I talked myself out of enrolling him at the end of this year because I think it's too much change too quickly. But that's probably just an excuse on my part. 

    A few months ago my sister and BIL bought a new house. They're not renting their old house to my mom and grandparents (because we had to move my grandparents here from Houston and they're doing SO MUCH BETTER NOW). Anyway, my sister had chosen their old house because the school it's zoned to is one of the highest rated in Central Texas. She's probably going to use their old address if they decide to put my niece in public school. She's only 2.5 and they're loaded, so their options are wide open right now. My brother is also thinking about using my mom's address to enroll my nephew in pre-k next year, so now I'm wondering if we should be thinking about doing the same. It's about a 45 minute drive from our house, but it also seems like some of the best full-time job opportunities are also up north so it might be worth looking into. Then the kids could go to my mom's after school and my grandparents can help keep an eye on them for a few hours, which will probably be good for my grandparents as well. But I don't know. And I just hate public schools in general. 

  8. Well...we just got our first high school level curriculum. High school.

    And it's a writing curriculum. I never thought that the first subject we'd reach high school level in would be writing, but here we are. 

  9. We do the same thing to ground beef for quick tacos or spaghetti. 

    Also, if you have an Instant Pot or any pressure cooker, you can have perfectly cooked chicken breasts from frozen in about 20 minutes. This can be shredded for a variety of meals including tacos but our favorite it to melt a block of cream cheese into a large can of green enchilada sauce then add the chicken and serve over white rice or tortilla chips. 

    And also, breakfast for dinner. 

  10. 16 hours ago, Destiny Skywalker said:

    That would be pretty terrifying. I'm glad he's "ok". Probably a mild concussion? 

    Yeah. By midnight or so he had pretty much restored most of his memory. He's still missing a chunk of time from the accident to realizing he was in the hospital (though I'm not sure which "realization" is the one he remembers now because I had to tell him dozens of times what was going on). He had a head CT and x-rays; skull, cervical spine, and brain are all perfectly fine. His mom and oldest brother drove up from Houston. They pulled into the hospital right as we were being discharged, so they spent the night here at the lodge with us. 

    Noah apparently was completely inconsolable while we were in the hospital. My sister said he was curled up in a ball on the bedroom floor just crying about how Erik wouldn't have been hurt if Noah hadn't invited him to come with us this week and how he never should have suggested they ride the ATVs and on and on and on. 

    But it's all good now. Erik is back here, his mom said he could stay, and Noah's finally satisfied that everything is ok. 

  11. 4 hours ago, Hobbes said:

    How did it go?

    Really well! They asked me to come in today to meet the rest of the team. There are only 6 people in the company, and 2 of them are in Arizona. They really seem more concerned about making sure I fit in with the overall culture of the office than anything. They said I should hear from them tomorrow. So we'll see. 

  12. I have 3 interviews this week. 

    I'm still planning and starting the company, and it's going well. But it's a slow build and we need money now. So I'm looking for slightly lower-level positions that I'd normally be going for. I've applied to maybe 5 places so far and gotten 3 introductory interviews. 

    The next interview is in 15 minutes. This one is the only one that would be an actual career change. It's still real estate, but it's for a private investment firm that does hard money real estate loans to people wanting to begin investing in real estate doing flips. The job ad also says they want someone with the 'skill/passion to create, implement and promote an exclusive educational curriculum focused on "life skills with a practical focus on real estate investment".' So this job is actually something I might be uniquely qualified for. 

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