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  1. I'm excited. Not as excited as I used to be but excited enough to still be interested in most of these. Not everything they've been churning out has been super high quality or even entertaining (*coughEternalscough*), but I'm still way intrigued by the fact that they've interconnected so many things that each have their own flavor. 

  2. I only have sex dreams about my husband. And ever since the last pregnancy, many of my sex dreams involve actual orgasms, so that's awesome. 

    I do occasionally have very intimate (with no actual sex) dreams about an ex or about my 2 closest male friends. They leave me very confused for a few moments after waking. I rarely, if ever, think about the ex when I'm awake. I did once have sex with one of my guy friends that I dream about, but it was awful, just so omg terrible - the other friend, never. So while I do think about my friends often, I don't really have any sexual attraction to them, just very close platonic friendships. But it's still a little unnerving to wake up with other feelings about them. 

  3. My dreams tend to have recurring locations not based in any reality I know of. I have dreams in the same school, theme park, family land, and house. None of these places are real and they change in small ways sometimes like they tend to grow and expand with new dreams, but they're definitely not real. 

    My school dreams typically involve me having skipped the majority of my classes, then panicking, then realizing that I'm old and graduated YEARS ago so wtf am I worrying about. 

    My anxiety dreams usually involve me not being able to use my phone properly - typically I can't force myself to push the right buttons or I mistype things while my panic increases. Or sometimes my anxiety dreams are my husband turning his back on me in some way. Last night I dreamt that I was at a family function and slowly spiraling (accusing my mom of never making enough food to account for me...in reality, my mom ALWAYS makes tons more food than necessary regardless of how many people she's trying to feed). I'd called my husband to come help me, and he wouldn't commit to doing so, and then when he did come he walked away from where I was to go hang out with other people. I woke up pretty upset with him and made him cuddle me and tell me that he loves me, which is something he's very used to at this point. 

  4. Aww...y'all with your traffic complaints. Cute. *laughs in Houstonian*

    There might just be some sort of weird alignment with the planets or something. I've made like one boneheaded mistake after another with this new job. And it's all little things, and my new boss doesn't seem to notice or mind, but I'm about ready to throw myself off of a bridge here! Like...for real. It's almost like once a week I wake up dumb and incompetent. 

  5. Not yet. He's sending Trevor for a sleep study and a full neuropsych eval. He believes that Trevor's issues are likely a combination of factors rather than one thing due to his age and lack of family history with dementia. (But Trevor's never known his dad, so there's a whole side of family history we don't know.)

  6. Tons.

    I was making super headway on this endeavor - had a website about 90% designed and set up, had all my documents and several templates set up for various types of jobs, had all my paperwork for an LLC ready to go, and then I had to put everything on hold. 

    My husband's job started going south...quickly. 

    In our quest to get my husband help for his obvious ADHD, we've actually discovered that he has some pretty major memory and comprehension issues that ADHD just doesn't explain. Some of these symptoms are things that I've always just attributed to "Trevor bullshit", but I'm starting to realize that so much of this has been getting progressively worse over the past decade or so. I accompanied him to the doctor to talk about ADHD symptoms one day, and we left with a referral to see a neurologist and an order to get an MRI of his brain. The MRI was clear, thank God. The neurologist gave him the dementia screen and said that Trevor passed but just barely. So in light off all this, I realized that his problems with his job (and really, every job he's ever had) were unlikely to improve, which meant that I was going to have to find a real job so he could quit his. 

    We talked about it a lot, and, honestly, until we find out what's going on, Trevor's employment issues are going to continue making him almost unemployable or at least only under-employable (if that makes sense). It's hard to explain to most people because all of my examples of "Trevor bullshit" are things that EVERYBODY does just not to this degree or frequency, but it basically boils down to a complete lack of nearly every executive function. So for now, we decided that he's best being the stay-at-home parent and handling Luke's homeschooling and most of the housekeeping, and I got a job. 

    Good news is, I did find a pretty good job. I'm now working for a home builder doing about 50% project management for our new builds and 50% bookkeeping. All of my schooling and experience have given me just enough knowledge about construction and accounting to make this job "not hard". I'm learning a lot as well. So it's kinda fun tbh. And the starting pay was a $15k raise over my last job. 

  7. On 6/22/2022 at 9:44 AM, Metropolis said:

    I've resigned myself to the fact that to add to the mythos you sometimes have to step on the toes of what's already been done. Obi Wan's relationship with Leia undermines how Leia perceives Ben in ANH. She should be we upset if not more when he dies in ANH. But thems the breaks folks. 

    I really think they should have kept Obi-Wan's identity a secret in this, especially from Leia. If she had known him only as "Ben", it would make sense that she never connected Obi-Wan and Ben in her mind until much, much later. It would also make sense that she named her son Ben after the man that saved her since she would have lived with only that identity in her mind for 15+ years. 

    And the lack of a high ground joke is a huge missed opportunity. 

    Overall, this whole series fell flat to me. I mean, it's just hard to create good suspense when you already know everyone survives. The whole Reva/Luke thing was very eyerolling to me because of this. We already knew she wasn't going to kill him or harm him in any way, so her "inner conflict" didn't mean anything. Especially since we just went through this with her in the previous episode with Vader, only then there was more suspense because we didn't know if she would survive. 

  8. We watched it and loved it! Trevor and I want to watch it again because I KNOW we missed a ton the first time around. There's nothing unpredictable about the central plot, but just the sheer number of references, easter eggs, and cameos make it great. 

  9. Saw this the other night. Totally a Sam Raimi movie. More a Sam Raimi movie than MCU tbh. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. I thought some parts might've been too much for my kid, and I was right. He spent the rest of the evening telling us how scary it actually was and that he was afraid some of the more gruesome stuff would wind up in his nightmares. But...his little brother loved it! The little one loves creepy/scary shit just like their dad. 

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