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  1. Tons. I was making super headway on this endeavor - had a website about 90% designed and set up, had all my documents and several templates set up for various types of jobs, had all my paperwork for an LLC ready to go, and then I had to put everything on hold. My husband's job started going south...quickly. In our quest to get my husband help for his obvious ADHD, we've actually discovered that he has some pretty major memory and comprehension issues that ADHD just doesn't explain. Some of these symptoms are things that I've always just attributed to "Trevor bullshit", but I'm starting to realize that so much of this has been getting progressively worse over the past decade or so. I accompanied him to the doctor to talk about ADHD symptoms one day, and we left with a referral to see a neurologist and an order to get an MRI of his brain. The MRI was clear, thank God. The neurologist gave him the dementia screen and said that Trevor passed but just barely. So in light off all this, I realized that his problems with his job (and really, every job he's ever had) were unlikely to improve, which meant that I was going to have to find a real job so he could quit his. We talked about it a lot, and, honestly, until we find out what's going on, Trevor's employment issues are going to continue making him almost unemployable or at least only under-employable (if that makes sense). It's hard to explain to most people because all of my examples of "Trevor bullshit" are things that EVERYBODY does just not to this degree or frequency, but it basically boils down to a complete lack of nearly every executive function. So for now, we decided that he's best being the stay-at-home parent and handling Luke's homeschooling and most of the housekeeping, and I got a job. Good news is, I did find a pretty good job. I'm now working for a home builder doing about 50% project management for our new builds and 50% bookkeeping. All of my schooling and experience have given me just enough knowledge about construction and accounting to make this job "not hard". I'm learning a lot as well. So it's kinda fun tbh. And the starting pay was a $15k raise over my last job.
  2. I really think they should have kept Obi-Wan's identity a secret in this, especially from Leia. If she had known him only as "Ben", it would make sense that she never connected Obi-Wan and Ben in her mind until much, much later. It would also make sense that she named her son Ben after the man that saved her since she would have lived with only that identity in her mind for 15+ years. And the lack of a high ground joke is a huge missed opportunity. Overall, this whole series fell flat to me. I mean, it's just hard to create good suspense when you already know everyone survives. The whole Reva/Luke thing was very eyerolling to me because of this. We already knew she wasn't going to kill him or harm him in any way, so her "inner conflict" didn't mean anything. Especially since we just went through this with her in the previous episode with Vader, only then there was more suspense because we didn't know if she would survive.
  3. We saw this last night and really enjoyed it. It was a good sequel to the original. I think they did a good job of including Iceman given the fact that Val Kilmer is in such bad shape.
  4. Honestly? I can't believe that party hasn't fractured yet.
  5. Dammit Jacob. My mother-in-law isn't this...unreachable, but the woman needs some serious therapy. Her parents fucked her up something bad. I'd explain more but, frankly, I'm tired of thinking about and talking about it.
  6. One episode in. Steve is still the best character on this show.
  7. One of the posts I saw said that this man and woman are like 43 and 41 years old. As someone turning 40 in less than 3 weeks, I feel super awesome about myself now. I'm also guessing they don't have a college savings plan for their kids. I base this on several assumptions.
  8. We watched it and loved it! Trevor and I want to watch it again because I KNOW we missed a ton the first time around. There's nothing unpredictable about the central plot, but just the sheer number of references, easter eggs, and cameos make it great.
  9. Today I called all my old friends who are from Uvalde to see if they had any friends or family who lost a child today.
  10. Saw this the other night. Totally a Sam Raimi movie. More a Sam Raimi movie than MCU tbh. But I enjoyed it nonetheless. I thought some parts might've been too much for my kid, and I was right. He spent the rest of the evening telling us how scary it actually was and that he was afraid some of the more gruesome stuff would wind up in his nightmares. But...his little brother loved it! The little one loves creepy/scary shit just like their dad.
  11. Goats generally have horns and their tails point up. Pretty sure those are sheep.
  12. I literally just sent this to my kid like a week ago. Sheep lady
  13. I like watching people organize their shit on Tik Tok. There's a whole community of people who organize and restock things on there, and it relaxes me. My husband is like a Tik Tok addict. He'll just be glued to it for like an hour before he falls asleep. I think it works well with his ADHD brain.
  14. So yesterday I finally got a job. Unofficially at least. I should have an official offer letter by this evening. This is fantastic news because my husband's job is not going well and his medical problems are starting to all come to light. Now his doc wants to schedule him for an MRI because he's concerned about Trevor's memory loss.
  15. My 6 year-old taught my 13 (almost 14) year-old how to demand bribes/payment for doing things.
  16. Yesterday I had a 2nd interview for a decent job that's in a different aspect of real estate than I'm used to. I heard back first thing this morning. Apparently he was "very impressed" and would like to meet me in person next week. So this is sounding good.
  17. I don't even have a comment for the absurdity of this.
  18. Who are these people seeing laws allowing abortions after birth?
  19. It's a fairly common Jewish belief that life begins with first breath, and they've arguably been studying Genesis far longer than any Christian. I actually first learned this from a devout Jewish friend of mine who still holds this belief and have heard it from several sources since. So, no, it's not just "angry teenagers" online, unless we're going to start classifying Jews as "angry teenagers" which just seems a tad bit off base. http://www.reclaimingjudaism.org/teachings/when-does-life-begin-jewish-view
  20. Cerina

    This is Us

    Good! Did you spend as much time crying this week as I did? I don't know why this one hit me so hard when I pretty much went into it knowing what would happen!
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