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    I'm disinclined to enforce perma-bans in general. So I don't really care.
  2. My mom has literally ONE box of "sentimental" saved items. It's old schoolwork, pictures, and report cards from her 3 kids. She keeps trying to get us to go through it and take our own stuff home, but we keep dodging this. Other than that, my mom throws things out pretty darn regularly. When she dies, it's going to be soooo easy. My grandparents on the other hand...eesh. But we can't just set the place on fire because there is literally tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry and cash hidden in their house. One time my grandma gave me a bunch of purses to put in a garage sale, and I found like $2000 in cash tucked in their pockets. And my grandpa told me like 10 years ago that he's hidden $10,000 in a lockbox in the air return so to be sure we look there after they die. My husband's grandparents were the same way, except they were hoarders on top of that. It took over 2 years for my mother-in-law to fully go through this house to get out everything of value. She found something like $5,000 cash hidden in the couch, no bills newer than 1992. We're still pretty sure that she had to have missed a bunch anyway. We'll never know what was actually in here as we finally gave in and hired some junkers to come clear it out. It took them 4 days, 8 dump trucks and cost $8,000.
  3. Cerina


    Apparently he was banned 17 years ago just for being annoying.
  4. I'm still recovering. I haven't had a voice for about a week now. My cough is getting loads better though. I never lost my sense of taste or smell, so that's fun. But everything I do seems to make me light headed
  5. Yeah. This sucks. Once Trevor's fever broke, he started to get better. He gets winded pretty easily now, but that's pretty much it. Luke started running a fever in there somewhere, but he's not very good at being sick. Kid took some meds, declared himself "all healed", and that was it. Me though? Ugh. I developed a nasty cough. I'm now on day 3 of no voice. If I do too much, I get very lightheaded and dizzy. And to make this all just THAT MUCH MORE FUN, I actually started my period on Covid Day 3. So I was still on it when the coughing fits started. IYKYK.
  6. Honestly, the best thing you can do is talk to the mom. Just lay out the issue to her and ask her for advice on what you should do. There's a pretty big chance that Girl Scouts isn't the only place were they've run into this issue or something similar. Mom may have better advice on heading off her daughter before she gets going, or she may also be at the end of her rope and might be grateful just for a listening ear.
  7. I've got nothing but empathy here. Luke is a big fan of the macabre. He's only 6, but he's always kinda been this way. He's a little horror fan in the making. The kid's always found screen violence and death to be amusing. (Example - he laughed out loud in the theater when a certain character fell out of a window and was impaled on a fence during Multiverse of Madness, which we didn't realize would be quite as...Sam Raimi-ish as it was.) Lately Luke and our nephew, Griffin (4), have become huge fans of Huggy Wuggy and the other creepy characters in Poppy Playtime. My nephew is also a fan of guns whereas Luke is more of a hand-to-hand combat/mele weapons fan. Griffin starts pre-k this year at a public school. I can't imagine that this is about to go well.
  8. I know several families who are planning to move out of state if we don't vote Abbott out in November. So I guess Noah officially starts high school this year. I'd honestly rather "hold him back" a year so he graduates at 18 and not 17, but I think he'd be super upset if his friends graduate and he doesn't. Now I have to start keeping records and grades. Oh and I suppose he needs to select an elective or two. Man, I swear, every time I really get a good groove going with this homeschool thing, something forces us to shift.
  9. I'm super bad about this as well.
  10. Dude, fuck this stupid fucking virus! I started feeling sick Monday evening, tested positive on Tuesday, and I've been in bed pretty much since. There was a good 48 hours there where my husband honestly believed I might be dying. It was hell. I can't imagine what it would have been without the vaccinations. Now my husband has it as well, and he's in bed with me going through his own 48 hours of hell. Thankfully though, my mom and sister drove by yesterday to leave my teenager a wad of cash so he could order food. Three meals in and we've pretty much reached the limits of his cooking. Good thing the 6 year-old will happily eat cereal all day every day.
  11. Too High for the Supermarket by The Uninvited
  12. Makes me feel well into my 60s
  13. I just turned 40. Strangers are surprised by this. My new boss was floored actually - he just turned 42 and had his first a few months ago. Apparently he thought I was I'm my like 20s. He thought my kids would be much younger. I feel 40. If my body would cooperate, I might feel younger, but it doesn't so I don't.
  14. Well that explains a few things.
  15. I don't understand this. Maybe it's the climate difference but every youth leader I've ever seen or known down here is militant about taking water breaks and actually drinking enough water during them. In scouts we're constantly forcing the scouts to drink water. In Cubs we spent a lot of time and money even "tricking" them into drinking water - e.g. 3+ snowcone breaks at day camp, watermelon eating contests at campouts, etc.
  16. I once read something that described intuition as "a thought process that you cannot reflect upon". To that, I think that I operate pretty instinctively damn near all the time. I process shit pretty quickly most of the time, and I can't always tell you how or why I came to the solution that I did, I just know that it's the best way forward given all of the options. Now that said, just because something is the best option hasn't always translated it into being a good ending. This has happened in my life more than I care to think about as well.
  17. I'm excited. Not as excited as I used to be but excited enough to still be interested in most of these. Not everything they've been churning out has been super high quality or even entertaining (*coughEternalscough*), but I'm still way intrigued by the fact that they've interconnected so many things that each have their own flavor.
  18. I only have sex dreams about my husband. And ever since the last pregnancy, many of my sex dreams involve actual orgasms, so that's awesome. I do occasionally have very intimate (with no actual sex) dreams about an ex or about my 2 closest male friends. They leave me very confused for a few moments after waking. I rarely, if ever, think about the ex when I'm awake. I did once have sex with one of my guy friends that I dream about, but it was awful, just so omg terrible - the other friend, never. So while I do think about my friends often, I don't really have any sexual attraction to them, just very close platonic friendships. But it's still a little unnerving to wake up with other feelings about them.
  19. Yesterday I caught a mistake that was about to cost my boss $22,000 and about 6 months of time. I should give myself an Employee of the Month award for it.
  20. My dreams tend to have recurring locations not based in any reality I know of. I have dreams in the same school, theme park, family land, and house. None of these places are real and they change in small ways sometimes like they tend to grow and expand with new dreams, but they're definitely not real. My school dreams typically involve me having skipped the majority of my classes, then panicking, then realizing that I'm old and graduated YEARS ago so wtf am I worrying about. My anxiety dreams usually involve me not being able to use my phone properly - typically I can't force myself to push the right buttons or I mistype things while my panic increases. Or sometimes my anxiety dreams are my husband turning his back on me in some way. Last night I dreamt that I was at a family function and slowly spiraling (accusing my mom of never making enough food to account for me...in reality, my mom ALWAYS makes tons more food than necessary regardless of how many people she's trying to feed). I'd called my husband to come help me, and he wouldn't commit to doing so, and then when he did come he walked away from where I was to go hang out with other people. I woke up pretty upset with him and made him cuddle me and tell me that he loves me, which is something he's very used to at this point.
  21. wtaf! I will also cut a bitch over this.
  22. Aww...y'all with your traffic complaints. Cute. *laughs in Houstonian* There might just be some sort of weird alignment with the planets or something. I've made like one boneheaded mistake after another with this new job. And it's all little things, and my new boss doesn't seem to notice or mind, but I'm about ready to throw myself off of a bridge here! Like...for real. It's almost like once a week I wake up dumb and incompetent.
  23. I will continue to vote for all the Dems on the ballot because "do next to nothing" is still better than "make shit considerably worse", but I plan to let them know that I'll vote for any and all challengers until we get in people who will take action.
  24. The dems could fix all of this. But I don't have much faith that they will.
  25. We're not celebrating but we're not going to wear black because we value our health and it's supposed to be over 100 degrees outside.
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