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  1. You guys do rule! I hope you come back for the next one. :p


    So I'm curious, since Cerina has submitted first each time (and done a pretty good job of it). Do you and Danger discuss these before one of you submits or are you a team of two lone wolves?


    God no...I hate that guy. Haven't you noticed that we're not nice to each other.



    Actually, we've agreed that whoever sees it first is to answer first. We're both a hell of a lot more intelligent than we're usually given credit for...so it's a team of total trust.


    And...I might have told him that he wouldn't have to do anything...I just needed a buddy.

  2. S***!! I picked the wrong one! Here's why.


    It's the quietest sounds that have most effect on us, not the loudest. In the middle of the night, I can hear a dripping tap a hundred yards away through three closed doors. I've been hearing little creaking noises and sounds which my imagination turns into footsteps in the middle of the night for twenty-five years in our house. How come I never hear those sounds in the daytime?


    It didn't sound like an exaggeration as much as it was "sounds that didn't exist". Kim's mad at me now. :(


    I completely understand how you got that. But "turns" implies that something was there to begin with...then altered.

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