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  1. 17 hours ago, Fozzie said:

    You live in Texas, can’t you go to Mexico and have it done for like $20?

    That's probably the route I'll wind up going. Still need money though. I have a really good friend who did this. She's also building a house in Mexico (her husband is from there and most of his family still lives there), so I'll probably do it once their house is done so I have somewhere to recover for a couple of weeks. 

  2. As soon as I can afford it, I'm getting bariatric surgery. And the #1 reason I want to do that is because most plastic surgeons have a BMI limit. What I really want is to have my abs sewn back together. Right now I estimate that my upper ab muscles are separated by a good 6-7 inches, and I can't move because of it. The only way to fix this is surgery, and it's considered cosmetic. Most plastic surgeons will only do it as part of a tummy tuck or mommy makeover. So that's my long-term goal.

  3. I was told that it would take about 3 weeks for Cymbalta to even out and for me to start feeling the effects. I'm on day 19 now. The #1 thing I've noticed is a considerable drop in irritability, especially with my husband. My patience with him has increased considerably. 

    We just got back from a 6 day cruise to celebrate our 11 year anniversary, and it was a very different vacation experience for me. Normally, I plan (overplan) every moment of a trip. I research the hell out of everything, to the point where I typically already know what restaurants we'll be earing at and what I'm going to order (sometimes even months in advance). And this time was no different. I've had everything planned for months now, but after 2 weeks of antidepressants, I didn't care to follow any of it. We made decisions moment by moment, and it didn't bother me. In fact, I had a great time! 

    I've only had a small reduction in brain fog and a small increase in overall energy level though. My thyroid meds will take another 4-5 weeks to (possibly) show effects. (Apparently it's hard to get thyroid levels correct. You have to be on them for 6 weeks before you can test the levels again to see if you need to increase your dosage, so it could be months before I notice changes there.)

  4. Blood work came back! I'm not diabetic, but I have high cholesterol and very low vitamin D. I also have hypothyroidism which very well could be the cause of the depression, anxiety, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, brain fog, excessive weight gain, and pretty much every other thing I've been experiencing. 

  5. Cymbalta makes me high af. At least my first dose did. I do have to wonder if I'll be able to tell that it's working when it starts working. I feel like my depression and anxiety have been such a core part of my life for so long now, I'm not sure what it'll be like if they're gone. 

    This morning, my new ob-gyn ordered a mammogram and an ultrasound to look for ovarian cysts since I have a history. Oh and the CT scan found a small hernia and some cysts around my ovaries. So I guess this means there are probably cysts on my ovaries, and now we just need to determine what kind and if they need to be removed. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Destiny Skywalker said:

    Hey whats the abdominal CT scan for? Ulcer? Hernia?

    I have a lot of pressure and a bit of pain in my upper abdomen. Mostly it feels like all of my internal organs are shoved up under my lungs making it hard to breathe most of the time. 

    My new physical therapist says that I have little mobility and strength in my hips, and that's causing extra strain on my lower back and knees. So the hits just keep coming. I'm a dumpster fire. 

  7. I had a doctors appointment today. I left with a prescription for Cymbalta, an appointment for an abdominal CT scan, an appointment for physical therapy for my knees, orders for a full blood panel, and a warning that my gynecologist that I'm seeing on Wednesday might order an "early" mammogram. 

    Apparently I'm just as much of a hot mess as I thought. 

  8. We have to put Luke into school. With both of us working and Noah busy with his own schoolwork all day, Luke's been spending most days practically alone. He's been spending most of that time on screens. It's not fair for him or good for him. So we've been looking into alternatives. I've found several private schools that I'd like to put him in, but we wouldn't be able to get him in anywhere before the fall. Plus, we can't afford to spend that much until my business picks up and we buy this house. So public school it is. 

    I'm not thrilled about this whole situation, but I'm dealing with it. With spring break and our anniversary cruise both coming up back-to-back, he won't be able to start until the last week of the month. So I guess he'll get 2 months of kindergarten before summer break. 

    I'm also nervous about him being back in school. Academically, he's just fine, but I don't believe a gen ed classroom is best for him to start in. He's likely going to need services. His test scores from when we had him tested for PPCD are still valid (I think, I'm pretty sure they said 3 years), and those will qualify him for everything. So that might be good as I doubt there's enough time left in this school year for him to be retested. 

  9. I'm not wearing pants today. But I did have 2 meetings at the office on Monday, so I had to wear pants. And heels. :unimpressed: I literally only have sneakers and the one pair of heels right now. I don't even have sandals or hiking boots anymore. I think somewhere there's a missing box of all of my shoes. I need to make money to go shoe shopping. 


  10. On 2/26/2022 at 5:26 PM, Zathras said:

    I am out of the loop I guess. People are actually upset over this for real?  Sheesh.  But then again I am not surprised.  

    Remember when Hunger Games fans were upset because they cast a Black actress to play a Black character? People are the worst parts of any fandom. 

  11. I seriously love THT's confidence. He's a little self-deprecating for the lulz sometimes, but he knows exactly who he is and embraces it. He's been a stay-at-home dad for so long, he practically pioneered the practice. But you never see him complain about it or show any signs of hurting ego because of it. He also rarely, if ever, has complaints or asks for advice about the kiddos, so either they're all perfect (which I'm willing to believe) or he doesn't consider anything they throw at him to be outside of his own abilities. Confident af. And now that one of those kids is an adult and married himself, I can see from this side what a super awesome job he does as a dad because the "kid" is awesome as well and I consider him a friend. 

  12. Tank is inspirational af. I often think about that time he was considering a career change and then like within a year or so a movie he wrote was being filmed. This pops in my head whenever I start to feel defeated about long terms goals and want to quit; I imagine how silly it would have been for him to quit at that time, and it keeps me going. One time he also said something along the lines of "it's amazing how simple it is to be a good parent by just being with your kid and being there for them". I also think about that often when I start to feel less than in my parenting, and I'm reminded that a good portion of parenting is simply caring enough to put in the effort and show up. 

  13. 33 minutes ago, Hobbes said:

    I had no idea what you are talking about so I had to look it up.

    And holy shit...and then I kept scrolling and now I am unsure which wtf you are upset about.  So he ordered the power grid to charge the maximum during the winter storm and is using this trans child abuse as a cover?  That what I pieced together in a 30 second google.  

    I can't even anymore.

    Me either. He's desperately trying to cling to Trump's base and keep their votes.

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