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  1. Thought this site was down for good. I was searching Star Wars discussions and found that it is still active. Im back now!
  2. Finally one of my all time favourite wrestlers is being inducted. Randy Savage! I am stoked for this. Long overdue. I am not sure how many times I watched Wrestlemania IV when I was a teen. I have a wish list of mine. Undertaker. Too soon? The streak is over so why keep him wrestling when its clean his career is over. Perfect time to induct. Demolition. Longest reigning tag team champs. My all time favourite tag team! Road Warrior wannabes? Who cares they were awesome in the day. Honkey Tonk Man. Not a huge mark on him. Manipulated the record long title reign and wasn't that talented b
  3. Sad. Depressions is such a terrible thing, My condolences to his family.
  4. 'A New Dawn' is a rumour too. I am just wondering how close to the prequel movies we found out the subtitle.
  5. Not sure if there is another thread on this but how soon before the other three prequels did they announce the Subtitle?
  6. Anyone else starting the unpleasant detox withdrawl this weekend without an episode?
  7. X-Men Days of Future Past A Probably the best Superhero movie since The Dark Knight ------------------------------------------- Amazing Spider-man 2 B- Good movie. Not bad writing but not much real drama or twist. -------------------------------------------- Godzilla B Good for a monster movie. Liked how they started it in Asia but as always it's always America focused.
  8. Onto the topic it is safe to assume an original character will die. Han dying a heroic fighting death will make for great screen. Luke will obviously be the Jedi master and like Obi Wan (ANH) and Qui Gon Jin (PM) he is logically on the top of the list. Luke dying though could better come off in episode VIII or IX like Yoda's death.
  9. Really liked this episode. Really seeing the recast Tommen coming into his own. Actually trying to be a decent king. Tywin is awesome. Really liked his conversations with his grandson as well as the Red Viper. Shows who really is in charge of things. Hound lowered on the scale of sympathetic bad guys. Still the scene was great with Arya. Wildlings are really a nasty group. Hell hath no fury... Apparently even George Martin himself didn't like the rape scene. It wasn't rape in the book but it definitely was in the show.
  10. If you notice Tommen is now played by an acror who played one of the squires who was murdered by Karstarks last season.
  11. Pompeii C Good special effects but one of the poorest written scripts I've seen in a while.
  12. Maybe a work but if it's real I can't say I blame him. Too much spotlight is given to those who only wrestle a few times a year.
  13. Lone Survivor. A+ Very moving and well done. Probably the best war themed movie since Saving Private Ryan
  14. Hunger Games 2: Catching FIre A- Good sequel that was accurate to the story. Anchorman 2 A Very funny
  15. From what I read the new kid playing Tommen was one of the squires take capture by Robb Stark and murdered by Karstarks.
  16. Meet the Millers A Very well done and funny ---------------------------------------------- Kick Ass 2 A- Much like the original
  17. I am really liking this season. I like how Regina is trying to be good but keeps getting drawn to evil. And Hooks seems to be well cast in this
  18. Argo A Kept you on the edge of your seat. ------------------------------------------------ Bond 50 Skyfall C Long and over far fetched. Seriously the Terminator got hurt easier then Bond
  19. Bourne Legacy B- Not bad. First 90 minutes or so was good. Alaska scenes were great. I didnt know why they showed Matt Damon's pic with the different actor. Also the ending dragged on way too long
  20. The Dark Knight Rises A+ Epic ender with an opening for more!
  21. Check out the reviews here. http://nightly.net/topic/71881-let-the-right-one-in-vs-let-me-in/
  22. Battleship B+ Yeah I am giving it a bit higher score then it deserved but I liked it. I am in the navy after all and I know what Rim Pack is! I also liked how they used an actual Iraq war vet to play the colonel injured in action. The Obama bit was cool as well. Gave it a sense of realism
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