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  1. Not picking on you, Odine, but the "keeping animals in small enclosures for our own amusement" is a victorian/carny aesthetic that began dying out awhile ago. Any reputable Zoo, at least in North America, does a lot in the area of conservation (habitats and species), education, research, and outreach -- in particular, getting kids interested in animals, ecosystems, preservation, etc. IMO, my local zoo puts so much focus on preservation, I actually wish the pendulum would swing back just a little toward simple "Whoa, what a cool animal!" appreciation, though I understand why they do what they do.


    Of course, zoos vary wildly in quality, and yours very well might suck (in which case the "small enclosures for our own amusement" comment makes sense), but for kids whose parents lack the time and resources to take them to other continents on safari (i.e. most parents), a good zoo has healthy, mentally stimulated, well cared-ford animals, and can be a pretty great door-opening experience.

  2. Yeah, because we all know how reliable 4 year olds are at executing their ideas.


    It's always non-parents who turn into Judgy McJudgester Pants when something like this happens.

    sorry bad parenting is bad parenting


    you dont need a drivers license to criticize somebodys ****ty dangerous driving


    you dont need to be a washed up singer with a pill habit to say holy **** that green day bieber meltdown a few years ago was sure embarrassing


    but you gotta be a parent to criticize parenting


    what makes parents so ****ing special



    and innocent

    It's a 3-year-old, not the idiot who got himself killed because he snuck into Seaworld to swim with Shamu.


    that guy got naked and only one reason you get naked with a killer whale whos already killed another person is because you are a killer perv

    Reminds me of the kitten I heard meowing outside a while back. I don't have cats. I do have dogs though, so I walked outside to investigate. What I found was my 170lb Anatolian Shepherd with a kitten cowering in front of him while he swatted at the ground trying to get it to play with, wagging his tail frantically all the while. Then the kitten started hissing and swatting at him. I knew right then, the only chance that kitten had was for somebody to shoot my dog. But a kitten isn't a baby. Not really. Besides, my dog is awesome and kitten graves are easier to dig.

    i had a dog that used to do that with the rabbits that would terrorize the garden


    had no interest in guarding or killing the interloper like he was supposed to


    would just catch a rabbit hold it down with his mouth between his front paws and proceed slap it silly


    no teeth piercing skin just a tight grip and bunny slapping



    terrified squeal

    wag wag wag

    repeat until bored


    rabbit probably wandered off and had a heart attack after the shock wore off but was otherwise perfectly safe between his paws


    now the chickens he was supposed to ignore on the other hand thats another story


    worst guard dog ever

  5. sorry i know it disappointed you but not every film can be nothing but fart jokes magic killing stilted exposition and racially insensitive secondary characters


    take heart given the crisis panic surrounding rogue one that could be a sign well be getting more of that in the next sw big screen outing

  6. everybodys talking about how horrible it is that they killed that gorilla


    i agree but understand why it had to be done and think people who are second guessing the decision from behind their computer screens need to be locked in a cage with a gorilla and see what happens after it gets shot with a tranquilzer


    but really wtf were those parents so busy with that they let a preschool age kid climb into the cage thats what gets me jesus christ



    But in the books why would Vary's want Dany to get wise counsel?

    It's been awhile, but isn't it fairly clear he is all in for the Targaryens? Or at the very least all in against the rest of the jokers?

    He's in it for the Blackfyres.



    That's still nothing more than a (fairly likely, very well supported) fan theory.

    Well, I fully defer to you guys.


    I haven't read the books since ADwD first came out, and dread re-reading the whole series once/if it is finished. At this point, I think I've forgotten more about the novels than I remember :)

  8. rewatching the premiere because Sunday night is my "TV Night" and nothing else is on


    Gotta say, it's a lot less incoherent this time around and I can really appreciate how it is aesthetically unified... but it still bugs me. It still takes too much of its sweet time unfolding the story, and like Robin Williams or David Lee Roth (or to a lesser extent, Jim Carrey or anybody who wears sunglasses at 11pm), I can like a lot of things about them, but there's this nervous, groping "Look at MEEEEEee!" energy that really turns me off.


    So, the verdict has changed:I like it both more and less than the first time through, am both more hopeful and more put off... even if the net positive/negative total out to the same.

  9. Whaaa?

    I've never been interested in them myself, but there are a lot of mods that bring in stuff from other genres and franchises.


    The Warhammer mods can be simple paint jobs for your power armor




    To the full-on introduction of liches, goblins, and other characters into the game wheeeee:



    Though, let's be honest here: most of the visual mods are primarily concerned with making boobs larger and adding "jiggle."

  10. Agreeeeeeed


    I've often asked myself "Why does Bethesda make games where it is the player's job to fix some of the more persistent minor bugs, to make the experience more immersive, intense, etc.?


    Kind of like how I question the logic of going out and buying a take-and-bake pizza when I don't feel like cooking (happens more often than I'd like to admit).


    But while I agree the bugs are annoying, if they DID fine-tune the experience, those of us who like the control and customization options would absolutely be raising holy hell about how rigid everything is, sooooooo...

  11. With a "left" like this, who needs conservatives? Forgive me if I've strayed into a place where Alex Jones and Noam Chomsky might meet, but if you ask me, the SJWs are the best thing to ever happen to the ruling class. No wonder corporate media loves them so much!

    Hyman started college in the eighties. Her generation, she said, protested against Tipper Gore for wanting to put warning labels on records. “My students want warning labels on class content, and I feel—I don’t even know how to articulate it,” she said. “Part of me feels that my leftist students are doing the right wing’s job for it.”

  12. That's one of the things about Bethesda games... the modding community is amazing. And the vanilla version of most Elder Scrolls and post-Fallout 2 releases is really just a glorious framework. The modders make the games look and play better, and sometimes even add more depth and meaning to the storylines.


    It's kind of a weird way to go into a gaming experience, knowing you're only getting the engine with some coverings, but it works for me.


    That's ultimately why I never got around to buying an XBox One: the only games that are guaranteed to hold my attention for more than 10 minutes are open-world RPGs, and I knew I'd ultimately be disappointed with Fallout 4 out of the box.

  13. Reviews of Preacher have been schizophrenic (in the informal, offensive, non-medical definition) to say the least. Apparently it's the wildest, most colorfully entertaining and brilliant pilot in the history of cable TV... or the biggest, smuggest, stinkingest cowpie in the history of adaptations. Pick one and fight to the death.


    Axis: I'm not familiar with the series, but why did you love it before and why are your feelings conflicted now?

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