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  1. Whoa you got death threats over a message board?!?!?
  2. What's the limit? If there's not one I name all the celebrities on the face of the planet.
  3. This rant just reminded me of the old crabby man who stands in his door screaming at all the neigborhood kids to get the hell of his yard.
  4. Thanks JC! I was trying to make out all the voices...
  5. 1. ESB 2. ANH 3. ROTJ 4. ROTS 5. TROS 6. TFA 7. TPM 8. TLJ 9. AOTC If I was counting the two stand alones, R1 would be between ANH and ROTJ and Solo would be between TFA and TPM
  6. So far a 58% from "critics" and an 86% from audience. So that means I'll probably like it since I tend to like what most "critics" hate
  7. I'm eager to see how Leia/Carrie Fisher is used in this final movie and if it will feel satisfying for the character.
  8. When I had a really bad episode of anxiety and depression about 8 years I ago, I was losing on average 4-5 pounds per week. I'm happy again so now I'm back to being a fattie
  9. Yeah you don't want pics of me doing this....
  10. I haven't had any issues. Maybe they got it fixed by the time I watched this evening.
  11. It was a pretty good setup. Looking forward to where it goes.
  12. I seriously read the title of the thread and thought "fuck, Tami did it again"
  13. I say do it as well. I know it's easier to give help than accept it so easier said than done.
  14. I agree with Tank. I feel the future for Star Wars is the streaming service with limited series. I don't know how everyone else feels but once the Skywalker saga is done, I don't know that I would necessarily be excited about other Star Wars movies. It's just like with The Mandalorian. If that was a movie, I'd be like 'meh.' But I am stoked for the series.
  15. It seems it is always the Halloween episode where the twist occurs. But I don't see how they can have a Halloween episode in a story about summer camp, so who knows....let me know if I should tune back in. I'm going to keep recording in case i find out it does turn around.
  16. Okay this show has one more episode and then it loses me
  17. Maybe it was because I have heard a bunch of people griping and complaining about the "failure" of Galaxy's Edge and had low expectations but I went Monday at WDW and fell in love with the place. It was so immersive and felt so isolated. The stormtroopers walking around was on point and loved how they would stop and interrogate people. Seeing the Millenium Falcon full scale was def an overwhelming moment. And then to be inside the Falcon and the cockpit was just too much information for me to process. In the Droid workshop R2D2 was rolling around and interacting with people. He would respon
  18. I watched the first episode so far. In my opinion, it was horrible. But I'm going to give the next episode a try before I make my final decision.
  19. You know you're getting old when the first thread you click on is 'Getting Old.'
  20. It was Mara Jade II !!! I just found the old message she sent me where she called me a dog ****er
  21. Who was the member that was transgendering to female and announced she was engaged to a female from India they had never met and was proposed to via chat? I remember her going bat shit crazy in that and threatening everyone.
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