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  1. like a very short, one-sided fight. T: i am a robot from the future and may or may not have a plasma weapon under my flesh VERSUS Iron Man: hi. i'm Tony Stark, and i may or may not have several dozen compact missiles and an arc reactor-powered haduken aimed at you right now. or.. Bruce Banner: HULK SMASH really, a single terminator might be close to unstoppable against a normal human, but if that human is wearing a mechsuit or turns into an eight foot tall, super-strong, nigh-indestructible behemoth, it starts looking a lot less like an ultimate death machine and more like a pape
  2. i'm wrkign ion my 4th Colt 45 right now. i took the first one like Ford before the Earth got blewd up. got my treasure hunt koozie today and yes, i've put it on each new can before pulling the tab. gotta say, i like the it akes a really nicee gripping surface. also had a shot of Captain before getting started. i'm off tomorrow(one...well, the only... benefit of a minimum wage job, this one at least, mondays and tusedays off or really easy)
  3. so, i finally saw the trailer last night... it was awesome.
  4. saw it. like it. will post moar in the other thread.
  5. just look at his expression; he at least had a toe or two dipped in the deep end. fair enough. i'd have to call it a tie. they both get the pulse up in different ways, but in terms of energy Duel of the Fates has the edge. . Imperial March is awesome, but it just doesn't fuel a dozen rounds of broom-handle bashing like Duel of the Fates does. don't we have a SW soundtrack thread somewhere yet? debating and comparing the various themes could easily fill a few pages.
  6. 1. yeah well, even Luke got in a lucky shot now and then. and Maul just flipped right back up on his feet, grinned, and commenced with teh slashin. 2. Obi cheated by tapping into the Dark Side, cut Maul's saber in half, and STILL got his crakka butt face-palmed down a trash chute. 3. like i said, if Maul hadn't gotten cocky Obi-wan would be at the bottom of that chasm with his lightsaber. Every Sith apart including Palpatine has gotten pwnd eventually, but Maul would've been the top dawg. also, considering Maul was really a noob when it comes to dueling. For all we know that
  7. Darth Maul is the Ultimate Baddass. his power ranking being OVER 9000!!!! Obi didn't have a chance and would have chased his saber down into the abyss if Maul hadn't gotten cocky and let his guard down. Anakin MIGHT have had a chance against Maul using the Dark Side, but not in the Vader suit.
  8. maybe it was just pon farr. you know how we males can get.
  9. Comics are ahead of you: Drak Horse Comics, April 2000. They also did at least one Robocop vs. Terminator miniseries, and numerous crossovers with other companies: three Batman/Predator outings, three Superman/Aliens outings, one Green Lantern/Aliens special, one Judge Dredd/Aliens miniseries, and lots more crossovers with other characters you may not know such as Nexus, Magnus Robot Fighter, the WildCATs, Witchblade... Terminator beats Aliens hands down in a fight because the Aliens BLEED and T has plasma rifles. T-1000 is fast, self-repairing, and the Aliens might not even see him
  10. why? i've never called it the War Between the States, nor do i recall hearing it called that outside a classroom.
  11. dually noted; thanks for the heads-up. that cheap-ass toilet paper usually found in public restrooms that tears lengthwise more often than not so you end up with two lengths of TP, neither of which are wide enough to use. either that or the roll is a little too big for the dispenser so it won't unroll and you get like a hundred thousand little fingertip-sized bits of paper before you manage to unroll a usable length.
  12. i'll back it up with a first-hand account(mine) of a mannequin in the mall wearing a patchwork leather jacket, tight-ish faded jeans and high-top sneakers. add to that the fact that big hair seems to be coming back as well("bump-its" anyone?) and viola, THE 80s ARE BACK BABY!
  13. That isn't ADD, rather it is called being absent minded, or in guy terms "A good ol case of the dumbass" actually i DO have ADD/ADHD, take Concerta by doctor's prescription and everything, ever since i was a kid. and no, you can't have any.
  14. there was a guy named Jeremy in my graduating class. he weighed 200 lbs and was on the football team. B-)
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