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  1. Great post and good to hear from you! Hey Chalupacabraaaaa! Same here. I always remember all of you guys from way back when AOTC and ROTS were coming out. Cheers everyone
  2. Hey folks, even though I don't post much I do follow some threads from time to time especially when there's news about an upcoming SW film. Anywhooooo... my thoughts: Loved it! I'm in for the ride...and clearly they are going seriously into recovery strategies. -The title is intended for us to speculate on to which Skywalker is the title refering to. Anakin, Luke, Leia? even Shmi...
  3. I also thought of Geonosis
  4. Watching R1, I remembered this conversation ...man it's been 16 years
  5. Hi guys, I read you from time to time...It´s always a pleasure. Is there a discussion thread about the teaser trailer? Can`t seem to find it
  6. I mean, It would be super cool if done right. Clearly Kylo has had somekind of a connection with Vader (or whatever he thought was Vader) hence the "Show me again" ...but I see your point.... It is easier to mess it up than make it right.
  7. The "show me again" makes me think: Is Vader is really gone? or Is Snoke playing with Kylo`s head ? Making him think that he has ocasional encounters with twisted ol grandpa. If that is so...why is the real ghost Anakin allowing this to happen. He must be around... given what is heard during Rey`s vision, Obi-Wan and Yoda are actually looking after her (or at least Obi) Another thing...when Kylo takes off his mask while interrogating Rey, he places his mask over a pile of dirt? Ashes? what was that? Vaders ashes? IMHO Anakin`s ghost is coming back
  8. Aaaaaah those were the days! I really, really can´t explain to my staff why I started laughing my ass off there. Aaaaaah those were the days! I really, really can´t explain to my staff why I started laughing my ass off there. I love these forums. I remember back in 03 the Naboo/Dagobah ....Ha! It's good to be back
  9. What if after the emperor died, Clones/Stormtroopers (Jango's clones combined with other templates) were restored as the Army of the Republic? No emperor, no order 66
  10. Wow there was something behind this after all Ha! This thread was opened 10 years ago!!!
  11. Ahhh yesss! I can´t believe I'm hyped about Star Wars again. My Daughter (5) is starting to show some interest too. I'm a happy guy
  12. Ok. It's been a while since I last came here. But now since Principal Photography starts for E VII, I've been reminiscing about the fun I had in these forums for AOTC and ROTS. Greetings everyone. And to quote Anakin "This is where the fun begins".
  13. Sorry guys I got a response from the Houston Chronicle saying that the story I was asking about was never published on-line therefore I asked in a following email to check their printed version and never got a response from them...so I'm concluding that it all must have been from those flying rumors on the net. Sorry. 'till we get an official confirmation, this should be taken lightly.
  14. There has got to be something going on... There is some more rumbling here about that TV series. http://www.nightly.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php/...ic/70/1481.html
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