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  1. Is that true?? Was he the portly fellow who poured water over himself?
  2. I came through to see Daily.net or the coveted VHDS... Lame.
  3. Silky Jinn - now there's a name I haven't heard in a long time.
  4. We'll have to ask our expert on such matters, Darth Bane. Is a response from me acceptable enough? or need I find a way to login as Bane?
  5. I'm here once a month - usually around PPV time to see if any of you guys are saying anything... even if you do, I likely won't respond, unless it's about Taker.
  6. I.... and I can't believe I'm about to say this... I agree with Krawlie...
  7. I'll play User: Stool Sample/Darth Bane Real name: Derek Originally joined: 2001-ish? Reason for joining: episodeii.com then wrestling Left: 2006? Reason: Joined the military, couldn't find the time... made a few attempts to come back, it never stuck. Reese was the catalyst, I believe, however. I just used a comment she made to huff and puff about something and left in high drama fashion - I'd have it no other way, really. Reason returned: Honestly... I have lurked at least once a week since leaving the military (2007) - so... I'm just creepy. But not deep lurking. I literally open Lando/Ca
  8. Didn't Maddox do those 'Friends of Lando' comics? I thought they were bueno.
  9. First things first - the irony that Ender, of all people, starting this topic. Looks like Taker = sucks - no more! HAHAHAH! CHUM..... P! With that aside - I think one thing to note here is the low blow that Taker hit on Lesnar - makes me wonder if they're trying to heel Taker. I think it has to be some outside interference for sure with this match - clearly setting up for a final match at WM - HIAC could be the way to go. I don't think they put on sub-par matches, I think they storytell nicely, and sure, it's slower - but add the gimmicks and playing and we're good to go. As for folks
  10. Where's Liz and Spike these days? Upside-down coke can!
  11. Ahh - I should've clarified - 100% washing when in a public restroom - in fact, they need to make it law that all restrooms doors are PUSH to exit. So stupid to have to put your clean hand on that potentially filthy handle. I'm talking more about being at home, in my case. Also, for women it's a bit different, you've (typically) got to wipe and it might seep through the paper... but guys just wiggle and jiggle and all is bueno! Hence why I am not overly set on washing at home...
  12. So, I've wanted to make this thread for a while but was always on the toilet when I thought about it - this thread was not made while on the toilet - have no fear! I did make a survey years ago in Lando, which a few of you seem to recall, that was quite extensive in looking at our bathroom habits -I believe the thread is long gone/pruned. But, this was one thing I always wondered. Personally, I always wipe - I've believed a few times that no wipe was needed, but still succumbed to the need and wiped. Of course, if I was back in the world of 'squatty potties' - those poops come out so swift
  13. I was so freaking giddy. This was glorious!
  14. ?? Have you ever been so confident in your poop that you just pulled up your pants and walked away with no wiping? And not because you didn't have toilet paper or were about to jump into the shower etc... you just knew... Personally, I've been tempted but always succumb to the wipe, often to lament questioning my rectums intuition.
  15. It was a pretty solid show, actually. I wish there had been a bit more of this and that (ie: DX vs. nWo, Taker/Wyatt aftermath, More action with HHH & Rock). But really enjoyed the show. My biggest critique, and I'm sure WWE would agree, is no open air stadiums if you're gonna be on the west coast. Just really took away from some great entrances. Speaking of entrances - WTF HHH....
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