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  1. 15 hours ago, Lord Darth Hunter said:

    I almost expected Leia to tell Reva they’re on Dantooine. 

    Yeah, that crossed my mind too!
    They do like to put a reference in these, so I was wondering if there would be hint of them setting a base up there (assuming the current one is exposed via the droid), and Leia uses that knowledge much later?

    Really enjoying this show - great seeing Kenobi start to find his mojo in that last one! Will be a shame when it’s all over!

  2. Sneaked in episode 4 before starting work. Got to avoid those spoilers!

    On the above post, agreed and there is a scene with him trying to get his force powers going again. Nice episode giving Kenobi a good bit of lightsaber action and Leia was immense in this one.

    From memory, this base was quite beat up at the end of Fallen Order, but guess it’s all been repaired in the 5 years since the events of that game.

    The “Tomb” scene was eerie. Wonder if we will hear more on that in this or is it a teaser for something else - TV or games?

    Only 2 to go though… seems a lot to cover so maybe those rumours of a second season are true?
    Sadest part of the week now as it’s the longest point to the next episode… :-(

  3. Random thought - in my head from stories or comics I read in the ‘80’s / ‘90’s, Luke went back to Kenobi’s home on Tatooine to find the parts to construct his green saber.
    When TPM came out, there was speculation the crystal was from Qui-Gon’s, but presume this not to be the case now with Kenobi shown to only have buried his own and Anakin’s.

  4. 7 hours ago, Tank said:

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if Vader returned Leia to Bail. For all intents a purposes they are on the same side.

    Definitely! Agree that could be the case. No concept of a proper rebellion at this point in time - that looks to be established later during Andor based on the trailer? More of a situation of unhappy people working “quietly” against the Empire in the background with no proper leadership…

    So yes, could see that happening. Really excited to see where they go with these last 3 episodes! 

  5. Loved the scenes with Kenobi & Leia - the discussions on her Mum and his own family; the brother reference was a lovely touch. 

    This is a broken Kenobi that will get himself together over the remaining 10 years to ANH to be an inspiration to Luke. Will Qui-Gon make contact finally? Maybe in the final scenes on Tatooine… non-interference at this stage while Ben goes through his trials.

    He has only just found out Anakin survived and is already being confronted by him. Vader wants to taunt him, play with him, enjoy the hunt. 

    Reva definitely recognised the secret room as being a youngling going through there, so knew where the exit was presumably. Lots more to come from her and am enjoying the storyline there and the potential for the final 3 episodes.

    And she has Leia now - a meeting with Vader maybe? Kind of explains the cool, familiar encounter they have at the start of ANH, so I have no issues with that.  She would be kind of untouchable as the daughter of Bail - this is an empire with the Senate still in place as they gradually wipe that away by the time we get to ANH and that comment by Tarkin, and you got a hint of that from the GI in part 2 where he told off Reva for kidnapping the daughter of a senator.

  6. Second viewing done now back at home and after watching on a tablet on hols (had to be done to avoid spoilers!).

    So good - agree with the above post that it feels more like a movie than the other series that have come before (which I have enjoyed). Having that continuity of McGregor and Smits in their to give it a feel of it being Episode 3.5, if that’s not too much of an overused accolade over the years.

    The actress playing Leia was great - enjoyed the banter between her and Kenobi. All the years I have watched A New Hope and I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on the element of Leia knowing “Ben” rather than expecting “Obi-Wan” based on the message! How funny. 

    Grand Inquisitor to survive (if Maul and Anakin can, he certainly can!), so he can appear later in Rebels. Think we have only seen Second and Ninth Sister (in Fallen Order), so Reva (Third Sister) and Fifth Brother have a free reign on what happens to them. But correct me if I’m wrong.

    Reva defo one of those that escaped Order 66 flashback as you have all mentioned above. Hopefully we get a flashback of her origins possibly with interactions with Anakin pre-ROTS. If Hayden is in this, you have to assume we see him less crispy…

  7. Just caught up on the final episode due to some unfortunate timing of going on holiday to Spain where the final series hasn’t started airing on Netflix - first world probs hey!

    Immense. All through this current series I was trying to work out what their goal was - obvs for early settlement, but I just couldn’t piece their plan together, so I enjoyed that reveal! 
    The ending… wow! Poor old Howard - he was a swine to Jimmy & Kim at various points, but he didn’t deserve the humiliation before the obviously dramatic ending for him.

    Where do we go from here? Can’t wait to find out!

  8. 16 minutes ago, Destiny Skywalker said:

    Speaking of mom moments, I'm actually a little annoyed by 10-year old Leia. That kid is like 6 or 7, not 10. And she runs like a toddler. I have a 10-year old.

    I know what you mean! I found myself thinking my 4 year old daughter would come out with some of those cheeky comments! 

  9. Yep, that’s how I saw it with that nice opener on the younglings. She is one of them and a flashback will reveal that, maybe even showing her seeing Anakin/Vader in the temple taking out the Jedi alongside the clones.

    Talking of which, that was a nice moment hearing Temuera’s voice before seeing the veteran clone asking for credits.


    Maybe another concern I have after a nights sleep (not trying to find fault, I loved these first 2 episodes!), is that this trap worked - why not use it again in the future since we know the Inquisitors still feature after this timeframe. Either:

    - 6 parter finishes with the Inquisitors convinced he is now dead

    - Kenobi vows never to leave Luke again and security is just ramped up on Alderaan - but that is a peaceful planet with no weapons? Hmmm.

    But brilliant start as I said yesterday. That moment of discovery that Vader is alive, and all of the earlier conflicts in him on leaving and later using the force again! Fab!

  10. Very enjoyable start - dramatic conclusion to the second episode. McGregor awesome as always! 

    Maybe being critical, the random Jedi in Ep 1 found Kenobi quite easily - how did he escape from 3 Inquisitors and do that? 
    And Kenobi seems to be wearing is lightsaber quite prominently - would rather it to be more hidden.

    Flea! Great seeing him in there!  

    Really looking forward to the rest of this!

  11. Thats right on that scene in s4 with Hector, but interestingly when Walt & Jessie kidnap Saul in his first appearance in BB (s2’s “Better Call Saul” titled episode), he said “did Lalo send them” and saying “it wasn’t me, it was Ignacio” (Nacho).

    Obvs not mapped out at that point as Saul wasn’t going to be a long term character, but they do like to tie things up, so I think he will at least think he is still alive at this point, whether he is or not…

    I also hope Saul/Gene/Jimmy gets a happy ending - he has had to deal with a lot of stuff with his brother and so his actions are sort of understandable, and seem to impress Kim to a degree.

  12. Yeah, spot on Tank. It was a slowish start in the initial watch way back when, but being able to binge it recently - so much fun!

    There were so many points where I was willing Jimmy to “go left instead of right”, but we all know what’s coming and that transformation to BB Saul we all know.

    Kim - yes, she could be in trouble from Lalo, or even Tuco who must be due out of prison soonish to start his prep for building his network he has in place in BB. Saul doesn’t come in to BB until after Tuco is dead, so maybe that’s an option for that time period and have Lalo in the Gene era.

    But the way that last episode went, you feel Gus won’t be the “relaxed” person we see in BB if Lalo is not dealt with. He was very paranoid hey.

    And what’s going to come of Sandpiper? That’s come back into it - Saul gives Kim his payout maybe to get her somewhere safe?

    Lots of questions!


  13. So did anyone get a chance to watch the second series? Just finished it up today and really enjoyed it actually. 
    After the slow old first series, this was off at a good pace and elements I thought might have been a bit of padding at points turned out to have proper relevance.

    Very enjoyable. 

  14. Ooh - that’s a decent amount of time to focus on “Gene”. Nice.

    Looking forward to watching the latest episode tonight - we get them on Tuesdays to download on Netflix in the UK, so just had to get through the working day, and get our 3 year old up to bed, and then can relax and enjoy it!

  15. Agreed - they have all been superb. I feel one of those names mentioned will somehow survive to the Gene era (post BB).  They surely have to expand on those scenes at some point, presumably in the second half of this 16 episode run.

    Does he get a happy ending? Does he deserve it? Can’t wait to find out!

  16. Yes, works nicely. Presume he is teamed up with another Jedi, saying we must keep hidden.

    Fingers crossed for some good fun with this.  I hope for a few lightsaber battles, but only with inquisitors. Want him to be on the run from Vader (in a tense and exciting way), knowing he has responsibilities with Luke back on Tatooine.

  17. Finally got round to watching this and binged the first 3 last night: really good stuff!
    Not familiar with the character from the comics, but am very much on board with this.

    Like others have said, the time flew by watching them and Isaac & Hawke are really great in the lead roles, especially Isaac with the excellent creation of such different personalities.

    Fingers crossed for the remaining episodes!

  18. 7 hours ago, Tank said:

    I know, and it was weird because the Tattooine scenes were not.

    Yeah, I always thought that. It would have given that scene before take off a nice twist with them both getting there by very different means, and of course it would have given his death more impact.

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