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  1. 11 hours ago, Tank said:

    I’ve tried reading up on this and always get confused— but does the Royal family have any political power?

    No - their powers were largely stripped away in two phases:

    - firstly after Charles I was executed in 1649 and following Cromwell’s death 9 years later, with the country being in a bit of disarray, Charles II was asked to come back out of exile to the throne with reduced power;

    - and secondly when George I came to the throne as a second cousin of the childless Queen Anne in 1714. During his reign, power was largely moved across to the politicians to be more or less as it is today.

    Very much a ceremonial and ambassadorial role these days.

    And the succession rules changed about 10-15 years ago (maybe longer? Time flies sometimes!), so that daughters born after that point would be in their proper place in the order. 
    For example William has 3 kids, boy, girl, boy, and they are in that order (based solely on age) for the succession to the throne. 
    Whereas Elizabeth II’s daughter Princess Anne is below her younger brothers (Andrew and Edward) still as she was born before that rule came into place.

  2. Very sad news- yesterday was a very strange day here in the UK, and it’s continued today. Feels like the country has lost its grandma. Certainly reminds me of when mine went at the same age. All very sudden.

    She has been fantastic - where else to you have someone still wanting to do their job at 96 by welcoming the new Prime Minister just a few days ago?

    I know the royal family divides opinions, but I think they are great for this country and she was always spoken highly of by others. 

    I hope Charles does well in what time he has left - 73 for heavens sake.  He has said he will be toning down his opinions as fits the offices since the monarch’s power diminished in restoration period when Charles II was reinstated to the throne in the mid 1600’s. His “green”  views do come at an important time in the worlds situation at the moment.

    Very sad news.

  3. 4 hours ago, Lord Darth Hunter said:

    I find it amusing when Obi Wan appears to Luke on Hoth to tell him to go to Dagobah. Luke’s about to freeze to death and Obi Wan just casually pops in like Luke was sitting on his patio having a cup of coffee. If this scene had been in the PT or ST, it would’ve been ripped to shreds. 

    Ha ha!

    On that sort of subject, the PT (well episode 3 really, and then followed up in “Kenobi” recently), goes into it a bit that you have to learn how to speak to those who have passed over, whereas Luke can do it almost immediately “Run Luke, Run!”

    What was the thinking there? Some bonus effect of Kenobi’s body disappearing unlike Qui-Gon?

  4. I really liked this - looks fantastic and sets the time frame up nicely for those that will not be familiar with the pre- Hobbit storyline.

    Slower for sure in content, but some interesting characters and from the whole cast, I was only really familiar with Lenny Henry as Sadoc, and the chap who plays Celebrimbor who I have seen in a bunch of stuff.
    So that’s nice going in to a show with new faces. I get the point above about different people playing Elrond and Galadriel - but these 2 are in good form. There was a close up on the eyes of Galadriel and I would swear they did a bit of effects to mirror Cate at one point, but I’m sure it was really down to the similarities between the actresses.

    Who is the stranger then? Gandalf or Sauron would be the obvious hints, but I don’t think it’s either as it doesn’t fit in with Tolkien’s work for either character (won’t add here in case it’s classed as a spoiler), so fresh character? Or one of the other Wizards? The 2 Blue wizards never got any really screen or book time, so that would be good. Nice mystery!

    Loved the scene setting and the references to the Silmarils and Morgoth. And I do love a good use of a map! Very LOTR! 
    High hopes for the rest of the series.


  5. 14 hours ago, The Choc said:

    There are time jumps in this first season. Very significant ones. Rhaenyara and Alicent both have different actresses later in the season. Just in a general sense though this season takes place over about 25 years, judging by the titles of the final episodes. Also Alicent's grandchildren play a very important role in the story down the line. 

    Ah nice one - that’s good to know. Makes sense for sure from what I have seen so far.


    6 hours ago, Odine said:

    Second episode was good. This is already better than the final season of GoT. Still not super attached to any characters yet but I suppose that's to be expected. I quite like Daemon, I don't think he's as antagonistic a force as the show and the other characters are trying to paint him. 

    Agreed - he backed down to his niece fairly quickly, so that’s good to see he is not an out and out unredeemable villain, merely just fairly understandably making it clear he wants what was owed to him.

  6. 4 hours ago, Odine said:

    Yeah man, I live in Somerset about 40mins from Bristol. Deffo having a few more grey days lately and some rain thankfully but it's still muggy as fuck. 

    Can't wait for the change of season proper. I love the UK more in its full grim winter splendor 

    I hear that! We are in south London (near Bromley), and totally agree! Bring on the autumn fresher weather!

    One other thing about the show is how much Viserys, whilst being so much calmer than his brother when he talks and gets opinions, is stubbornly making lots of bad choices. 
    Wonder if we will see some time jumps in this show - I’m thinking that could be an option to cover some time that future rulers are on the throne as we can’t see the high turnover we saw in GoT?

  7. Yeah! I get what you mean with that! It’s still muggy here in the UK, but more grey and gloomy, so getting that way already! Ha!

    Second episode was good - very different feel to Thrones with it being to closely focused on one family and (mostly) one city. Still the same strong characters and lots of manipulation going on! Good stuff, really enjoying it so far!

    Also good to see the theme tune back - I did enjoy that on the original show going round the map. Little different this time - assume the symbols were house crests? Was hard to make them out.



  8. 2 hours ago, Zathras said:

    How pissed would have Owen Lars been to know he bought the same droid in ANH that he used to own in AOTC?

    Holy sh!t… why has that never crossed my mind??? That’s hilarious! :lol:

  9. Entertaining first episode - helped by a lot of Ruffalo I think, so will be interesting to see how the series progresses without him and that nice banter between them both.

  10. On 8/12/2022 at 10:00 PM, Lord Darth Hunter said:

    “Wait Luke, it’s too dangerous!”

    Obi Wan yells at Luke to stop. But doesn’t do anything except watch him speed off as Luke heads home because he believes, rightfully so, that stormtroopers are on their way there to slaughter the family. 

    What if Luke made it in time to see the stormtroopers still there? After spending two decades watching over Luke, how ironic that at the moment of truth Obi Wan failed to keep Luke safe. 

    Yes! Agree! You can say he knew Luke would arrive after they had left, but I think n all honesty in the heat of the moment he felt he needed to guard the droids who had those plans - very risky leaving them alone and quickly legging it into the speeder with Luke…

    Rock and a hard place! 

    LOL! Why He Do DAT?

  11. 1 hour ago, Zathras said:

    What happened to Luke's X-Wing at Bespin?  In fact, what happened to Bespin after the evacuation? Did the Empire take it over permanently? 

    I have a memory of the old Marvel ROTJ comic run from ‘83 onwards where Lando heads back to Could City (in the events between ESB & ROTJ), and remember a reprogrammed Lobot punching him off of the platform as a cliffhanger - can’t recall if the x-wing was involved in the escape, but maybe?

  12. That was good - really enjoyed the finale! I liked the Christmas Carol style conversations with the 3 “Ghosts of Saul’s past” to discuss regrets they all have.

    He got me with his attitude to Kim on the plane, but once I calmed down (this show!), it was then obvious he just wanted her in the court room to hear him. Lovely stuff.

    Very neatly wrapped up and agrees with your first scenario RC - he’s a bit of a hero in prison and he got his victory initially with the feds, before deliberately undoing it to save Kim and be Jimmy McGill again, rather than be Slippin’ Jimmy to get the 7 years.

    Kim was the only grey area - she happy now? She confessed and seems to have got away with what she did to Howard - obviously no comparison to Saul’s wrong doings, but feels right that she can go on and live her life now, with a hint she will go back to being a proper lawyer maybe, or just continue volunteering on the side of her day job maybe. Whilst the civil law suit might still be there, I’d assume Jimmy’s actions have shifted the blame.

    Oh and the point he mentions his brother in court and the shot moves to the Exit sign that is buzzing with electricity - nice!

    Lots of excellent guest appearances - very satisfying ending for me.

    Reading on Twitter it sounds lot like there were too many commercial breaks for the broadcast in the US? Although we were a little later getting it in the UK, at least it was ad free on Netflix!

  13. Agreed - the journey has been fantastic and these last few episodes have just taken it to another level. 

    The trailer for the final episode is off though - reference to the vacuum relocation method with Saul’s voice (possibly from his original escape to Gene’s life as opposed to a new call maybe),  but images of his old car that got shot up when he collected the money for Lalo’s bail… is that becoming evidence of some sort?

    But I have to go back to Kim - what a performance - the scenes with Howard’s widow, and then the breakdown on the bus, but not forgetting how she played her mundane life in Florida.
    Totally agree with R.C’s comments above - just amazing.

    Heck, even the broken up title sequence creeps me out (in a good way), to show how messed up it’s all become for our two leads.

  14. 16 hours ago, Tank said:

    This show is a masterclass in everything. Conning for decades and getting away with (more or less) murder... and it's a little old lady from Omaha that brings it all down thanks to his hubris. 

    “Hey - old people love me!”



  15. Penultimate episode: Waterworks.

    Well. Rhea Seahorn was immense in this - not a surprise with how she has performed throughout this series. Some heartbreaking stuff and found myself totally absorbed, heart pumping away nervously!

    Phone call was revealed and was as per what the Internet found out. 

    Saul has always been the loveable rogue - we felt sorry for him because of what his brother did, or how Howard treated him, or just his poor lack of judgement.
    But these last couple of episodes have really made a point of highlighting how bad he has become and was really emphasised by Kim’s reply to the question of if Saul is a good lawyer in the flashback.
    I really thought Gene had a plan (get caught, do the time, released in 2022ish, reconnect with Kim), but no.

    One final episode to go, “Saul Gone”… presumably some court scenes with him and Kim if things head that way? But a lot of things need to happen before we get there and it’s so hard to predict this series.

  16. I’ll be tuning in. Loyalty for former Doctor Matt Smith mostly, but hoping for some of that magic from GoT.

    A smidge more excited for Rings of Power from being a Tolkien fan for 40 years or so now. Hopeful for a good series there.

  17. Interesting thoughts. It does make sense that it has to be Kim vs Jimmy/Saul/Gene. Seems to tie up with some people on Twitter who have worked out what was being said on that call to Kim as well - her telling him to hand himself over and he somewhat disagreeing! 

    Part of me got wondering that as Gene is in 2010, does he get banged up and then we have a further jump forward to his release in a more present year?

    But either way, the parallels of Walt and Jessie starting to go down their dark path in that sequence tying in with Gene reverting back to his old ways was nicely done.

    This guy will never learn…


  18. So… I have no idea how this show will end! I have hopes for certain things, but honestly just love being in the dark!

    A fine episode with elements of BB in there, starting off with a scene I mentioned a while back on this thread from Saul’s first episode in BB - Nacho / Lalo elements reshot.
    More cons in the Gene timeline as well - does he want to get caught at this a point? I’m couldn’t help but think so the way the last con was going.

    But… what was said on that phone call to Florida?  Was he actually speaking to her or being blocked from getting through? Or even a device for the cops to narrow down the search for Saul? A real mystery! This show…

    Loved the phone call with Francesca also in the Gene timeline - she’s fantastic! And good to see him checking in on the “heat” levels and him finding out Jessie got across the border (although they all think it’s Mexico due to Badger leaving the car there).

    2 episodes to go!  

  19. “Nippy” was this weeks episode. A very different pace for this one after some big drama in the preceding episodes.

    We see Gene throughout and his dealing with some issues that we have seen in prior episodes set in this time frame.  Very cleverly done and a few nice teasers in there. 
    Couldn’t decide if he was scared off of doing it again, or got a buzz for it. I think the former which could potentially lead to a happier ending maybe, but so hard to predict this show!

    Only 3 episodes to go!

  20. On the face of it, this weeks episode (“Fun & Games”), cleared up a lot of loose ends. But how it did it… Very sad seeing how the Saul we know was created - yep, we have time jumped and are now in the BB era with 4 episodes to go and no sign of Gene as yet.

    What a brilliant series this has been.

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