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  1. Thats right on that scene in s4 with Hector, but interestingly when Walt & Jessie kidnap Saul in his first appearance in BB (s2’s “Better Call Saul” titled episode), he said “did Lalo send them” and saying “it wasn’t me, it was Ignacio” (Nacho). Obvs not mapped out at that point as Saul wasn’t going to be a long term character, but they do like to tie things up, so I think he will at least think he is still alive at this point, whether he is or not… I also hope Saul/Gene/Jimmy gets a happy ending - he has had to deal with a lot of stuff with his brother and so his actions are sor
  2. Yes of course. Good point - I kinda just put that down to all the dodgy work, but yes, that’s it.
  3. Yeah, spot on Tank. It was a slowish start in the initial watch way back when, but being able to binge it recently - so much fun! There were so many points where I was willing Jimmy to “go left instead of right”, but we all know what’s coming and that transformation to BB Saul we all know. Kim - yes, she could be in trouble from Lalo, or even Tuco who must be due out of prison soonish to start his prep for building his network he has in place in BB. Saul doesn’t come in to BB until after Tuco is dead, so maybe that’s an option for that time period and have Lalo in the Gene era.
  4. Rogue 3


    So did anyone get a chance to watch the second series? Just finished it up today and really enjoyed it actually. After the slow old first series, this was off at a good pace and elements I thought might have been a bit of padding at points turned out to have proper relevance. Very enjoyable.
  5. Ooh - that’s a decent amount of time to focus on “Gene”. Nice. Looking forward to watching the latest episode tonight - we get them on Tuesdays to download on Netflix in the UK, so just had to get through the working day, and get our 3 year old up to bed, and then can relax and enjoy it!
  6. Agreed - they have all been superb. I feel one of those names mentioned will somehow survive to the Gene era (post BB). They surely have to expand on those scenes at some point, presumably in the second half of this 16 episode run. Does he get a happy ending? Does he deserve it? Can’t wait to find out!
  7. I know what you mean. The writing has not been the best for her in my opinion so it would have been nice to see her stay on for a season or two with RTD.
  8. The 14th Doctor has been announced: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-61371123 29 year old Ncuti Gatwa who has been appearing in Netflix show “Sex Education”. He will take over from Jodie when the final story airs in the Autumn to celebrate the BBC’s centenary. Looks a good and exciting casting!
  9. Rogue 3

    Moon Knight

    Enjoyable series all in all. Great work from Oscar Isaac I thought and the mid credit scene made a questionable ending far better.
  10. Yes, works nicely. Presume he is teamed up with another Jedi, saying we must keep hidden. Fingers crossed for some good fun with this. I hope for a few lightsaber battles, but only with inquisitors. Want him to be on the run from Vader (in a tense and exciting way), knowing he has responsibilities with Luke back on Tatooine.
  11. Very strong start to this final season. Episode 3 today in particular was superb.
  12. Rogue 3

    Moon Knight

    Finally got round to watching this and binged the first 3 last night: really good stuff! Not familiar with the character from the comics, but am very much on board with this. Like others have said, the time flew by watching them and Isaac & Hawke are really great in the lead roles, especially Isaac with the excellent creation of such different personalities. Fingers crossed for the remaining episodes!
  13. Yeah, I always thought that. It would have given that scene before take off a nice twist with them both getting there by very different means, and of course it would have given his death more impact.
  14. Nice! It’s been great watching it all again and getting the subtle little bits I missed before!
  15. Finished my rewatch of Better Call Saul (superb!), then felt only right to dive straight into a rewatch of Breaking Bad (immense!) and tonight finished it all off with El Camino! Very nice way to wrap things up for Jessie! So in summary, I am ready for this final series to start!
  16. Having a crazy busy time at work lately and so the arrival of the Lego Skywalker Saga yesterday was a welcome treat! Only played a few hours, but really enjoying it. Lots of fun - started with Episode IV of course - it’s the right place to start! Big open world to explore for fun side quests - you travel through the story properly rather than jump to the next mission which I like. Just playing through and grabbing what I can for now as lots of things need those other character types to unlock of course, but still plenty to keep me busy!
  17. Draw was made today for the group stage of this years World Cup! Plenty of reasons why it should not be held in Qatar, but we are where we are and I’m not going to let it spoil my enjoyment of such a great tournament! A few play off matches still to be done, but otherwise details of the draw are below: https://www.fifa.com/tournaments/mens/worldcup/qatar2022/fwc-2022-draw
  18. Sorry to hear that mate. Can’t have been easy with him away so much. It is funny how certain things will trigger memories. That game being your example, and there have been a number of times a sound or even smell of something cooking would trigger a memory and transport me back to a certain event. For example with my daughter and some of her new toys - that new plastic-type smell takes me back to when I was a kid and had a new Star Wars figure - taking it out of the packaging to get that waft of “fresh from the production line” plastic! Or a sound effect on a show/film that takes
  19. Agreed - pretty sure it was the first arcade game I would have played knowing me! Had to Google some images for those to double check, but yes definitely played and enjoyed those as well! Classics!
  20. 1. KOTOR (XBox) 2. KOTOR 2 (XBox) 3. Lego Star Wars (PS3) 4. Shadows of the Empire (N64) 5. Jedi Fallen Order (PS4) 6. The Force Unleashed (PS3) 7. Dark Forces 2 (PC) 8. Star Wars Rebellion (PC) 9. SW Ep. 1: Jedi Power Battles (PS1) 10. Super Empire Strikes Back (SNES) Rebellion (at number 8), I remember being great fun as a strategy game, building fleets and having events trigger from the original movies - such as if Vader and Luke are in the same system it triggers their encounter and boosts Luke to ROTJ status. Similar upgrades for other
  21. Dathomir is great! Lots of good scenes with key characters there. Won’t spoil anything. I know what you mean - that section n Zeffo can take a while, but that was the only time I thought like that while playing. Some good stuff to come! Lego still up at the high price with it only coming out next Tuesday, but would expect it to drop down after a month or two maybe? I have it on pre-order - love those games! Lots of fun!
  22. On the Star Wars gaming front, only a week to go now before “Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” comes out and am enjoying the fact that (according to a photo from Twitter), one of the levels is called “Better Call Maul”!
  23. Yes, this is a great fun game to play! Got it on PS4 when it first came out and recently replayed it as there is a free upgrade to PS5 if you have the disk. Sequel has been confirmed as in the works and hopefully we will get a release date confirmed soon - it’s thought it will be autumn this year, but nothing official. Enjoy playing it!
  24. Yeah, that’s fair to say. Could have come from any planet as long as they explain a good relationship to Owen & Beru. But I think that part is just about ok for me as it was a different area of Tatooine - going to the Lars homestead in AOTC was a big mistake.
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