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  1. I know what you mean - the element that sticks out to me is the sounds effects for aliens. A lot of the time it feels like the same set of noises for Jawa’s, R2, and others like that if you see what I mean. We only hear established effects from the films for the most part? Maybe it’s just me though…
  2. Yeah - the whales… Weren’t they something to do with Ezra and Thrawn’s disappearance? Need to look back to Rebels to check, but if so, looks a teaser for the Ahsoka series maybe?
  3. I can identify with this episode - when playing a game on my PlayStation, I like to do all the side quests first before completing the main mission! Very odd bit of padding - and why IG11 after all this time and a very convincing explosion the last time we saw him?? Fingers crossed for a big improvement next week.
  4. Those “romance” scenes were just awful - terrible to watch. That and the way Obi-Wan was treated (Jango is all over him, easily captured on Geonosis, and taken out quickly in the fight against Dooku), really spoil this film. Going back to your comment above, when I first watched that scene in the cinema (spoiler free at that stage), I genuinely thought it was going to be a nasty one that meant he might need some surgery to start the cybernetic change and him gradually becoming more machine from that point. But no, just an awful joke.
  5. Completely agree with you there Hobbes. Still looking forward to the new series, but it would have been nicer if they had left that segment closed - at least for now, maybe a revisit towards the end of the shows run?
  6. Enjoyed episode 6 - good to see the Wookiee’s!
  7. What an episode that was yesterday! Really enjoying this and makes me want to replay the game - 10 years is a long old time ago! Fantastic backstory change with Bill & Frank, and the impact on Joel.
  8. Yeah, with you there. Crosshair & Cody was excellent - the rest not so much. Last one had potential with the treasure hunt, but just petered out a bit. Kamimo stories from last season were very nice, so hopefully we have some good ones to come. I do like the characters.
  9. I know what you mean - I enjoyed it even more second time round after a few years had passed. Trophies were all done (OCD element for me I’m afraid…), and so was able to have fun with it on a more relaxed difficulty level - nothing to prove at that stage! Yeah, always a tricky one with a sequel. Either newer abilities are needed to solve problems, or we have some crisis where we need to relearn - again! Hopefully the former. Apparently there is a book coming out to fill in some blanks for the 5 years that have passed, but you would hope the game would stand on its own. As to the number of Jedi, I’m assuming he will sacrifice himself for the greater good at some point - this game or maybe a third? Allowing the player to finish up the game with a different character who just needs to get the heck out of wherever they are! Unless he gets “frozen” somehow and unlocked in the post ROTJ era, but that’s a tad cheesy. Does look like a fun storyline though, so I can’t wait to find out!
  10. Trailer dropped this morning - looks a good continuation of the story. 5 years on from Fallen Order, which makes it 10 years from both ROTS & ANH, and in the same sort of time period as the Kenobi TV series. Arrives 17th March 2023. A fine St Patrick’s day for all!
  11. Rogue 3


    Well I really enjoyed that final episode. The tension was building and building, and delivered. Excellent series. As I have been very positive on this show, if I am going to raise any negatives, maybe once you know what’s happened, is there the rewatch value? Maybe, maybe not? I’m looking forward to a rewatch and picking up bits I missed! But for me this has been an excellent written and acted show, and up there with Rogue One as my favourite thing Disney have done with the franchise. Don’t miss the little clip after the credits! A flash forward that answers one question from earlier in the series!
  12. Rogue 3


    Yes, that was a fantastic sequence in his ship! Shows how good this guy is - really enjoyed that and the very subtle nod to Rogue One after Cassian’s phone call, looking off to the horizon. Could be a saber? Not sure if it needs to be as he such an interesting character without that, but definitely feels like setting something up, and he did give the Kyber crystal to Cassian in episode 3.
  13. Rogue 3


    Fantastic 10th episode. Not saying much as a number of you are a few behind, but dramatic stuff. Such a great cast acting their socks off. Once again I was left disappointed when the credits rolled. Another damn week to wait!!
  14. Rogue 3


    Yep, highlight of the week for me. Thoroughly enjoying this show. I read season 2 starts filming later this month - that is supposed to cover the remaining 4 years to Rogue One.
  15. Yeah - Spidey has been the only one I have gone to the cinema - wasn’t going to miss that one. Have watched all the others on Disney+, so I would agree on an element of burnout with the sheer volume of releases.
  16. Yes, I agree to an extent. Rod for his own back in terms of us having seen Episodes 4-6, so 1-3 needed to be the big cinema release. But in this day and age, there could have been a series or two between films to better explain Dooku’s background, the Syfo Dyas element (never clear in the films), and who Grevious was maybe, plus more besides. The Clone Wars series did a little of nice things in there with explaining how Palp’s gets more and more control slowly but surely - taking over the banks for example. I really liked the six part Tales of the Jedi. Totally agree that the Dooku elements were the best, but enjoyed the final part of Ahsoka’s 3 episodes.
  17. Unknown - whilst it happened between Hartnell and Troughton as well, that was more practical “getting on with the story” as it was the first time. Personally I think it’s to do with the villain of the 60th anniversary specials (Neil Patrick Harris is playing that), who has allowed this to happen (when in reality it’s not to lumber Ncuti (great seeing him in the trailer!) with coming in fresh to the role and handling the 60th all in one go). So potentially at the end of those 3, he changes back into the old clothes? Who knows really. If it helps, the ending wasn’t a surprise here in the UK as it was all over the news a few months back that he was involved. The publicity department released loads of photos of the shooting taking place for next years 3 specials. In other news this week, the BBC has agreed a deal with Disney + to air the show outside of the UK & Ireland, so hopefully that will bring in a bit of cash to make more episodes! https://www.doctorwho.tv/news-and-features/bbc-and-disney-branded-television-join-forces-on-doctor-who
  18. Oh no - sorry if I spoilt anything Tank, I was trying to be fairly vague on posts this week and the links were just the trailers, although maybe since the episode aired, surrounding videos gave something away?
  19. Rogue 3


    Well episode 8 just flew by! Fascinating series, thoroughly enjoying it! It feels like an odd jump from him trying to get his mum to leave at the end of ep7 to full on jailed up - all happened so suddenly, but then it’s just emphasising the awful corrupt power of the empire. Genuine confusion and fear on Cassian’s face. The cast gets more and more impressive - lots of familiar faces in the prison and of course Mr Serkis himself relishing the role! Fab use of music as well - very dramatic in places with it cutting out.
  20. Very good final episode! I have not been a fan of the writing from Chibnall, but he ended on a high (lots of fan service which personally I loved, but appreciate it might not be for everyone not born in the ‘70’s!), and Jodie got a very nice send off. Just got to wait to November 2023 now for the the next episodes!!! Too many big gaps!!
  21. It’s regeneration day! A new era beckons… https://youtu.be/RmZo8h0jLqo
  22. Rogue 3


    Highlight of the week for me this show. Really gritty, lots of nerves from those daring to hint at being a rebel. Lovely stuff. Ending sequence seemed to jump a bit with Cassian’s new location, but other than that, am enjoying the Empire scenes as well as our heroes, and the strong cast in this ensemble show. Can’t wait to see what comes next, and it’s pleasing we have a timeline laid out. Season 1 covers 1 year, season 2 covers 4 years and finishes at R1. Learning some lessons from the sequel trilogy it seems.
  23. Oh I agree completely! Fantastic set of episodes - can’t believe it’s whizzed by so quickly. Last nights was epic! The queens outrage at learning of the mens plot to put Aegon on the throne regardless, the hunt for him in the city, the lords being made to break their oath and bend the knee or pay the price. And that ending! Should be a fantastic final part!
  24. Did anyone see this video of a GOT style intro for Breaking Bad? Made me smile on a grotty Friday!
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