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  1. Finished off season one and ep 1 of s2 done. Really enjoying this - a lot of highlights, interesting stories and character dev. Agree with comments above that Pike not being in the opener was odd, although less so when blitzing through it on the back of a Pike heavy finale to S1. That episode was very clever by the way - doing an alternative of Balance of Terror was so clever and intriguing. And we are clear from that future vision from Discovery (a series I didn’t get past the opening 2 episodes), they were a little burdened with. The one that got me was the fairytale story - the ending set that up to something special. Maybe as I have a 5 yr old daughter, but still think it would have got me if that wasn’t the case! And Carol Kane coming into s2! She’s great - Scrooged is a Christmas must for me!
  2. Ha ha! Pikes reaction at the end! Enjoying this series so much! Not sure why I haven’t got round to it - so many things to watch I guess!
  3. Lot of buzz on this show online - crossovers with Lower Decks, the musical episode this week that looks like they had so much fun from the snippets on Twitter! Anyone been watching? I am behind as doing a long overdue second watch of DS9, but taking a mini break from that I think. On ep4 of season 1 and will blitz my way through over next week or two! Loving it so far - great style and cast, and the stories feel fresh!
  4. Looking forward to seeing this at some point. Nolan is a really special filmmaker. I loved Tenet! Big fan of this and would really recommend you watch it. Very clever and rewards the second viewing seeing some parts a little differently.
  5. Yep, I rewatched Infinity War & Endgame over the weekend and it makes no sense that character is a skrull. For me, he gets swapped post Endgame and before Falcon & Winter Soldier series. And that’s that!
  6. Yes, I thought they would pad things out a bit to make the first game cover a couple of seasons maybe. Did feel a little rushed, despite enjoying it a great deal. There was a second game that came out - set 5 years after the first so maybe they will fill the gap with newer content possibly? I haven’t read to much on what their future plans are.
  7. Yep, agree with you there Tank - the TV shows have been very enjoyable and moved things along with Avengers 2.0, for want of a better description! As to the final episode, it’s been getting some negative comments online and I understand that. All resolved very quickly which was my fear in the opening post, and referring to She-Hulk’s final episode (online, not in Secret Invasion itself), of big CGI battle vs character driven resolution. But hey, I had fun watching it and overall really enjoyed this series.
  8. Yeah ok, episode 5 was another belter! Loving this series - a shame it finishes next week! Really enjoying Olivia Coleman’s “Sonya Falsworth” character - is this a brand new addition to the Marvel world or does she have a history in the comics? Hope this is a sign of good things ahead for the MCU after a few lacklustre outings.
  9. I loved the first one. That was the peak for me. The others have good moments, but nothing that made me want to rewatch. I’ll probably try and give them another go over the summer while I wait for the new one to drop on Sky to watch.
  10. Finally dropped here in the UK on Paramount channel, and enjoying working my way through! 4 episodes done in the first evening! Lead actor is very entertaining, right sort of banter to make this fun. Not sold on his fiance, but early days. Interesting plot going on in present day which is a nice change to the format. Bit odd why it’s Al’s daughter who is the science genius - would have thought there might be scope for it to be Sam’s daughter in some fashion - maybe the result of his return home in that season 4 episode…
  11. That’s Helena Shaw - Phoebe Waller-Bridge wrote and starred in BBC comedy series Fleabag - definitely worth a watch. Side note - she was also the voice of Lando’s droid L3-37 in Solo amongst other acting and notable writing duties (Killing Eve for example).
  12. Didn’t make it to the cinema for this one, but caught it last night. Really enjoyed it - agree this and Spidey NWH are the standouts since End Game, although I did quite enjoy the low key Black Widow as well. Lots of fun and good way to finish the trilogy.
  13. Yeah, really enjoying it! 3rd episode was just as good. My only fear with this is how it ends - so many in places of power and up for the objective of their leader. Fearing some sort of easy resolution as we are already half way through! But thoroughly enjoying it. Great cast, well written dialogue, and lots of fun.
  14. Yeah, exactly this. When you grow up with something like those original 3 films, they are elevated to legend status for not only being great fun and brilliant films, but all the good memories they bring with them. Certainly for me anyway - the big family Christmas film in certain years, the original trips to the cinema, quoting the lines endlessly with your mates - “He chose… poorly” being a great example that fits into a lot of situations! Crystal Skull - I was thinking on this on the weekend. Definitely 5th place by a good margin. But I think that, aside from the fridge moment, it’s only the alien thing that annoys me about it really, and I find it odd when you have Lucas & Spielberg involved - 2 people with a fairly decent track record on that subject! Must have made total sense to go that way with the age Indy was at that time and all the Roswell stuff. But once you deviate from that historical, archeological goal, it just lost something. Really pleased that everyone seems to be having a great time with Dial of Destiny! Good to finish up on a strong note!
  15. Definitely an author thing from my memory - it was clear in that first book he looked exactly how we see him now, and there was references in the book about how exceptional that was for him to rise to that position with the Empire’s dislike of the alien races.
  16. Me and the wife went to see this today and have just got home. With both of us in our mid(ish) 40’s, lots of love for the original 3 films so were eager to get in early and avoid spoilers. We had a great time! Lot more history in the plot like films 1 and 3, great cast, excellent sequences in some top Jones style locations. Story was good, no more crazy than the Holy Grail, Ark of the Covenant or Shankara Stones and all their magical properties! Hope you all enjoy it - a much, much better way to call it a day than the 4th film.
  17. Episode 2 done and I am really into this show! Doesn’t feel the need for crazy action, concentrating on some damn good plot. Very nice!
  18. Saw the first episode last night - good cast, they clearly look like they are having lots of fun! Biggest criticism I’m reading about online is that the opening titles were (apparently) AI generated - massively unpopular not allowing artists to do their work. But that aside, loved the scenes with Olivia Coleman (she has national treasure status here in the UK!) and Fury. Problem I have is coming into this on the back of Picard and having a double whammy of Shapeshifter plots. Trust no one, are characters really dead and the resolution of these types of things can be a bit “hit the reset button”. Not my favourite type of plot as you might be able to tell. But I thought we got off to a decent start.
  19. I have neither the TV or Player yet, but plan on changing that in the near future. But I have started to prep! Handy that most releases have the regular BluRay in them. In particular I like the individual releases for ST & SW films - didn’t like the look of the box sets. Photo below and looks nice and neat on the shelf! Have also got the first 2 Reeve Superman films & Tenet which I loved. Not sure what’s next - those are my must haves on all media! Like to upgrade my James Bond set at somepoint as only on DVD at present, but only Craig’s are on 4K. Maybe will look at the Marvel ones as the spines do have the Phase numbers on which is nice! Then I will pick my faves & push on from there, starting with “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly” for sure!
  20. Totally agree - no interest if he is not involved. But he definitely is and is very enthusiastic about it which is promising!
  21. I would really recommend following JMS on Twitter - he is a fascinating person and always has spells of answering many questions from fans. He has strict rules on his account telling people they mustn’t give story ideas for example. His Superman run of writing in the comics was very well received also - haven’t read them myself, but always lots of positive comments on there. As to B5, a reboot has been worked on for a fair while but the sale of the network has delayed this. His chats on Twitter make this a total reimagining as he wouldn’t have any interest in just repeating what’s been done - no excitement for his writing skills he says. A brief history on the reboot is on here: https://babylon5.fandom.com/wiki/Babylon_5_(reboot) A positive reaction to the animation can only help! Trailer looks great fun to me! Those B4 episodes with Zathras were awesome and this has all the feel of that magic! Great that all the surviving cast came back!
  22. Out in mid August and I can’t wait!
  23. Trailer dropped a couple of days back for Part 2 in the series: Final Fantasy VI Rebirth Due out start of 2024, and I can’t wait for it! Be interesting to see what changes they make to this section of the story…
  24. Rogue 3

    Diablo IV

    Ah man - hate it when those things come into it. Should be enough that you’ve bought the game or maybe bought a “bonus content” edition, but not then keep charging for stuff. Really enjoying Tears of the Kingdom! So vast and the side quests are interesting, not repetitive which is nice. Not overly familiar with the Diablo series, but had played through half of 3 (Reaper of Souls edition), before getting distracted 10 years back according to my trophy log on the PS! Will have to revisit that! Glad you are enjoying it Odine!
  25. Finally got round to watching it this evening. Interesting concepts with the world down there, always great to see Bill Murray, and Majors created an interesting variant - enjoyed the Loki version a lot when introduced. But. This was an MCU movie and lacked the charm of the Ant-Man films. The whole Kang thing is screwed because of what Majors has done - really hard watching that film in the full knowledge of that. Maybe those that saw it before this was revealed have a different experience of the film? With Loki S.2 in the can, more of that same feeling ahead. But I think that’s all he has filmed so far? Nice ideas, but can’t see me rewatching this.
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