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  1. Yeah, I like that hidden link on the BBC website! Put the curser over the Tardis to highlight Bad Wolf! http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/ One of the suggestions is that the Tardis is trying to warn them of something - could it be the impending regeneration??
  2. It's cropped up a few times, the obvious one was in the double parter with the Slitheen when the Tardis was had the words Bad Wolf sprayed on it by some kid. Check out the link below for other mentions of Bad Wolf: http://www.relativedimensions.co.uk/badwolf.html I love the idea of this hidden theme running through all the episodes!
  3. Yeah, that's fair enough I suppose. It seems that no one has really understood the Tardis before though aside from Time Lords. Still I reckon he's a good character. Saturdays episode had a fair few laughs in it - I really liked the bit where she was trying to kill him with the dart and the gas!!
  4. SPOILERS: Boom town really mixed it up for me. A really good character piece, it was good to have the main guys chatting with the enemy for most of the episode. First thought was that I was suspicious of Captain Jack - him being left alone in the Tardis to finish the work whilst the Doc was at lunch - I thought he might turn out to be a dodgy character. Glad he wasn't (at least so far anyway!), as he is good to have on board. Even though he is from way into the future, does anyone think that he knows a little too much about fixing / hooking up the Tardis? Could he turnout to be a ti
  5. It was 4 of them - only the 4th Doctor didn't, and that was just because he didn't want to be in the story so close after leaving the series. All his scenes are taken from a story called Shada that was never completed due to a strike. Can't remember what happened to him. Did he turn into one of those figurines (that they used to represent the Doctors), or am I thinking of something else?
  6. Yeah agreed Shadow - the first Doctor was trapped in that time vortex (in that chair type thingy) in the story The Three Doctors. This was written in only because William Hartnell was very ill at the time, and had to limit his appearance to just being pre recorded. He died not long after. Later William Hurndall played the 1st Doctor in The Five Doctors story - and he was very convincing I thought. It'd be great if at some point they had a story with one of the other Doctors in. Paul McGann would be my choice having seen so little of him.
  7. That's right mate, although it was just the Five Doctors as the Three Doctors story never reached Gallifrey. So you had the case of the earlier doctors being on Gallifrey at a future (for them) time with the 5th Doctor. SPOILER: I also liked the nanogenes - I liked his words at the end "This time, everybody lives!!" Nice touch as nearly all the time everyone dies!! The Caves of Androzani (my favourite story by the way!) is a good example, every single person who we see on that Planet, dies except for Peri!
  8. Watched "The Doctor Dances" over the weekend. I agree with you Gandalf, it was a good answer to the cliff hanger of The Empty Child. Made me laugh to begin with, but made more sense as the episode went on. Captain Jack seems a good character as well - his flirting with Rose is making the Doctor quite jealous! SPOILERS: Especially liked the end sequence where Jack looks like he is about to blow up in his ship, and he just orders a drink! "Captain Jacks chances of death? 100%" Then he just hears the music playing from the TARDIS where the Doc and Rose are dancing - class ending!!
  9. Reading interviews with the producer, it was always planned that he would leave after 1 series, and that he would regenerate in the final episode. It was intended as a big surprise, but the papers got hold of the story and so the BBC had to release a statement. Shame as that would have been a fantastic surprise! SPOILERS: The Empty Child - Good episode - I can see that one being scary for the youngsters who watched it. Rumor has it that an old adversary will return in the final episodes... I can tell you more if you want to know...
  10. Ah, but if she hadn't needed to go back to see her dad when he died because there were people around him like you say, then how would he have been saved in the first location? Rose wouldn't have had a reason to go to that road where he was originally hit. Whatever though, it was a very enjoyable episode!
  11. On a side note for anyone who's interested, ITV are so desperate to win ratings back from the Dr Who, that they have pulled the programme they were running (Celebrity Wrestling!!) and replaced it with the Star Wars films - starting this saturday (21st May) with TPM!! Dr Who is kicking some at the mo!!
  12. I tell you, the writing on this series has been really good. Spoilers****** I agree with you big time about the Doctor's death - what a fantastic idea! The reapers were good as well. The suspense of people just disappearing without seeing them was good and classic Dr Who. Another nice touch was the Tardis being out of action. As with all stories of this nature (where you mess around with time) there are paradoxes (suchas Rose knowing that her father died in a different location would mean that she wouldn't have gone to the site of the original hit and run incident, which means
  13. I don't think he was ever referred to as human outside of the 2 films from the 1960's with Peter Cushing. There the Doctor was an inventor type and he built the Tardis. Clever fella!!
  14. Hmm. Next weeks episode looks good again (some good ideas being used in these episodes). Rose wants to go back to the day her dad dies, she see's him get run over, and naturally is upset and wishes he wasn't alone. The next clip shows Rose and the Doc hiding behind the original version of themselves watching the accident (like in Back to the Future part 2) and Rose can't control herself and runs out to save him. This causes a bit of a problem in the timeline, and for some reason it means some creatures are released who start attacking people. Should be good I think.
  15. I agree, I thought the Editor was a great character, and Pegg brought a lot of good humour to the role. I was hoping that it might be leave things open for a return by his character - and maybe there is scope for that. The guys in charge mentioned in the documentary after the programme that more would be revealed on the Max creature and how it got there. On the last of the time lords thing, I don't see how that prevents us seeing another time lord in an episode - the series is about time travel after all.
  16. The only place I know of to view the trailers is on the BBC website I'm afraid mate. http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/video/index.shtml
  17. Enjoyed that episode I must say. ******Spoilers****** Never thought I'd feel sorry for a Dalek!! It was very well written - it could easily have not worked. Yeah, apparently this Dalek could regenerate itself from the touch of a time traveller. A comment was made earlier in the episode that a regular person had touched it and been fried. The Doctor was well evil in this episode. Not sure how that will be picked up on by a younger audience, but I thought it was fine. He does know all about these guys after all. Thought the ending was good - not going to say anything as it
  18. Yeah. Davros seemed to die in almost all the stories he was in, but would always come back some how! Fair enough, there was less and less of him, but still, it's a shame he's now proper dead. I would like to see the Cybermen come back - does anyone else think it would be good to see them in the xmas special and cause the Doctors regeneration? I think Christopher Ecclestone is going to have a good regeneration - he is a top actor and can do a good death scene! The one in Cracker was excellent.
  19. Man I am with you there!! What a great trailer! The extra programme on BBC3 mentioned something about them being responsibile for the destruction of Gallifrey if I remember rightly. Should be good to see the 9th Doctor up against THE Dr Who Baddie!!
  20. The preview for the 6th episode was good - you've got this collector of aliens, and he has the last Dalek known to exist. It's another 2 parter I believe. I agree with UK Legend Killa, the new series is going down really well over here. And when he pointed out that there was 15 million viewers for the first episode, to put it into context, there are only about 50-60 million people in the UK, so that is a very high figure.
  21. Watched some more of that Casanova programme last night, which features David Tennant. The more I see of him, the more I think he will work out well. He is young, but definitely had all the quirks of the Doctor in that programme. For those overseas, Casanova is also written by Russell T Davies, who is responsible for most of the new Dr Who episodes.
  22. The alien invasion episode was not bad. There were alot of elements I liked suchas... Spoilers!!!! ....................................... The scenes with Rose and her family were good - the doctor had made a mistake and instead of bring them back home 12 hours after she'd left, it was 12 months! Naturally the mum has been worried sick, got the police involved and suspicion has been on the boyfriend for all this time. Also liked the fact that UNIT are mentioned, and the effects were great. I didn't like all the fart gags though. ............................................ EN
  23. I've only watched little bits of it - looks a good actor definitely. Rumour has it that the regeneration will take place in the xmas special - I'm pretty sure they had wrapped up the filming of the first series before Christopher Ecclestone announced he was departing. One other downer is that we will miss out on the potential we spoke about of seeing a "flash back" style episode which would feature McGann's regeneration to Ecclestone. Unless Ecclestone can be persuaded to come back for a cameo?? The other option might be a double regeneration episode as the xmas special - merry christma
  24. I haven't heard of him that much either. He is currently in that BBC programme Casenova, and I heard that he is in the next Harry Potter movie apparently. Personally I think he is too young for the role (early 30's), but we'll see.
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