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  1. Nice list Zathras - only change I might make is swapping 1 & 3 round, but agree with the rest there mate.
    Also haven’t see Creed 3, but enjoyed the first 2 a lot!

  2. Finished up the 2nd season and agree the Kahhori episode was one of the strongest. Also enjoyed the Hela & Nebula episodes.

    The others were much of a muchness. The 1602 one was just nonsense, as was the Christmas one, although I did raise a smile at one or two of the Die Hard references.

    Personally I am happy with self contained What If’s - I have no desire for them all to be linked somehow. But that’s the way they go.

  3. 17 hours ago, Hobbes said:

    I only read scifi and non-fiction. 

    I read the Three Body Problem trilogy-(actually called the Remembrance of Earth's Past trilogy but everyone just calls it TBP).  Might be the best sci fi trilogy ever.  It is coming to Netflix soon.

    Thanks for the tip! Ordered the first book, so will hopefully find some time to get my reading hat back on!

  4. Yes, super close to the end there. Well worth going back to, as once done once, those chase sequences can be skipped on replaying chapters with all your levels and gear.

    Highly recommend Crisis core as well - lots of stuff in it, but story wise  you can knock it out in a week of evening play, no dangers. Or watch this guy play it - his enthusiasm is superb, and he knows all things FF!

    And this is the start of his play thorough of Remake as well:

    Sometimes we just don’t have the time for a full play through! I do like listening along to them while working!

  5. I can’t say how much I am looking forward to this! Out on 29th Feb!

    My love for these games goes back to playing an imported NTSC version of FF6 on the SNES (it was never released here on PAL in the UK originally, only many years later), and bought a PS1 purely because FF7 was going to be release on it. And it was a legendary game for many reasons!

    FF7 Remake was a superb start to this next gen trilogy. Not just a remake, the “whispers” in the game indicate things are literally being remade, so there were subtle differences to show that it’s something fresh and new - not everything will happen as we remember….

    The prequel PSP game Crisis Core was re-released last year and they really got rid of the bad elements of game play to leave the brilliant story of Zack. Someone we potentially will see a lot more of in parts 2 and 3 of this trilogy due to the above changes - well worth a play in prep.

    And so to part 2! We leave the city of Midgar and head out into the world. These trailers are superb - if you played the original game, there will be a lot to recognise!

    Trailer 1

    Trailer 2

    Counting down the days!

  6. 11 hours ago, monkeygirl said:

    Disagree! I still can't get enough of time travel and will be okay with the parallel universe thing until Rose comes back for the Doctor


    Love it! And totally agree! :lol::yes:

  7. So, not sure why I haven’t watched it prior to now, but finally watched Excalibur!

    An interesting cast with lots that go on to greater fame of course, and mixed with a lot of classic thespians who are chewing up the dialogue with relish!

    Very odd casting by Boorman for his 2 kids (not exactly cheery roles for them!), and lots of mystical, arty elements in there, but all enjoyable.

    Only tricky part was from more or less half way in where it’s hard not to think about Monty Pythons Holy Grail in certain scenes!

    Good film, glad to have caught it at long last!

  8. Defo - usually have a book on the go and have a read when the wife puts some reality nonsense on the box!

    Various on the shelf, but I do always drift back to a re-read of “The First 15 Lives of Harry August” which is just a great read.

    Series I am currently reading is Awaken Online - no highbrow stuff here, just quite a fun series in the style of Ready Player One, but where the lead is playing a dark character in the online world. 

  9. Series 2 now available - watched the first episode this evening and plan to not binge this, but enjoy it over time. See if I can stick to that!

    Reading the synopsis, I was wondering if this was the best pick to open the new series up, but that was great fun - Nebula was fantastic and heroic, plus nice support from other less featured characters from the MCU - nice start!

  10. Hope you all had a good Christmas!

    After all the fun with our family and seeing my 5 year old having “The best Christmas ever!”, was nice to settle down in the evening and catch up on the Christmas special - The Church on Ruby Road.

    This was Ncuti Gatwa’s first full story as the 15th Doctor and introduced the new companion Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson. Really fun adventure, a lot better than recent Xmas specials for sure. Lots of mysteries that RTD likes to sow the seeds for - who is Ruby’s mum, who is the Mrs Flood?

    Strong guest appearances by Davina (recreating her role on her show about tracking down family via DNA), and Anita Dobson coming in as the reoccurring character who knows too much - fascinating look down the camera at the end! Very rare to break the 4th wall in this show!

    For those overseas, the song was released as a single with all proceeds going the charity Children in Need. The additional elements for the song with the Doctor and Ruby adding their lines to the song was great fun!

    Very nice festive treat! New series coming in May at long last! The specials have helped, but long overdue the new series!

  11. Ahhh. Well that was not quite what I was hoping for.

    I quite liked the opening 20 mins or so, then it turned into a Dirty Dozen style recruitment where each character has 5 mins of focus, then next to nothing for the rest of the film. Felt like a lot was cut on characterisation as the ending made it feel like you knew these people better?

    I agree that there was a lot of stuff out of focus. Most notable was when the girl and the robot were talking by the stream. Slow mo - jeez man. Enough.

    The main lead wasn’t convincing either. Not drawn into any of the characters with the exception maybe of the robot. 

    I’m sure I will watch part 2 in April still, but man that was disappointing.


  12. Nice one - hope you enjoy it! I’m looking forward to catching it, think it hits us here in the UK on Friday.

    Yes, absolutely agree with the background! Fingers crossed it will be a nice pre-Christmas treat! 

  13. Anyone over in the US gone to see this? Limited theatrical release, so presume everyone is waiting for the Netflix drop on the 21st.

    Seems to have got average reviews but critics don’t put me off as it sounds interesting and they seem to have a story fleshed out for the follow up films.

    Hopefully will be worth a watch.

  14. Nice one! Just starting a second run doing a Dark Urge on Tenacity level. See how harder that is! Ok so far as I have got the immediate starting area done with Withers recruited & left it saved just after the attack on the Grove. Assassin Rogue class!

    My first run was an odd one as I was after the Jack of all Trades trophy, so I had level 1 in everything! Could have respec-ed, but kinda got used to it!
    Nice to focus on 1 class on my second run.  I generally used Gale, Karlach & Shadowheart, but swapped occasionally for certain missions for other companions.

  15. 1 hour ago, Tank said:

    I don’t know how I feel about the bi-generation. Lord knows they have changed the rules of regeneration many times, I’ve never understood the Watcher stuff from the 4th’s regeneration, and this was kind of the reverse of that?

    Really it just felt like a way to keep Tennant in the wings whenever they need a boost and not have to explain why he’s getting older. The Doctor has run into himself multiple times, there’s at least six of him in Victorian London at any given time.This is no different only now they don’t have to explain why Tennant is aging.

    Absolutely. 40 years on and no one understands The Watcher! But that’s the show - keeping a bit of mystery in there as per the title, so that’s ok with me.
    But I agree that eventually that’s what happens (whether we see it or not) as 15 says that he is fine now because of the rehab / semi-retirement that 14 goes through to get him out of the PTSD phase.
    I am old school and prefer a normal regeneration, but I thought this was done well.

    So he is there and can come back for a future story without the age being an issue, but to give Chibnall some credit, he found a creative way of doing that in his and Jodie’s final story.

    15 was great fun in that final 20 mins or so - they are currently filming his second season, so all very positive we can have him in place for a good while! He sounds like he is loving it from interviews!

  16. Finished the game this evening! Simply superb! 114 hours on the clock and did all the side quests I could find - I’m sure there are ones I will have missed, but felt a real good conclusion to the story!

    Such a great game - level of detail is astonishing!

  17. Ok, left it a few days to avoid spoiling things! 
    Well, that was a finale to the 60th anniversary specials! NPH was mighty in the role of The Toymaker, a villain first (and last) encountered by the 1st Doctor in a story from 1966! Chewing the scenery with relish - good fun!

    Good spooky moments with the dolls that I could see being scary for young kids, and great to see a former companion back.

    The key “moment” was divisive as expected online, but it’s not totally brand new with elements on this topic having cropped up in both the 3rd and 4th Doctors final stories. I was happy with it and and can’t wait for the Christmas Day episode to see the start of adventures with 15!

  18. Wild Blue Yonder (the second of the three 60th anniversary specials), was very good! Tennant & Tate masterclass - great fun seeing them both back together!

    And a good ending to tease us into tomorrow’s story with the return of a villain last seen in the ‘60s, The Toymaker - played then by Michael Gough (superb actor probably best known as the Alfred to Michael Keaton’s Batman), and now played by Neil Patrick Harris.

    And it’s now secret how it’s going to end with the 15th Doctor eager to finally get started on the Christmas special!

  19. First of the 3 specials for the 60th anniversary aired last night! Great fun - so good to have Tennant & Tate back and clearly having so much fun! It highlights how poor it has been in recent years. Shiney new TARDIS interior as well!

    Clever plot to address historical issues with how we left Donna. This one was a classic Who story to kick things off and next weeks is supposedly a much darker story - hardly any clips have been shared, the trailers have all been on the first and third episodes.

    We also had a 5 min special a week or so ago as part of the charity Children in Need. You can grab that off YouTube if you fancy - just search Doctor Who Children in Need.

    The specials are all dropping weekly on Disney+ for those outside the UK!

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