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  1. That was a good episode! All the cast involved were on top form I thought and nice character dev throughout.

    And I am pleased we have a reason for the map (one of my early concerns), it makes sense that it was the nightsisters leaving the path back to this place.

    Really enjoyed that one - just 2 left now which is a shame! 

  2. Addicted… such a good game! Judging by the prompts about leaving certain areas, think I am probs not too far from moving to act 2. Big price left is the goblin area to uncover, but all surrounding goals pretty much cleaned up! 
    Looks amazing, sounds amazing, great characters that you want in your party - you tend to bench some for the whole game in some RPG’s but not this one! 
    Massive replay value for sure!

  3. 8 hours ago, Svenn said:

    There are some things that are obviously callbacks that I know I’m missing. But I just think about those as if they are obi wan throwing out clone wars references in ANH. I don’t have to know everything. 

    I like this comment - so true, a whole back story hinted at in a very short scene. 
    Glad you are enjoying it. I do think that like in the lead up to the MCU tv shows that they could have done a little 5 min thing on Disney+ to give a little background to some characters less familiar. But hey - it is what it is! 

  4. Yes, superb stuff from Hayden. Great to see him get his acting chops into some very well written scenes. Lovely flashbacks to the Clone Wars era.

    Annoyed with myself for (as usual) missing the obvious. Sure, it would be much easier if they did a timey-wimey thing which results in Ahsoka getting on the ring ship (and hidden so it doesn’t impact what we saw in ep 4), before it left, than say, using the frickin’ space whales that are right there!!! Jeez….

  5. It’s done! Trophies look a nightmare (several play-throughs for sure), but enjoying it a lot! Looks amazing - such detail! Slow start last night while I get used to it and try it all out, but proper geeking out with it!

  6. On 9/7/2023 at 12:40 PM, Odine said:

    Even if you had a disk youd still need to download a massive chunk of the content. It's 120GB minimum storage 

    Yeah, I’ve read a bit more online and it does seem that the game is too big for disk. 
    More I read, more I think it’s right up my street!  I’m slowly swaying towards ordering it… 

  7. 2 hours ago, Odine said:

    Also I have only just started the third act after 80 or so hours of play. Absolutely love this game. 

    It sounds amazing! I’ve enjoyed watching a few vids on YouTube! 

  8. 2 hours ago, Odine said:

    It hasnt been released on console yet, it's coming 

    It was released on PS5 yesterday, but they are only doing download only sadly. If people got the deluxe version, they could start playing from last Saturday.

  9. The only thing to make me disagree with that is that the hyper-ring-ship has gone, and there is no way I can think of to follow it. Sure she got burnt on the hand, but that was only the outer shell of the map device and that is still there, albeit in 2 pieces. So I don’t think it will be like Raiders of the Lost Ark personally.

    I think this zone will be used in a way to get her on board this ring ship. Very much like the film Tenet where what has happened, has happened, but through clever means, she could sneak on the ship somehow without interfering with what we saw. Very much in keeping with the episode of Rebels we saw previously - we never saw Ahsoka die, so nothing was changed…

    So that maybe the ending position of ep 5, but a ton of Anakin / Snips stuff to enjoy before that! Can’t wait!

  10. 22 minutes ago, Metropolis said:

    The Clone Wars did an excellent job filling in holes in the prequel story. None as big IMO as Anakin's distrust of the Jedi order. Since he wasn't born into the order he always had a hard time with buy in. The order not standing behind Ahsoka was the beginning of the end for Anakin. It gave much more reason than anything that was ever shown in AOTC and ROTS.

    Absolutely. Fantastic show and on a second viewing, the arguably slower episodes with Padme or the Droids had a lot to offer where you think our heroes have won, but it usually ends up witg Palps using gaining more power - example being gaining control of the banks.

    Be interesting what they show in this special on Friday - might be some clues as to where we are heading!

  11. That was good! Baylan is owning this show - any scene with him in takes it up a few notches - great actor and character!
    Also like Shin a lot - initial annoyance of too many force users so close to ROTJ has passed! So fickle! :lol:

    Now, the reveal at the end! So are we saying that as she was weakened by the Nightsister magic on the map, then effectively died to get to the “World between Worlds” and that place is maybe how the force ghosts visit the living? But she has a chance to come back / influence the past (her and Sabine stick together this time as Huyang warned), so that by the end of episode 5, she is alive and on board the hyperspace ring ship with Sabine?
    Seems a stretch to say she fell into a doorway like in Rebels, unless someone grabbed her again at the last minute.

    Either way, bring on Episode 5 with Anakin (wearing Vaders saber it looked like) & Ahsoka! I heard Disney are dropping something on Friday to serve as a bit of backstory to their history on The Clone Wars series which makes sense for those not familiar with it, or a little hazy.

    Loved that the inquisitor was nobody! They must have loved all the speculation!

  12. Just watched the first two. Agree with the general consensus on here. Looks good,  it not quite gripping me.

    Big fan of Rebels and it’s great to see them all in action. Sabine & Chopper - spot on. I like the actress playing Hera (big fan of Scott Pilgrim), but she doesn’t quite feel right for me as Hera… Maybe giving off too young vibes? I’m not sure what it is.

    Ray Stevenson is excellent - what a sad loss he was. Lots of good roles he has played. Liked his comment at the end about being sad to reduce the Jedi numbers. Feels like his motivations might be a bit more interesting than first thought…

    Issues - it doesn’t make sense for Sabine to be a Padawan. Feels tacked on as they wanted the Apprentices to go after each other. 
    Agree the general amount of force users is not right - where were these mugs when Luke was on his own bravely going up against Palps & Vader? Jeez…

    But good stuff generally and like the idea on the inquisitor type character having a big reveal. Maybe this person is responsible for planting the map? Have issues with Maps to places after the rubbish use of it in The Rise of Skywalker!!


  13. Did you ever watch Krull? Those of us of a certain age will definitely have caught it I’m sure.

    Be interested in your thoughts as I recently caught it again while channel hopping (even though I have it on Blu-ray).  It’s a funny one - clearly targets the OT Star Wars audience of the time (I was one of them in 1983! Would have been between 6 & 7 years old at the time!), but there are just some odd story elements in there that don’t suit that target (gruesome-ish deaths, a nastily described act of revenge from the widow in the web for example).

    A great cast (Liam Neeson & Robbie Coltrane in early roles and the lead Ken Marshall went on to have a recurring role in DS9, plus a number of other actors more well known to a UK audience maybe), giving it their all and soundtrack is very enjoyable (lots of Wrath of Khan moments as Horner had just done that films score the previous year). But just a few bits that stopped it breaking away from being just a cult film.

  14. Finally watched this as it dropped on Sky to watch - lots of fun! Doesn’t take itself too seriously, but at the same time does not mock the genre.

    Great cameo’s from the characters from the cartoon! And good to hear Baldurs Gate getting a number of references!
    Hope we get to see a sequel!

  15. Saw this a bit late as we were on summer hols,  but have to say this was a really enjoyable watch.
    Great to have all the surviving cast back and I thought those doing the characters of actors we have lost did a fine job.

    Story was allowed for a good bit of fun and also as a bit of a recap of what’s gone before, plus the ending left things interesting as to what they might do next if this release does as well as JMS hopes. I enjoyed this release a great deal.

    One addition is that the original series is finally getting a Blu-ray upgrade and release at the end of the year - I have that on pre-order and looking forward to a rewatch.

  16. Episode 7 - the crossover with Lower Decks! That was a lot of fun to watch! Top marks for me!

    Rest of the series has been very strong - enjoying the Spock/Chapel storyline, Uhura had a standout storyline with actual Kirk rather than the 2 alternative versions we have seen so far.

    Bloomin good stuff!

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