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  1. Finally got round to watching it this evening. Interesting concepts with the world down there, always great to see Bill Murray, and Majors created an interesting variant - enjoyed the Loki version a lot when introduced.

    But. This was an MCU movie and lacked the charm of the Ant-Man films. The whole Kang thing is screwed because of what Majors has done - really hard watching that film in the full knowledge of that. Maybe those that saw it before this was revealed have a different experience of the film?

    With Loki S.2 in the can, more of that same feeling ahead. But I think that’s all he has filmed so far?

    Nice ideas, but can’t see me rewatching this.

  2. 13 hours ago, Zathras said:

    I watched a cutscene walkthrough on youtube.  Fabulous story!

    It sure was! I thought they did a great job moving things on and creating a storyline that looked to the far past with a view for helping their immediate future.

    Cal has really grown nicely and hope to see him in a live action at some point if poss. The rest of the crew also, especially Merrin who is such a fun character!

    Working my way though the previously closed off areas to finish all the trophies and then on to the new Zelda!

  3. Watched the first 5 of season two and really enjoy the variety offered by these different studios.

    Fascinating animation styles, characters and stories - looking forward to the remaining 4 episodes when I get a chance.

  4. Ha ha! Love a puzzle myself, but totally get you! Could do with a mini map on the main view as I am in and out of the map a load.  But all good.

    Challenging at the start but I focused on upgrading the health upgrades on that “tree”, and that’s helped make the bosses much better to handle. 9th Sister took me a good few goes on that first stage in Coruscant!

    Really looking forward to see where this story finishes!

  5. Nasty - had heard about issues. Feared the worst when I started on my PS5 on Friday and it errored in the opening sequence, so had to repeat about 5 mins of unavoidable walking and chat! 

    But luckily that has been only issue so far. Really enjoying it - interesting story, got to the stage where “someone” has been released from a bacta tank as per the trailer, and loving the fact it’s a continuation and not just forgotten all the abilities and trying to learn it all again.

  6. Glad to hear it! For some reason, it still has no release date here in the UK. No idea why!!
    Really keen to watch it as the original series was such a big thing when I was in my teens! 

  7. Well - that was an episode! Lots to unpack there. Plenty of name checks at the start, we have references to Thrawn, and we see his number 2, Captain Pelleaon which was nice! Hux’s dad, played by the actors brother! All before the title sequence!

    Then we get to the Mando’s. Good interactions between the divisions and a very tasty battle to finish off. Very nice in my opinion. 

  8. I’m enjoying this season as well. It would be much better if they had left the Grogu story as it was like a number of us have said. Just doesn’t feel like he fits in with this plot.

    But am enjoying the progression of the Mandalorian group. 

  9. Ok, so I was a bit critical on the first episode (side quests and all that), but I take it back!

    Very nice episode today, tying in to those events and more good progression on the Mando clan story. Another cameo - this time a character from the Rebels show! A further cheeky set up for the Ahsoka show (after the hyperspace whales in ep 1), no doubt about it.  Very understated and nicely done.

    And good epilogue to the episode in teasing out what’s to come. Lovely stuff!

  10. 17 hours ago, Tank said:

    A recast younger/hotter Dax.

    Hotter than the 2 we had? That’s pretty d@mn hot! :yes:

    Janeway makes sense as you said - lots of references to her already. And Enterprise-A? Oh yes please! You can hear someone say “Sir - someone is stealing the Enterprise!” 
    As long as it’s not blown up - let’s not keep destroying / killing the iconic elements!

  11. Nice guest appearance in this weeks episode from an actor in a different role! Think I could have had many guesses and not predicted that! :lol:

    Good proper Mando episode - maybe some might argue a filler, but I think it was important with Mando & Bo-Katan spending the whole episode with the clan and saving the day. Very enjoyable!

  12. I enjoyed todays Mando - squeezed that in before work started.
    Great to see life in the new republic, and the Doctor is an interesting character. Be good to see where they take this.  
    Each time we go to Coruscant I find myself thinking “now which timeframe are we in on this show?” Ha ha! Very different to the recent Andor!

    Mando elements also good - nice battle (although it felt like it was there to keep people happy that there was some action in the episode), and Bo-Katan developing well also.  I am liking her character and am pleased with her taking a prominent role.
    That Paz Visla fella is defo one to watch out for - he’s got some issues for sure!

  13. I quite liked episode 2! Big improvement. There was an explanation of the side quest in ep 1 - even if it was still a little extravagant to go for a blown up droid, over another! But just sowing the seeds of IG11 coming back no doubt.

    And good to see Bo-Katan seeming like she might have more of a purpose now - agree that those scenes on the throne were bizarrely funny!

    As per other posts, I’m in total agreement that the bits from Boba’s series should have been held to here. But it is what it is. Looking forward to ep 3!

  14. I know what you mean - the element that sticks out to me is the sounds effects for aliens.
    A lot of the time it feels like the same set of noises for Jawa’s, R2, and others like that if you see what I mean. We only hear established effects from the films for the most part? Maybe it’s just me though…

  15. Yeah - the whales… Weren’t they something to do with Ezra and Thrawn’s disappearance? Need to look back to Rebels to check, but if so, looks a teaser for the Ahsoka series maybe?

  16. I can identify with this episode - when playing a game on my PlayStation, I like to do all the side quests first before completing the main mission! :p:confused:

    Very odd bit of padding - and why IG11 after all this time and a very convincing explosion the last time we saw him??

    Fingers crossed for a big improvement next week.

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