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    It is entertaining and I have been surprised how much fun I have had watching it! Doesn’t take itself too seriously, lots of nice touches, for example before it aired, I disliked the subtitle of “Attorney at Law”, but each week they have changed that to suit the circumstances! Good fun, and an underlying subplot of pepper after her powers which will be good to see fleshed out.
  2. I have to agree with all the comments here. It’s not what I expected, but I will stubbornly be watching it each week and keeping my fingers crossed we see improvements. Very odd take being done when considering how much Tolkien wrote about this world. It just doesn’t feel like the same place at all at present.
  3. Just stumbled upon this the other day - Part 2 of the remake, officially titled “Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth”, has a release date of winter 2023. Info on news article link below which also has a trailer on the page: https://www.techradar.com/news/final-fantasy-7-remake-part-2 Very much looking forward to this! But as that’s a while off, we have something else to tide us over that’s released in December this year. It’s a remake of the prequel to FF7 called Crisis Core, and the makers have said this is very much in the a compliment to the FF7 remake trilogy! Article and trailer
  4. Rogue 3


    Agreed - with the Empire’s mining accident more or less destroying his home (still not quite sure how the kids survive - guess like Covid they have stronger resistance?), that works for me.
  5. Rogue 3


    Yes, definitely felt like a 3 act first episode the way it all played out. Pleased we are off to a great start - flashbacks (Lord of the Flies meets Max Max 3), nicely cutting in with the current storyline, and not shying away from showing the Cassian we saw at the start of Rogue One - willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Very gritty and interesting - time absolutely flew by watching these. Be interesting to see where the sister storyline takes us as he now moves away from his adopted family & friends to his destiny with the rebellion. Lovely stuff.
  6. This dude was awesome taking down the bully!
  7. Ah now on that bit they did say early on that Valkyrie’s flying horse (probably has a proper name but I’m not sure), could travel via the bifrost, but not accurately, so they use Stormbringer. Suddenly it’s quite accurate at the end hey… ;-) A quirky film - felt like he was a bit tied down by having to have the Guardians there at the start, and wanting to get rid of them asap. Bale & Portman were excellent, but overall was a let down as a film and that’s with me considering Ragnarok to still be my favourite of the MCU so far, so that was a real shame.
  8. Rogue 3


    Yep, with you there Tank. Only time I have felt the proper magic since Endgame was in Spider-Man: No Way Home which was a special event film for sure. Just needs the “McGuffin” to be revealed, outside of it being just general Multiverse stuff. Otherwise, it’s just fun stuff on at the mo. But could do with that little kick!
  9. Rogue 3


    An excellent 10 minute preview on d+ that dropped last week. And they revealed it’s 3 episodes that land on release day as well, so that will be great to get stuck into! Can’t wait!
  10. Interesting one! Our snake in the grass has been outed by the king (via his daughter of course!), and so what will that bring for that character now? Enjoying this show a lot - has hit the ground running. I’ve deliberately. It read the stories from this era, so anything I know is vague memories from references made in GoT itself. So it’s fascinating seeing how it’s all going.
  11. Ah - classic! And they revisited Jimmy and his brother in the 5th season where “the evil leaper” is trying to mess up what Sam originally put right. Hope the new series finds a channel to air on here in the UK! Otherwise I will be absent from this chat for a bit!
  12. Did anyone watch the “making of” that dropped last week? Caught it last night and really enjoyed it! Everyone is clearly having lots of fun and it was great seeing Ewan and Hayden reminiscing. Some interviews with Alec Guinness I don’t recall seeing before, although I’m sure I must have at some point. Very nice!
  13. Rogue 3


    Agreed - Madisynn was great fun! Had to double check the credits as she kind of looked like Elizabeth Olsen I thought - just me? Enjoying this show! Loads of new stuff on at the mo, so it’s nice having a program with shorter episodes!
  14. Big style! So glad that clown is gone and wasn’t around yesterday!
  15. No - their powers were largely stripped away in two phases: - firstly after Charles I was executed in 1649 and following Cromwell’s death 9 years later, with the country being in a bit of disarray, Charles II was asked to come back out of exile to the throne with reduced power; - and secondly when George I came to the throne as a second cousin of the childless Queen Anne in 1714. During his reign, power was largely moved across to the politicians to be more or less as it is today. Very much a ceremonial and ambassadorial role these days. And the succession rules changed abo
  16. Very sad news- yesterday was a very strange day here in the UK, and it’s continued today. Feels like the country has lost its grandma. Certainly reminds me of when mine went at the same age. All very sudden. She has been fantastic - where else to you have someone still wanting to do their job at 96 by welcoming the new Prime Minister just a few days ago? I know the royal family divides opinions, but I think they are great for this country and she was always spoken highly of by others. I hope Charles does well in what time he has left - 73 for heavens sake. He has said he w
  17. It’s being classed as a 6th season revival o. Wikipedia - not the fountain of all knowledge, but ties in with what I read that it’s 30 years since Sam disappeared. First episode airs on the 19th Sep, so not long to wait! Hope it’s got a channel in the UK for it to be shown on! https://www.syfy.com/syfy-wire/quantum-leap-nbc-new-sci-fi-series-everything-you-need-to-know?amp
  18. Ha ha! On that sort of subject, the PT (well episode 3 really, and then followed up in “Kenobi” recently), goes into it a bit that you have to learn how to speak to those who have passed over, whereas Luke can do it almost immediately “Run Luke, Run!” What was the thinking there? Some bonus effect of Kenobi’s body disappearing unlike Qui-Gon?
  19. I really liked this - looks fantastic and sets the time frame up nicely for those that will not be familiar with the pre- Hobbit storyline. Slower for sure in content, but some interesting characters and from the whole cast, I was only really familiar with Lenny Henry as Sadoc, and the chap who plays Celebrimbor who I have seen in a bunch of stuff. So that’s nice going in to a show with new faces. I get the point above about different people playing Elrond and Galadriel - but these 2 are in good form. There was a close up on the eyes of Galadriel and I would swear they did a bit of effe
  20. Ah nice one - that’s good to know. Makes sense for sure from what I have seen so far. Agreed - he backed down to his niece fairly quickly, so that’s good to see he is not an out and out unredeemable villain, merely just fairly understandably making it clear he wants what was owed to him.
  21. I hear that! We are in south London (near Bromley), and totally agree! Bring on the autumn fresher weather! One other thing about the show is how much Viserys, whilst being so much calmer than his brother when he talks and gets opinions, is stubbornly making lots of bad choices. Wonder if we will see some time jumps in this show - I’m thinking that could be an option to cover some time that future rulers are on the throne as we can’t see the high turnover we saw in GoT?
  22. Yeah! I get what you mean with that! It’s still muggy here in the UK, but more grey and gloomy, so getting that way already! Ha! Second episode was good - very different feel to Thrones with it being to closely focused on one family and (mostly) one city. Still the same strong characters and lots of manipulation going on! Good stuff, really enjoying it so far! Also good to see the theme tune back - I did enjoy that on the original show going round the map. Little different this time - assume the symbols were house crests? Was hard to make them out.
  23. Holy sh!t… why has that never crossed my mind??? That’s hilarious!
  24. Really enjoyed the opener also - lots of nice teasers in there for events to come. Good action in the tourney, and one peed off Matt Smith is going to be causing mayhem!
  25. New series in bound!!
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