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  1. First of the 3 specials for the 60th anniversary aired last night! Great fun - so good to have Tennant & Tate back and clearly having so much fun! It highlights how poor it has been in recent years. Shiney new TARDIS interior as well! Clever plot to address historical issues with how we left Donna. This one was a classic Who story to kick things off and next weeks is supposedly a much darker story - hardly any clips have been shared, the trailers have all been on the first and third episodes. We also had a 5 min special a week or so ago as part of the charity Children in Need. You can grab that off YouTube if you fancy - just search Doctor Who Children in Need. The specials are all dropping weekly on Disney+ for those outside the UK!
  2. Anyone else get to see this yet? Really good fun! First episode a familiar to kick things off, and then we go off into new territory. Great to have everyone back!
  3. BG3 is my key focus at the mo. Awesome! Before that, I finally got round to playing the first Spidey game which was great fun, Jedi Survivor, and Elden Ring - enjoyed both immensely! Plus a bit of polishing up trophy hunting on FF7 Remake. I have Spidey 2 to play (recent birthday gift), and that should time nicely for FF7 Rebirth coming out in late Feb.
  4. Agreed - it would take away from what his 2 versions of Loki have experienced and done.
  5. Ok, yeah. That was a final episode! For me - loved it! Great concepts, fantastic from Tom Hiddleston, and a satisfying conclusion. Time travel with a Groundhog Day element! Beautiful!
  6. Mini update - good way through act 3 (probs loads left, but I have been here for a while at least!), really loving this game, best I have played on PS5 for certain and definitely one of my all time favourites - so vast and variable! Amazing! Just taken out the hag Ethel for the second time and searching out for my missing companion that Orin has nabbed. But so many side quest distractions, main plot could probs be done much quicker if I wanted, but it’s just so enjoyable exploring! Playing though on the middle difficulty and currently level 11, but going for “Jack of all trades” achievement, so have multi-classed each level up - next play through it will be good to focus! Not seen any real bugs in act 3, so think the patches have done the job. Just had 1 boot out when I was levelling up one time.
  7. Semi off topic, but if you get a chance, try the TV series “The Lazarus Project”. Just finished a rewatch in prep for the 2nd series/season (whichever you prefer). Excellent concept, and handles time travel really well - both the good and bad sides of it.
  8. Have to agree - I sometimes feel I am watching it for the sake of it and not wanting to get too far behind. Since Endgame, I enjoyed Black Widow (very much in the style of the Phase 1 origin films) & Spidey - the other films have been nothing special. From the shows, WandaVision was very inventive, enjoyed that a lot, but having said that, I have no urge to rewatch it particularly. Loki I do enjoy - mad for sure, but good cast and well, it’s time travel so it’s my bag. The What If series is also something I liked a lot. Otherwise, nothing that really jumps out. Moon Knight maybe the next best?
  9. Final Countdown - good call! I remember seeing that a long time back, so will have to get hold of that one to refresh myself. Yes, I liked what they did with TT in Azkaban (and later on in the stage play which is superb), but it does hang over the other films. “You had that thing, but no good guys or bad guys can use it again as it’s very naughty!” Big style! And the ending blew my mind as a young kid! Same thing happened for 2001 weirdly. Too young maybe, but that final “beyond the stargate section” where he see’s himself age swiftly messed me up! Horror films never really bothered me, so why did that?? Mad!
  10. Perfect summary! Mad last episode - but am hooked!
  11. I had a recommendation on Twitter to watch “Safety not guaranteed” the other day and I really enjoyed it. Nice film. Got me thinking as to what others are out there where it forms a key part of the plot. Being a Dr Who fan since the early ‘80’s, all films with a time-travel element get a bonus mark for me! So we have the obvious ones: BTTF trilogy Star Trek IV (and it’s lesser buddy, First Contact) Avengers Endgame Terminator series Bill & Ted trilogy Twelve Monkeys X-Men: Days of Futures Past Austin Powers trilogy Deadpool 2 Harry Potter : The Prisoner of Azkaban The Time Machine (2 versions) Men in Black 3 Flight of the Navigator (plus a certain big name film this year from a franchise that I’ll skip naming as the disks aren’t out yet. Spoilers! Ha ha!) Then the indie / cult films: The Butterfly Effect Donnie Darko Evil Dead 3 Looper The Time Travellers Wife (awesome book, average film) Hot Tub Time Machine Time after Time About Time Time Bandits And then lesser known ones: Primer Time Crimes The Girl who leapt through time (manga) Les Maitres du Temps (French animation dubbed in English as “Time Masters”) Safety not guaranteed Idiocracy Predestination (mad one!) Biggles Adventures in Time (awful, but can’t take my eyes off it!) Then the “Are they Time Travel movies?” category: Tenet (yes and I love it so there) Interstellar (iffy - mostly going forward in time, but a connection to the past is there, so yes! And I also love this one!) Groundhog Day (yes - moving back in time is the impossible thing, so has to count) Edge of Tomorrow / Live, Die, Repeat (yes - see Groundhog Day) Run Lola, Run (no as she is not fully aware but in the style of the 2 above and definitely worthy of mention) Palm Springs (yep, timeloop) Next (yep, loop) Source Code (yep, loop) Deja Vu (yep, loop) Tons of others I will have watched, but just going by what’s on my shelf or in my head at the mo!
  12. All the chat a while back on Krull made me get hold of the soundtrack - makes a nice background whilst working on usual excel stuff! “Ride of the Firemares” is just a belter!
  13. One month today we have the first of the 3 specials to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the show! Saturday 25th Nov - The Star Beast Saturday 2nd Dec - Wild Blue Yonder Saturday 9th Dec - The Giggle https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/2023/doctor-who-60th-anniversary-tardis-saturday-nights-bbc-one/ After this, the new season (14 of “NuWho”) is airing with an Xmas special followed by 8 episodes in early part of 2024, and they have started filming the season 15 this week, so good news we won’t have such long breaks as we have had over the last few years! Trailer for the specials is here:
  14. Ep 3 - this is the strangest show! But I am totally hooked and keen to see what happens next! Jonathan Majors. No wonder they cast him originally - fantastic actor playing these variations so differently. I have not read the comics, so no idea if he is doing justice, but I am drawn in for sure. Such a shame that he is in the news for all the wrong reasons. It would be amazing to enjoy these roles without this hanging over everything. Literally no idea where we go next! Can’t wait to see the final 3 episodes!
  15. Just back from holiday and caught up on ep 2 (will do ep 3 this evening). Yes, bit slower but lots of fun with the chase at the start and really anything involving Loki, particularly the interrogation done in 2 stages. Looking forward to seeing where we go next!
  16. Oh excellent to hear it’s started airing in the US - god knows when it will come to the UK!
  17. So much fun Odine! Nearing the end of Act 2 I think as have had a couple of warnings about progressing again, so just wrapping up some other quests! Bloomin’ love this game!
  18. Wow! That was an excitingly explosive start! I know Loki is not everyone’s fave on here, but I like the character a lot and the actor also. Really enjoyed the first series and got high hopes for this 2nd after a good opener. Lots of time travel stuff going on which always gets bonus points for me (the Dr Who fan in me I guess!), great cast and good to see Ke Huy Quan joining. Good stuff!
  19. Graham McTavish has been mentioned on a quite a few websites, also Gerard Butler, but not sure he does much TV.
  20. Hmm. Once again the most interesting aspect (Baylan) is sidelined. What was his goal? It was obvious Thrawn was coming back, so why not just have the SD dock with the ring thing in space. Ezra could still have snuck aboard in a similar manner to get home and then we still have half an episode to do other stuff. I guess it’s all set up for film / other series, but it’s damn annoying not to get a payoff for what Baylan was up to. Guaranteed to be recast now. Nice to see Dathomir, but overall - annoying resolution.
  21. It’s worth it for the Anakin scenes alone. But yes, I think it’s a binge watch series looking back on it, so you have chosen well!
  22. Loved the film - I know if didn’t rake it in at the box office, but I was there and everyone was loving it! Very excited to have the cast back lending their voices for this 8 episode anime version that’s coming in November - here’s a link to a short clip: I like how it’s adjusted for the animation - in terms of slightly different dialogue and Michael Cera doing a more animated voice style than what he did in the film. Can’t wait!
  23. I don’t mind the series, but I think it’s a shame the most interesting thing about it is getting the least screen time. Baylan Skoll is a great character, performed superbly and I just want to know what his objective is. Full of mystery - really hope his final episode (unless the recast), delivers.
  24. That was a good episode! All the cast involved were on top form I thought and nice character dev throughout. And I am pleased we have a reason for the map (one of my early concerns), it makes sense that it was the nightsisters leaving the path back to this place. Really enjoyed that one - just 2 left now which is a shame!
  25. This guys reaction to the latest trailer! Love it! (Care on some language!) Pre-ordered and can’t wait for Feb 29th!
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