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  1. Rogue 3

    The Acolyte

    My mind was blown when I saw on Twitter that Torbin was played by the same chap who was the young King Tommen Baratheon in GoT! Time just flies to quick man…
  2. Rogue 3

    The Acolyte

    Agree with all these comments. Exactly what I thought when watching yesterday. I will still watch it all of course, but not overly excited so far. Andor still comfortably leading the live action tv for me.
  3. Just on hols at the mo but hope to watch Furiosa when home at some point. Current rankings are: 1 Road Warrior 2 Thunderdome 3 Fury Road 4 Mad Max
  4. Enjoyed listening to this new podcast (released this month) on Search for Spock - lot of love for this film, and all involved are having lots of fun reminiscing! https://www.film89.co.uk/episode-116-star-trek-iii-the-search-for-spock-1984/
  5. I have a PS5 and have been really pleased with it. No issues with it and thoroughly enjoyed all the games. The backward compatibility with the PS4 games helps a lot as well. Some have a free upgrade to PS5 version - for example Jedi Fallen Order I grabbed several years back on PS4, then in prep for the second game I installed it on the PS5 and it gave option for free upgrade to enhanced PS5 version. Lots of nice touches like that.
  6. It wasn’t the film I wanted back in ‘99 after waiting so long since watching ROTJ at the cinema in ‘83. Still went to the cinema several times to see it though! Having said that, I like it a lot more these days. Nothing beats having my 5 year old daughter asking me on a Saturday morning to watch “a Darth Vader film”! And this one makes her laugh a lot, so that’s magic. Plus I think TCW animated series helped enhance the PT a lot for me, and the awful ST gave me more appreciation for it as well. It’s not that bad. If only Anakin had been older.
  7. May the 4th be with you all! Good start to the day watching these stories. I think the 1st story with Morgan could have done with being shown before the Ahsoka series to give a bit more interest in her character during that series - missed opportunity there. The Barriss story was my favourite of the 2. Nice to get to see what happened after her arrest in The Clone Wars series. Left me wanting more at the end!
  8. For sure! All set for appearances later on the Mando timeframe maybe, or could she feature in the third game in the “Fallen order” series maybe if not going the live action route. Double length episode and it goes along at a good pace doesn’t it. Good finish - shame project necromancer is seemingly wiped out in full and not leaving a few little threads to the Disney trilogy to try and give a little meaning. Or maybe that’s just it - the process is simply not perfected.
  9. Talking of tourist trap, this was the photo on my calendar when I flipped over to May - such an odd “look to camera” photo I’ve not seen before! “Come to the Death Star! You’ll never leave!”
  10. Anyone been watching? Final episode next week and it’s been a strong last season to the show I think. Feels like a fair bit to pack in to the finale, but looking forward to it!
  11. Yes, I saw that similarity to the scene on Jakku with Finn as well. Watched 3 more last night, so just the last one to go! It was way too late to squeeze it in yesterday!
  12. Watched the first 4 last night and enjoyed them a lot! They have nailed the world of the games so well. Looking forward to watching the rest!
  13. I saw Pearl - the closing credits with her just smiling away drew me when I saw someone post it on Twitter - madness!
  14. Finished the main story over the Easter weekend! Took my time as there are so many side bits and amazing locations to explore! This game! Had a few days to catch up on other stuff and now ready to jump back in and level up for Hard mode!
  15. Agreed! Ramping things up nicely now and just 4 episodes to go. It’s been a strong season 3 for me and am looking forward to seeing how it all ends!
  16. Fascinating series - just finished watching and I was hooked! So unlike anything else and not what I was expecting! I have the 1st book from your recommendation in the other thread on here, so will look forward to reading that at some point. Definitely left me wanting more!
  17. Yes! My favourite film! Can’t believe I didn’t have this soundtrack! I have remedied that mistake!
  18. Oooh - hadn’t heard that rumour. That would be great! The best thing in recent years in the franchise was Alien Isolation - PS4 game that amped the suspense up so well! involves her daughter searching for her mum and has some super tense “oh - have haven’t taken a breath for a few mins” moments! Trailer looks good for Romulus! Fingers crossed!
  19. Ooh - that’s a nice set. Did buy that one - not sure where it is at the mo, up in the loft no doubt!
  20. I’m giving another shout out to ST3 - this disk set in particular is so nice and very relaxing to listen to when working. Will be quoting the dialogue away! ST2 is the best film combo without doubt (all the pieces work so well), but I just feel ST3’s score works even better with nods to 2. Lovely stuff! Currently playing as you might guess!
  21. Can’t go wrong with Flash & Highlander - turned me into a big fan of the band! Those tracks elevate those great films so much.
  22. Rogue 3

    The Acolyte

    Fingers crossed for this one. Trailer was good to watch. 30 min episode will make it easy watching for those dreading getting sucked in to another show. Be fascinating to see what it’s like so far in the past. Hopefully we see some differences and it doesn’t just look and feel the same…
  23. Bit random, but this new age of working from home a lot more brings some changes. When ploughing on with some routine spreadsheet work, I find it nice to pop a CD (alright grandad! ), with a classic soundtrack! Have been enjoying loads of popular classics, but standouts are: 1. Star Trek 3 (expanded score 2 disc set) - just love this! Recent purchase and defo my fave of the ST films! 2. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome - I know the film divides opinion, but I am a fan and this disk is packed with the instrumental tracks as well as the big T’s two songs. Lovely stuff! 3. All the Bonds! So many versions of this out there, but basically all the main songs to the JB films. Nice to have on in the background! 4. Local Hero - film is fantastic and so unlike anything else. The score is a big part of that being so successful. So I prefer a largely instrumental score, just to avoid distractions when working, but with a few exceptions like above and also things like Pulp Fiction or other belters!
  24. I do wonder what it would be like to play this when not having any experience of the original PS1 game, but I am not that person! This game is amazing. Currently on chapter 8 of 14, and just loving it! Looks & sounds amazing, story has been fleshed out nicely and so many fun nods to small scenes in the original. On top of this, a ton of new content that really enhances the journey! Magical experience!
  25. Presumably that - attempts to clone those with force abilities as tests for the eventual Palpatine back up. Maybe it’s just failed versions of him, but the early tests could be based on captured Jedi - maybe some of those we saw in the Obi-Wan series? Hopefully we see more of that.
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