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  1. That was good - really enjoyed the finale! I liked the Christmas Carol style conversations with the 3 “Ghosts of Saul’s past” to discuss regrets they all have. He got me with his attitude to Kim on the plane, but once I calmed down (this show!), it was then obvious he just wanted her in the court room to hear him. Lovely stuff. Very neatly wrapped up and agrees with your first scenario RC - he’s a bit of a hero in prison and he got his victory initially with the feds, before deliberately undoing it to save Kim and be Jimmy McGill again, rather than be Slippin’ Jimmy to get the 7 year
  2. Agreed - the journey has been fantastic and these last few episodes have just taken it to another level. The trailer for the final episode is off though - reference to the vacuum relocation method with Saul’s voice (possibly from his original escape to Gene’s life as opposed to a new call maybe), but images of his old car that got shot up when he collected the money for Lalo’s bail… is that becoming evidence of some sort? But I have to go back to Kim - what a performance - the scenes with Howard’s widow, and then the breakdown on the bus, but not forgetting how she played her mu
  3. “Hey - old people love me!”
  4. Still doing a great job tying everything up:
  5. Penultimate episode: Waterworks. Well. Rhea Seahorn was immense in this - not a surprise with how she has performed throughout this series. Some heartbreaking stuff and found myself totally absorbed, heart pumping away nervously! Phone call was revealed and was as per what the Internet found out. Saul has always been the loveable rogue - we felt sorry for him because of what his brother did, or how Howard treated him, or just his poor lack of judgement. But these last couple of episodes have really made a point of highlighting how bad he has become and was really emphasised by
  6. Just to say that I watched “Lego Star Wars Summer Vacation” with my daughter this morning on D+, and it was a lot of fun! Both giggling away! Usual sillyness from Lego!
  7. I’ll be tuning in. Loyalty for former Doctor Matt Smith mostly, but hoping for some of that magic from GoT. A smidge more excited for Rings of Power from being a Tolkien fan for 40 years or so now. Hopeful for a good series there.
  8. Interesting thoughts. It does make sense that it has to be Kim vs Jimmy/Saul/Gene. Seems to tie up with some people on Twitter who have worked out what was being said on that call to Kim as well - her telling him to hand himself over and he somewhat disagreeing! Part of me got wondering that as Gene is in 2010, does he get banged up and then we have a further jump forward to his release in a more present year? But either way, the parallels of Walt and Jessie starting to go down their dark path in that sequence tying in with Gene reverting back to his old ways was nicely done. T
  9. So… I have no idea how this show will end! I have hopes for certain things, but honestly just love being in the dark! A fine episode with elements of BB in there, starting off with a scene I mentioned a while back on this thread from Saul’s first episode in BB - Nacho / Lalo elements reshot. More cons in the Gene timeline as well - does he want to get caught at this a point? I’m couldn’t help but think so the way the last con was going. But… what was said on that phone call to Florida? Was he actually speaking to her or being blocked from getting through? Or even a device for the
  10. “Nippy” was this weeks episode. A very different pace for this one after some big drama in the preceding episodes. We see Gene throughout and his dealing with some issues that we have seen in prior episodes set in this time frame. Very cleverly done and a few nice teasers in there. Couldn’t decide if he was scared off of doing it again, or got a buzz for it. I think the former which could potentially lead to a happier ending maybe, but so hard to predict this show! Only 3 episodes to go!
  11. On the face of it, this weeks episode (“Fun & Games”), cleared up a lot of loose ends. But how it did it… Very sad seeing how the Saul we know was created - yep, we have time jumped and are now in the BB era with 4 episodes to go and no sign of Gene as yet. What a brilliant series this has been.
  12. Holy moly - that was superb! I love a show where I just can’t guess how the episode will end! So many ways that could have played out and now we just have 5 episodes left to see where Jimmy/Saul/Gene ends up! Love this show!
  13. Rogue 3

    The BOYS

    I was a bit behind on this and hearing how good it was from my mates, have caught up on series 2 and just finished the current series 3 this morning! Bloody love this show! No holds barred - loads of fun!
  14. Can’t wait to see this!
  15. Loved that game! Made my top 10 also!
  16. Agree completely. Trying to solve a prob that wasn’t there - thinking that it was confusing that Vader just suddenly appears on the Super Star Destroyer. Worked perfectly how it was and just is odd having outtakes from the start of ROTJ.
  17. Lots of fun being had by RTD in terms of promotion seeing them filming over the last month or so. Won’t spoil anything, but you can Google search it if you want! Can’t wait! For those of us who have been fans for yonks, the team are back with their great podcast series on the notorious missing episodes, with part 2 of their look into the epic 1st Doctor story The Dalek Master Plan. Really good series of videos I’d highly recommend. Very knowledgeable chaps. Link to their site is here: https://youtube.com/user/123ericthehalfabee
  18. Fantastic finish to season 4! Epic stuff and really impressed how they wove all the groups together in an exciting confrontation. Bring on the final season!!
  19. Oh really? Ah thanks goodness! Thought I was going nuts! But of all the things to change!
  20. But the one that annoys me is that with all the changes made since the SE’s were released in ‘97, they never cleaned up the issue in ESB where after Luke has kicked Vader off the carbon freezing chamber platform and then jumps down, you can see Mark stand straight back up again. Surely that could have been tidied up by now?
  21. I know what you mean though - there are really small things I remember differently from the countless times I watched the film in the ‘80s before the big changes came. One really random one is when Owen is asking Beru if Luke took those 2 new droids with him when he started work early. Her reply in my head is more of a chuckle version of “I think so” rather than the more emotionless answer we have. Hard to explain that properly but hope it made sense! Has to be my memory getting it wrong as there’s no reason to change that sort of stuff!
  22. Whoa! Really? Hadn’t read about this. Loved the original when it first came out - dip in every now and again as it’s on permanent cycle at the mo on a couple of channels in the UK. Fingers crossed it’s ok. Tough act to follow Bakula & Stockwell for sure!
  23. Rogue 3


    Yes, this sums it up for me also. Story was fine to watch through for series 2, but I know I will never watch it again in the future.
  24. Caught this last night now it has dropped on Disney +. Lots to unpick! Bit slow to get going, first 20 or so was a lot of narrative before it really kicked in. The fall through the Multiverse was fun, but kind of reminiscent of that Family Guy episode with some elements. Once they got to the Earth 838 (Question - if they mapped the multiverse, why designate themselves as that number and not 1? But I digress…), there was some fun scenes with Strange & Chavez with the tables turning so that she is the experienced person explaining the rules. Illuminati sequence as great fun
  25. Yes, I was hoping for that also - thought sure it would come in that final chat on Alderaan.
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