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  1. Blimey - 6 and a half years on from the last post and he's still World Champ! He's been in a league of his own, but something has got to give at some point you would think. Amazing they got a full season in last year with all that went on and is still going on. Hats off to everyone involved. Below are the driver lineups for 2021 with Alonso coming back (despite just coming out of hospital from a bike accident!) and a certain Mick Schumacher (current F2 Champion) joining the grid - will be interesting to see what he can bring to the party in a car that will not be one of the
  2. Ah good! Glad it's not just me! The humour in them is very nice and it does help that they do them based on our favourite films! Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Marvel - I mean come on! That's a company that knows it's audience! Going back to the original topic, any tips you would suggest for a newbie when his copy of the PS4 Mass Effect Legendary set is delivered in May? Thinking more on character creation here - what you enjoyed, what you might recommend for a first time play? Normally I would just see what I fancied on the day, but am keenly awar
  3. Couldn't agree more! Just reading the above, I hear the tunes so clearly! Great way to start the day, so thank you for that! Amazing to think of how literally all the elements to that film came together so well to produce the perfect sequel after the incredible success of the first film isn't it? And for it to be over 40 years old and hold up so well when a lot more recent effects based films do not.
  4. Yes, RDR2 (and the original game from memory) is the standout on the way to incorporate the collectable element to a game. One of my probs is being a bit of an obsessive collector - once I start on something, need to see it through to the end, so I have to pick and choose my games wisely! Alien Isolation was a good example. Loved the tension in that one but the trophies required multiple play throughs at varying difficulty levels which took a fair bit of time (the nature of the game is one small mistake and you are dead. Very tense!), but the satisfaction of getting the final trophy
  5. I’m always partial to the Bespin theme in ESB (“The City in the Clouds” from a quick check of my cd). Specifically when the Falcon crew first arrive and walk through the city - full of hopeful sounds before it all starts going wrong! Brings back nice childhood memories of watching that great film!
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    Yeah, as per Darth Krawlies post, I haven’t watched Modern Family either, or the US version of The Office (outside of an early episode or 2). But the theme tune sounded a bit like the second one to me, and so I just associated it with good times watching the UK version with all the chats to camera! Loved the bit with Vision in the stool and suddenly realising “what the hell am I doing?” - great stuff! And yes, could identify with Wanda in just wanting a breather with the kids! We only have the one, but she's a busy little bee! Thanks for the tip off on the mid credits sequence!
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    Ah man - just watched ep 7 and came on to sing it’s praises, but surprised to see the disappointment. Ah well. For me I really enjoyed it - loved the way they ended the episode with the Agatha montage. The Office style bits to the camera were nicely done and generally I’ve enjoyed how each episode has moved the style of the fictional part of the episode along to keep it fresh. I haven’t read all the comics - all my superhero knowledge is from the films and tv series since I was a kid in the early 80’s. Maybe that helps? I dunno, all I know is I am very intrigued where we are headin
  8. Gina Carano has been dropped from Mando - not a surprise based what she has supposedly been posting. Shame for her as I enjoyed her in the show, but you just can't post this sort of stuff in this day and age. The show will go on as they say. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-56022084
  9. Just pre-ordered the Legendary edition on Amazon. Looking forward to May and getting stuck into that on my PS5!
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    Rewatched this last night after getting the blu-ray. Very strong film on a second viewing still. Totally get this won't be everyone's cup of tea, but damn it is mine!! The "making of" was great stuff also - the amount of work they all went into to make it all make sense as well as the creative choreography (learning to fight backwards etc), is immense. The quotes of Kenneth Branagh saying you haven't had it tough in a role until you have learnt to speak Russian - backwards!
  11. ESB top for me like others here, just epic. Could watch that all day long. ROTJ next as it's so packed with emotion and all the while in the background we have the cackling Emperor enjoying the show. Awesome. TPM - sure it's flashy, but this was a big moment when watching in the cinema. Very enjoyable and the title Duel of the Fates was so appropriate when you think how Anakin would have turned out with Qui-Gon training him. ANH - yes, you read that right. For me, it's not about the flashiness of it, but the tension in the fight. Lots of verbal - you can just feel Vader w
  12. Couple of nice videos on YouTube about the missing episodes from the early days of Doctor Who. First part details the background and the second part focuses on the recoveries made after the archive was put in place. 97 episodes still missing and great efforts are being made to animate these due to the audio recordings of all stories having survived. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_Who_missing_episodes Wouldn't it be amazing if some of these could be found and returned!
  13. Ah ok - forgot about him. Cool - that will add some more spice!
  14. Me and the wife finished our binge watch of series 3 a little earlier this evening - and we can’t wait for series 4! Great cast, heaps of nostalgia, and lashings of cheesy moments! You can see so many things coming a mile off, and I feel myself shaking my head at stages with certain things, but despite that we can’t help thoroughly enjoying watching it! Finished on a massive high and all set for that tournament! The phone call Kreese made to his old army buddy - wonder what position of power he has reached to influence things? Great start to the year!
  15. I'm really annoyed with myself that I missed these games. My PS3 hit the infamous "yellow light of death" when I became aware of them (really don't understand how I missed them - not like me at all!), and at that stage I waited a bit and moved onto the PS4. But I am really happy that they are doing a "Legendary" edition for the first 3 games as a PS4 release in early part of next year, so I will finally be able to get to play them. Heard so much about them. Will play it straight onto my PS5 so I have the saved data in place (if needed) for when this new one comes out!
  16. Interesting about the post credits scene announcing The Book of Boba Fett (a curious title for a series...), so not really sure where that leaves us for series 3 outside of the Darksaber situation and the restoration of Mandalore I guess? But that's definitely not the talking point!
  17. AMAZING! Oh man - knew I had to watch that at lunchtime to avoid spoilers. Brilliantly tense throughout and then it got to a point where you knew there was only one way out of this! THIS is what I have been waiting for Disney!
  18. Pa ha ha! Love this - so true!! Its interesting - on Friday I was very concerned on reading about a clash between Vader & Kenobi. How do you get them to meet, both come away without any further injury (well to Kenobi at least), and Vader losing track of him again. Reading the posts here puts me more at ease, and I am very excited about the thought of more flashbacks to pre-ROTS with Ashoka added into that mix also. Potential here and I was already very happy that Ewan was coming back. Best part of the prequels.
  19. There have been a fair few moments I have felt that in this second series - throwing in a line or a sound effect just for the sake of a knowing wink to the fans. Too many times I was starting to think. Having said that (sound the “hypocrite” alert!), I didn’t mind today’s one with the simple man making his way in the universe - that did make me smile!
  20. Oh yes! That was a cracker of an episode! Boba was handled really well I thought - that entrance of Slave 1 making it nice and clear what’s going on! And now a nice set up for the final 2 episodes! Can’t wait
  21. Christmas Day special (or New Year’s Day - not confirmed yet) will be featuring Captain Jack, so that will be great fun! https://www.radiotimes.com/news/tv/2020-11-23/doctor-who-teaser-john-barrowman-captain-jack/amp/ Fortunately it was filmed at the end of the Series 12 production, so pre-covid. They have started filming Series 13 with a view to air next autumn. Down to 8 episodes though which is a shame (due to the delayed start of filming), but at least we are getting new ones! With the current turnaround times, you would think Series 14 would coincide with the 60th ann
  22. Next episode is written & directed by Filoni - don’t think they will be delaying the arrival of Ashoka for another week! Very much looking forward to seeing her! But what next? Do we see him leaving the child with her and that’s that? No - has to be more to it with Gideon. I was expecting the child to have been captured by Gideon in that last episode - Mando just not making it back in time. Rest of the season then to get him back, and recruiting Ahsoka to help. But regardless, I did enjoy that episode immensely! Enjoying the Luke speculation also. That flashback in TROS gave
  23. All great points people. I do agree with what’s being said (the repetition of “giving help to get help”, Mando being too good in comparison to traditional “Man with no Name” western characters (TG,TB & TU is my favourite film just as a fun fact)), but despite that, I’m really enjoying the show. Episode 3 was really good in introducing those elements from Clone Wars. It will be interesting to see how they introduce Ashoka properly when she is found - I’m sure there are plenty of big fans of the films watching who won’t have watched the animated series. Maybe a flashback type episode? H
  24. I love this film. It had me at the Zelda musical reference right from the start. Good choice!
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    Saw this today - first cinema trip since lockdown! And what a film! Right up my street - absolutely loved it! During the film there were stages of not know what the heck was going on, but it all comes together really well and made sense for sure. I am a big fan of time travel storylines, and this was done really well. Great cast too.
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