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  1. For the love of God, would you hurry up and get to 1000 posts?!?! The suspense is killing me!!!

  2. You're so EMO.

  3. haha, yeah, you should!! It's DMC aka as Slipknotica. haha

  4. hey, nice to see you show back up Cat. It's good to see ya. Stop by a little more often.

  5. how's that arcade box coming along?

  6. hmmm, you haven't been on in a while.

  7. Just passing through....

  8. Aw, i popped Mandy's comment cherry.

  9. So when are you going to post pictures of you so we can ridicule you?? what, are you afraid we're going to label you a 'Fonz' lookalike?? We have The Fonz and Richie Cunningham for Admins.....lovely.

  10. OOOH!! I got a joke!! Why don't blind people skydive?? It scares the **** out of the dog!!

    ....HAHA!!! OMG SO FUNNY!!!

  11. So....yeah....um....we have the same birthday. wow....yeah. that's incredible. AND we have the same first name....wow, insane.....your middle name wouldn't happen to be Michael would it? this is also a lame ass excuse to try out this comment box.

  12. Go kiss Jacob's penis for me.

    Thanks babe.

  13. Some people fall in love and touch the sky. Some people fall in love and find Quicksand. I find myself somewhere in between, I swear, can't make up my mind.

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