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  1. Just recently I bought my first physical CD in years. I picked up a collection of 80s Japanese ambient/new age called Kanky┼Ź Ongaku, but mostly as a collector's item. While I don't buy CDs anymore, I'll still pick up digital albums if I've got cash to spend. Usually I'll buy directly from artists on Bandcamp or otherwise buy merch if it's available. Honestly it's a hassle to not just store CDs but to even play them. My desktop and laptop don't have disc drives and when driving I just stream music from my phone to the car's stereo through bluetooth. Convenience wins!
  2. Man... the writing and voice acting wasn't great. I don't think any of the NPCs were interesting. They just feel like overblown stereotypes. None of them seemed to have the nuance and depth of the characters from The Witcher 3.
  3. Thanks for posting, NumberSix. I actually came here to post the same thing if it hadn't already been done. I got to know him most when a bunch of us from Nightly played Final Fantasy XI. During that time I was a dumb high school kid but he never talked down to me. Since then, I followed him on Twitter and every so often we would reminisce about our good old days. He was always super helpful, positive, and optimistic. I'm sad I didn't get to know him on a more personal level but that's how life is. If anyone here didn't know, he was also a long-time Editor-in-Chief for the enthusiast site RPG
  4. Pugilist is alot of fun, but I think I'm going to stick with Archery for now, which I currently have tied at 8 with my physical level. I've updated my blog/website with a new post featuring some final screenshots from Open Beta. I'll make an update in a couple of days with more current photos. You can view the post here or here.
  5. Here's the link to a torrent of an .ISO rip of the game, if you have an imaging program like DaemonTools or PowerISO. This is actually how I set up my computer with the game the night before I got my copy. http://www.mediafire.com/?krbxudbq1lovqrg
  6. They have the option to customize your key-bindings in the in-game configuration menu, but unfortunately its kind of not working yet. I'm changing my camera keys as soon as they let me lol.
  7. Yeah, I've been taking screenshots almost nonstop. The game is insanely beautiful and I can spend all day just exploring (which is exactly what I did on Monday!). And speaking of photos, I've created a FFXIV photoblog to show places I've found and things I've done in Eorzea. http://www.curiousdagg.com/ or http://www.ffxivcore.com/blog/308-the-curious-dagg-angier/
  8. The lighting/weather effects in this game are really impressive.
  9. Myself and some friends of mine (also retired FFXI players), including Parzival are on Lindblum.
  10. Last set of screens from this past test. Sewer Moles are seriously depressing.
  11. Some shots showing off some of the ambient occlusion and depth of field. Monsters added to the beta! A few familiar sights for those returning from FFXI.
  12. These screenshots mainly involve the process to obtain a Retainer. You speak with an NPC at The Drowning Wench pub then select the race/sex/nickname of the character. When its dark in FFXIV, it is dark.
  13. First off, here are a few comparison shots of low versus moderately high settings, using screenshots of similar environments.
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