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  1. I apologize for coming off as snarky and I respect the work you do. I was a merchandiser for Coke in college and worked in grocery stores through high school. I have an 84-year-old grandma...85 on Thanksgiving. She isn't doing well (non-Covid) and this might be the last opportunity I have to see her. I haven't seen my family in nearly two years. I was supposed to go back to KC and visit this summer but we cancelled the party. We are all under a lot of stress due to all this bullshit and I should have been more understanding of your circumstances before I posted that...especiall
  2. We don't have any family where we live so it will just be the five of us...me, my wife, two boys, and our dog Murray. We were supposed to drive to Kansas City for a combo Thanksgiving/ grandma's 85th birthday but that was cancelled due to covid---which surprised me because most of my family thinks it is a hoax. Fortunately my aunt, who does not think it is a hoax, coordinated this. I swear I am the only person alive that doesn't like traditional Thanksgiving food. I am the chef in the family (as in I am the only one that cooks things involving more than 2 ingredients and 2 steps) and
  3. I always felt the whole PT was the first draft. Lucas had a definite idea for 3, some idea for 1, and a bunch of stuff happens in 2. Just think about Padme's assignation: Palps sends Dooku who sends Jango who sends Zam who sends a droid who sends bugs.
  4. So when is the next one we are going to scheule and not do? I am all for it, but if we do it, let's make it into a separate thread with the date in the title and pin it.
  5. Arizona just went Biden. Michigan should be soon to take it akk. Hopefully GA will flip just to make a statement. I still have hope for NC, but it fading. PA should be a moot point.
  6. I have had lunch with Number Six at my favorite breakfast joint. I told him my recommendation and he ordered something else. I mean, why even ask?
  7. if you tell a joke a great comedian told and no one laughs, you can't pull up sources to say it's funny and everyone else is wrong for not laughing. Here's the thing man...and I say this with all seriousness...you REALLY struggle with context/situations/ reading the room. I love Carlin; I especially love his bits on religion. But if I have to go to a church for a wedding, funeral, whatever I don't drop those bits because no one wants to hear it at that time. I USED to drop George Carlin religion bits when I was forced to go to a place of worship....when I was 12. But my intent wasn't
  8. Why? Not why did you do this, but why did you post this?
  9. So are we just waiting for Tami to text everyone?
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