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  1. That sucks. If you apply for an internal job in my district your supervisor is automatically notified. In schools I get it, because there is a definite hiring season...but if it is a promotion it is still okay. I don’t understand why a supervisor would be upset with someone wanting in a new role if they have been in that position for a bit let alone a promotion. I love it when people I supervised get promoted. It makes me look good to say “look at all these people I mentored that are doing awesome things”!
  2. I have had recurring dreams my whole life: It is the last day of a semester and I completely forgot about a class that I need to graduate. I am driving a car and I am side swiping other cars, hitting mailboxes, etc. Last night my oldest son (he is about to turn 4) told me he has had the car dream too (someone else was driving).
  3. LOL no....It is actually a resort town (not Aspen). I think I am going to go ahead and make the drive and leave at lunch. I think what killed me in the final round of the month long interview process I did in the summer was that I couldn't read anyone's body language. I couldn't tell if my joke's were landing or if I needed to wrap up answers...etc. Oh...are you making face masks on your etsy store?
  4. Boom....I have an interview. It is a 6 hour drive (it deep in the mountains with lots of twists and turns) so I am tempted to take a half day, but I think I will save that in case I make it to the next round.
  5. This is awesome! Congratulations! So I applied for a job and went to the the Zoom school board meeting and noticed that they listed my name as an attendee on the official public school board notes. I had my camera and mic off the whole time. I didn't know they would publish that.... Ugh....
  6. I really want to delete Facebook, but it is my only link to my friends I had in prior places I lived.
  7. Ugh....thats a long wait! But congrats!
  8. Sounds like good problems to have
  9. 1 hour notice and I have to watch a 20 minute video and during this time I am in other meetings with my teachers and other district meetings on student safety next week.
  10. So this just happened and I am so upset I can't think straight....no notice...nothing. Mandatory attendance from the district for all school leaders. Please consider this before you go to your school and and complain... Every department is sending out some "mandatory safety meeting" today because we have students returning soon. So applied to a new job earlier this week.... Watching this video brings me to a HUGE PET PEEVE that I have notices lately....people saying shit like, "I appreciate your patience/flexibility/grace" rather than taking responsibility and saying, "I'm
  11. I applied for a job in a small mountain town (where I want to be). The job closes tomorrow and I should hear back if I get an interview by the end of next week. I doubt anything will come of it since I don't have any connections, but we will see. Ugh....waiting sucks....
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