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  1. Again... he said a thing. He did another, I laughed. You can try and turn this into a debate all you want, but guess what-- Sometimes I am posting observations that amuse me. This site is so insanely negative. I know I'm just as much to blame for that as anybody else, but it's borderline toxic that posting a link of something that I found funny is instantly open to dissection, discussion, and somehow, that I am wrong for feeling the way I do. I'm pretty much out of fucks to give on whether you think I'm part of a gaslit liberal media zombie or not.
  2. To be fair, I had you warmed up cause I brought it up in the hurricane thread.
  3. I used to work for Clear Channel, and met Rush a few times. His on air personality is mostly an act... but it's an irresponsible one. A lot of his audience believes everything he says. When his actions could cause harm, that's irresponsible. When his actions don't match his image. I think it's funny. That's the context.
  4. Okay. Good to know. I'm still laughing at Limbaugh.
  5. The time you argued with Pavonis, an actual scientist. If I'm wrong, I stand corrected.
  6. Yeah, still not getting into a pointless climate change debate about a denier with a denier. His words plus his actions equal the funny.
  7. I dunno. I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about the hilarity of Rush saying it was a liberal hoax, then he had to evacuate.
  8. https://www.gq.com/story/rush-limbaugh-evacuates-irma
  9. I was being mostly facetious. Bounty Hunters in Star Wars are mostly bad thanks to the very clear good vs evil themes of the franchise.
  10. I'm just teasing Mara. I don't think Ventress rates enough for them to break her out, I just have the Pavlovian response to point out the EU is not sacred in any way to Lucasfilm.
  11. Well they'd NEVER make a book apocryphal if they had an idea for a show or movie! (Sarcasm)
  12. We can revisit this after season 4 ends-- and while technically there are a lot of ways to do it-- it feels like a cheat to me. But I'm fully hoping for the next series he does to be Ventress and Ahsoka as bounty hunters during the OT.
  13. Absolutely. A serialized TV show has hours more to deal with. The constraints of knowing the story has to be done in a couple hours makes the writing all about hitting that mark. If you're asking if Filoni is capable of pulling that off, I'd like to think so. There are plenty of one-off episodes of both cartoons that show he contain himself and tell a story. Plus, he wouldn't be doing it blindly-- Kennedy would be on him of course. Mostly Ahsoka, but also Ventress. And the cast of Rebels, specifically Kanan and Ezra, because their living causes issues. We know Hera and Rex are around i
  14. Actually yeah. I like the concept of other types of Force-users beyond the Sith and Jedi-- but some of it goes too far.
  15. Between Clone Wars and Rebels he's basically given me everything I actually expected the PT to be. Again, my only real complaint is his reticence to actually kill people off and finish storylines.
  16. That's why I said WRITER, not director. Story-wise, I think he really gets Star Wars in a way even Lucas doesn't anymore. Like I said though-- he struggles with finality and actually ending storylines. With somebody like Kennedy directing him, I think he'd write a great SW film for somebody else to direct.
  17. Dave Filoni would be a great choice to write IX as long as he realizes there would need to be some actual resolution.
  18. pretty much BUT I MEAN IT'S KINDA PART OF THE GENRE-- don't take it the wrong way. Watch every Halloween, F13, Halloween movie ever...
  19. Totally. This one has a lovely sex scene between a psychopathic teen killer, a girl who is covered with 85% scar tissue, and a corpse.
  20. It's probably too late-- he likes a long development period to really know the movie he's going to make. The movies he signs on to and dives right into always suffer for it. Crystal Skull, JP2, WOTW-- it shows.
  21. Which happens a lot-- but that said, he also wrote it, and movies of this size often have 3-4 years of pre-production. He'll still walk away with an EP credit and decent payday.
  22. How would you feel about Uncle Steve? Outside of the obvious reasons I'm leaning on horror guys, it's a genre where the indie guys tend to get the most creative with the meagerest of money and means. Biased of course, but I feel like the Indy director given a big movie paradigm has more successes with directors who've started with horror. In case of Peele, despite the format of Key and Peele, his knowledge of geek culture seeped into so many sketches and Get Out was pretty solid. That's not necessarily true. It's less about what needs to be built off of and more about willing a write
  23. Murphy seems the likely choice. I was shocked Ron Howard wasn't offered an episode. Whedon seems like a contender, but he's toxic at the moment, and I think people are seeing he's as mediocre as I've always thought he was. Denis Villeneuve would make some sense. From the indie side David Robert Mitchell or Mark Duplass are in the same category as Trevorrow. I'd say Jordon Peele has the nerd cred to pull it off. Honestly, I'd have mixed feelings about it, but there'd be a certain symmetry and "coming home" feeling of sorts if the episodes closed out with Speilberg at the helm.
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