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  1. Sorry for your loss, Spam. Keep ya head up!
  2. San Francisco Baltimore Kansas City Seattle
  3. Week 17 Results Krawlie: 8-8 JZA: 8-8 Gamevet: 9-7 Met: 9-7 Ms. Spam: 7-9 3&6: 4-12 Final Standings Gamevet: 159-96 Krawlie: 158-97 JZA: 158-97 Met: 154-100 Ms. Spam: 153-102 3&6: 152-103 Jacen: 136-87***mised a few weeks but we love him just the same! Ladies and gentlemen...and I use the terms loosely. Lets extend a laurel...and hardy handshake to our Nightly 2019 NFL Pick Em Champion.......GAMEVET!!!!!!!!!! He fought tooth and nail and pulled it out in the final week! A true champ! Special shout out to Rock who is dealing with some personal issues. Our thoughts and prayer
  4. Sunday, December 29 NY Jets at Buffalo Cleveland at Cincinnati Washington at Dallas Green Bay at Detroit LA Chargers at Kansas City Chicago at Minnesota Miami at New England Philadelphia at NY Giants Atlanta at Tampa Bay New Orleans at Carolina Indianapolis at Jacksonville Pittsburgh at Baltimore Tennessee at Houston Oakland at Denver Arizona at LA Rams San Francisco at Seattle
  5. Week 16 Results Krawlie: 9-7 JZA: 11-5 Gamevet: 11-5 Ms. Spam: 10-6 Met: 10-6 3&6: 9-7 Standings Thru Week 16 Krawlie: 150-89 Gamevet: 150-89 JZA: 150-89 3&6: 148-91 Ms. Spam: 146-93 Met: 145-93 Jacen: 136-87*******Didn't pick this week. We hope everything is alright! Down to the wire for Week 17! Merry Christmas to all! I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.
  6. I propose that next season we just ignore all Dallas games. I'm sick of them. All in favor say fuck yea!
  7. Saturday, December 21 Houston at Tampa Bay Buffalo at New England LA Rams at San Francisco Sunday, December 22 Jacksonville at Atlanta Baltimore at Cleveland New Orleans at Tennessee Carolina at Indianapolis Cincinnati at Miami Pittsburgh at NY Jets NY Giants at Washington Detroit at Denver Oakland at LA Chargers Dallas at Philadelphia Arizona at Seattle Kansas City at Chicago Monday, December 23 Green Bay at Minnesota
  8. Lookout Jacob! The old guys are breathing down your neck. Wait that doesnt sound right....
  9. Week 15 Results Jacen: 8-8 Krawlie: 9-7 JZA: 10-6 3&6: 10-6 Gamevet: 12-4 Ms. Spam: 11-5 Met: 10-6 Standings Thru Week 15 Krawlie: 141-82 3&6: 139-84 Gamevet: 139-84 JZA: 139-84 Jacen: 136-87 Ms. Spam: 136-87 Met: 135-87
  10. Thursday, December 12 NY Jets at Baltimore Sunday, December 15 New England at Cincinnati Tampa Bay at Detroit Chicago at Green Bay Houston at Tennessee Denver at Kansas City Miami at NY Giants Philadelphia at Washington Seattle at Carolina Jacksonville at Oakland Cleveland at Arizona Minnesota at LA Chargers LA Rams at Dallas Atlanta at San Francisco Buffalo at Pittsburgh Monday, December 16 Indianapolis at New Orleans
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