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  1. Santa Cthulhu regrets to inform you that Cthulhumas is cancleed due to oversleeping. Sleeping for aeons until the stars align causes the alarm clocks in sunken R´Lyeh to malfunktion now and then. It´s probably the damp. However, Santa Cthulhu would like to inform you that pink anymals are perfectly acceptable if the pink comes from arterial spray from the slaughtered millions in The Great Old Ones´ blasphemous rampage across helpless humanity.
  2. And of course the SOB did surprise me. The new album is amazing and "Empire of the clouds" is the best of the bunch. I stand happily corrected.
  3. BÖC are terribly hard to cover, Metallica failed completely as well. Only good cover I´ve ever heard was by Swedish garage band The Nomads, they did a terrific version of "This ain´t the Summer of love".
  4. Damn, I never realized that I victimized everyone here by posting in English! Förlåt som fan då!
  5. Thanks for reminding me of probably the most boring song from the first seven albums. I worship this period of the band. EXCEPT that damn song! I guess that´s the blueprint for all the post reunion albums as well. And I AM a long distance runner, but imagine having this in your head for an entire marathon? Physical pain would be the least problem in the last few miles.
  6. Oh I´m fine with hits and misses. It´s the ten minute songs with choruses that repeat the title of the song 16 times in a row that are bugging me. And that Maiden has made the same album four times in a row now, this looking to be the fifth. Not to mention that if you really, really have to make a ten minute song (not to mention an 18 minute song), it´s nice if something, you know, happens in it. I love epics just as much as the next guy, but Maiden just can´t make the dynamics work for all their extended tracks with a few notable exceptions like 7th son and Paschendale.
  7. Can´t be bothered to start a new thread and it´s kinda connected... Next Maiden album will end with an 18 minute song written by Bruce. He´d better surprise me. Maiden´s decline into prog wannabes is starting to get sad.
  8. For underrated, how about "Flick of the switch"? Nice and dirty album, second best with Brian in my book. For overrated, "For those about to rock". Does anyone ever listen to anything here except the title track? The rest is really, really boring. To be honest, I´d rank "Fly on the wall" pretty high among the Brian albums as well. It´s a bit poppy and clean for my taste, but at least has 3-4 memorable tunes which is more than can be said about most of the albums that came later.
  9. This would be the correct answer. But out of the two, given that we´re talking about the European/American "High Voltage" (with only two songs from the Aussie release and the rest from "TNT") I´d go with "High voltage". Just barely. I never liked the production on "Highway to hell", it´s just too nice and clean for an AC/DC album. Both rank below "Powerage" for me. That´s the big underrated album in their discog.
  10. The good kinda villian that you´re really cheering for is my take on it. Amazing album by a seriously underrated band and one of my all time faves. The beautiful harmonics makes it even more sinister - cheerful and violent just like the Piranha Brothers liked it.
  11. This was probably one of the weirdest internet rages in all the long history of internet rages. A contract that says that film-Peter Parker has to be a lot like comics-Peter Parker? The horror! The homophobes! The racists! The non-smokers!
  12. Duke


    Frank himself isn´t a very compelling character, no. He´s almost not a character at all. But with the right company he makes for a great story anyway. He can give Daredevil or Spiderman or whoever a look at what they might become if they cross the line. Or he can be the straight man force of nature as Garth Ennis wrote him with an insane rouges gallery around. His Frank was basically a new version of the Saint of Killers from Preacher. Totally without a sense of humour which made him all the funnier in weird situations. Even the few pages Frank got in "Original sins" made me laugh out loud.
  13. Duke


    The only bad thing is that Frank will get his ass kicked. I prefer him messing up the boyscout like Garth Ennis let him. Here´s hoping for a spinoff!
  14. Duke


    Heh... Still no word on a European tour. But lacking that I´m pretty curious about the R40 ten (!!!) dvd box. Anyone take out a second mortgage to get it yet?
  15. I´d say that there is quite a lot of Bathory´s "viking" era in Taake´s sound, except with much clearer production. But that´s almost a given for the folk influences metal bands. Darkthrone had a good run with their early albums but nowadays I really can´t listen to the silly punk ditties they turn out. Ever try Summoning? "Dol guldur" is probably the best place to start, ambient BM at its best! Taake´s lyrics are pretty silly in general when they write in Norwegian, little ghost takes or tributes to old folklore badly written. At least they stay away from the usual saaaaaaaataaaaaaaan stuf
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