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  1. Yup. And shortly after that the planet was purged, and the Mandalorian diaspora began. If you look into the Mandalorian backstory from legends, they were a warrior society to the extreme before modern times. They would conquer other planets because they believed that strength was morality, and therefore weakness was sin. Any society that put up a good enough fight was invited to accept the creed and become Mandalorians themselves. Those that didn't were wiped out or subjugated because they were sinful. The universe naturally rewarded survival of the fittest, so allowing weak societies to grow
  2. The man has talent, no doubt, but when you see his interviews, quite frequently the conversation centers around how he translated an idea Lucas had into something palatable for the audience. He has unique ideas, as well, of course. It just seems like he understands that those ideas have to tie into the larger narrative, or they are largely irrelevant (at least in the contexts he has worked in thus far), unless they seamlessly integrate with the existing narrative. I think the true measure of his creativity will reveal itself fully once all constraints are removed and he is asked to work in a s
  3. Just like The Clone Wars and Rebels animated series were able to weave a more coherent and enjoyable story around the PT, The Mandalorian is weaving a story around several aspects of the ST. All of this is to soften the blow dealt by the lackluster storytelling in those films. If Filoni excels at anything, its understanding and translating Lucas' intent. He seems uniquely adept at sifting through the characters and snippets of compelling story that Lucas has in his mind and using that kernel of imagination as the basis for a story worth telling. Add in Favreau's cinematic experience and y
  4. Just got HBO Max, so I've been rewatching Rick and Morty. Came across a scene that reminded me of The Mandalorian, so I checked to see if anyone else had already made the same connection. Naturally, YouTubers did not disappoint. Rick and Morty dialogue is from S3E2 and is dubbed over an edited version of the last scene of the S2 finale of The Mandalorian. I swear, sometimes this show is just as prophetic as The Simpsons.
  5. Hahaha. Oh SA, you so crazy. In all seriousness though, that is pretty impressive. Way to improvise.
  6. And just like that, Rule 34 is proven true, yet again.
  7. If the Mandalorian theme song had words: www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGl1IUU72LM
  8. I used to live right outside of Windcrest. Loved cruising through there at dusk on weekdays before the crowds got too big.
  9. He definitely goes out of his way to make Din feel okay about sending his kid to samurai wizard camp for the summer. That pulled at the heartstrings a bit.
  10. Same. Which I expect we'll see because: just like with Ashoka and Boba, too much Luke would quickly turn this show into The Master Jedi instead of The Mandalorian.
  11. I think there is a bit more support than you think for this route: https://www.monstersandcritics.com/tv/luke-skywalker-in-the-mandalorian-why-fans-wanted-sebastian-stan-not-mark-hamill-and-max-lloyd-jones-combo/ Sebastian himself even said he'd be open to it, should he get the blessing of Mark. Considering he is already a known entity in the Disney portfolio, I think that there is a decent chance of something like this happening. I mean: look at Ashoka. That character's voice actress is very well loved by the fandom, (at least the part that cares for her character), and they
  12. Same. I stupidly picked up my phone at 6AM, swiped over to my Google News feed, and right at the top was: "The Mandolorian reveals that *spoiler* is getting their own *spoiler*!" I proceeded to curse under my breathe as I pulled up the episode and watched it right then and there "at work" over my morning coffee. I've done this a few times now. Its getting harder to look surprised when I watch it again with the family on Friday nights "for the first time" though.
  13. After his Batman performance, I'm surprised this hasn't already happened. I was a little worried after seeing this.
  14. This one is pretty funny. I still find it odd that people don't car carry in SA. One of the nice things about Texas in general is the fact that the castle doctrine extends to your vehicle. No license required. I work over on the Westside, and that is one of the few places in town where I will not go out and about, regardless of time of day, without a 9mm on me, at a minimum. A couple of months back I grabbed some lunch near work and was eating it in my car. I had pulled off into a shopping mall parking lot away from the other cars. Then some rough looking character at the bus st
  15. It's no different than the flu or common cold. The amount of time the antibodies from those stays in your system differs from person to person.
  16. True. Guess we can't pin this one on Al Gore after all. Maybe next time.
  17. Nah, too quick. What these hate and fear peddlers deserve is something more akin to the anguish their listeners writhe in everyday. If there is a God, he'd give these people a slow and painful terminal, illness. Ya know, like lung cancer or something.
  18. Being in the web hosting industry, this a long standing debate. Who is ultimately responsible for any harm done by content? The platform provider that stores the content? The user that uploaded the content to the platform? The user that accesses the content on the platform? The ISP that provides access to the platform that hosts the content? The manufacturer, retailer, or distributor of the operating system on the computer used to access the content? (The list goes on and on if you really want to go deep down the rabbit hole) Ultimately, its all Al Gore'
  19. Yeah, I haven't gotten too far into it yet, but I had already heard that Glover leaves in later seasons and the whole thing kinda loses it's mojo after that. The first time around I only ever had time to watch some snippets of the first season or two. Looks like I'll be stopping after season 3.
  20. HI just reported in, so that wraps it up. Zero faithless electors. Welp. Now its all over, but the crying. That was Trump's last best hope of flipping this election. Sure, there is still the congressional certification in January, but with the Democrats controlling the house and the slim margin the Republicans hold in the Senate (with several Republicans Senators calling Biden "President Elect" already), there is an extremely slim chance of that vote going too far off the rails.
  21. One of the best episodes of the first couple of seasons, IMHO. That and the missing pen one. Those are some stand outs for me.
  22. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/12/14/us/elections/electoral-college-results.html Do you anticipate that there will be any at all? If so, how many and from which states?
  23. Yup. This is one of the reasons I am most excited about this one. It is close enough to the sequels to have Yoda and Yaddle, but is far enough away from the prequels that I hope there won't be that looming feeling of impending canon. I hope the writers won't feel so much need to tie the story too much into the Skywalker saga and other canon; however, they won't be so far away from it that it'll go way of the rails and turn it into some massive train wreck fiasco. That is my fear for the post-sequel stuff. Depending on how far out they go with it, they definitely run the risk of giving the writ
  24. The wife and I have been recently. I forgot how good this show is. I was a bit preoccupied with lifing and adulting when it first came out, but this is definitely a hidden gem in the streaming archives that I've been partaking in recently.
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