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  1. Dawn of the Dead remake was actually Zack Snyder... probably his best movie... snyder directed it, gunn wrote it
  2. i'm actually kind of upset that james gunn is tied up with marvel now, because slither and dawn of the dead were perfect horror on completely different levels
  3. the original fright night was something i snuck up to watch when my mom told me i was too young. i remember having really bad nightmares and then watching it a few years later, wondering why i was so scared. i've yet to watch the remake, but it's on my list. there haven't really been any straight up horror films in the last few years that i would say are classics. let the right one in is probably that last great horror film that i've seen and that was in 2009. it was slow and empty and reminded me a lot of bigelow's near dark. there are other films that have had great MOMENTS that actually c
  4. my dream is that he becomes successful enough to have to one day work with and kiss ass to damon lindelof.
  5. i feel like texas chainsaw 2 already went the army of darkness route. that's actually being too polite. it actually went the nothing but trouble route.
  6. i will sign a waiver Was he in the first one where they put a hammer in his hand and help him try to bludgeon the girl? yes, but the creepiest part is the little dance he does when they put the bloody finger in his mouth
  7. i want to see a film about grandpa. for me he was the creepiest part of the original.
  8. I really don't know why every discussion of every lindelof project has to get trolled by bitter armchair writers that are still upset that their lost theories didn't pan out. This is a very good show so far. It will get awards and be around for a while. You folks won't like it. You have a chip on your shoulder and the well is poisoned. I would say please feel free to watch and discuss something else, but you will be around like you were for the last 5 seasons of lost that you knew you didn't like yet continued to watch and complain about to anyone who would listen. Lindelof is brought into m
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