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  1. Six times (so far)! Two of those times were on opening night.
  2. Oh hi friends. User: jedigirl1 (never did get around to changing it.) Real Name: Conley Originally Joined: 2002 (yikes) but lurked around here well before then. Left: faded away between maybe 2010-2013 Reason: I just kinda forgot? Reason Returned: Oh yeah there's a new Star Wars, I should check in on that old message board from my youth. Plan on Staying: Maybe? (probably not) I haven't been up to terribly much since leaving, but I did get married and get a job in the comics industry. Hooray!
  3. Dear end-of-2014 Conley, I seriously hope this was a better year for you than 2013! That was garbage, let's try not to think about that. But man, this was probably a crazy year too! You're married now, holy crap. At least, I should hope so. Did it go alright? Hopefully the families didn't completely tear each other apart. Your first game will have come out this year! I hope all that work you put in was worth it, and you'd better be working on something else awesome right now. I hope at least one of those coloring gigs came through, and we can try to do another convention next year after th
  4. SO MANY STATUS UPDATES D: (I am helping)

  5. Our landlord called us up the other day and asked if we want to foster a mom cat and three kittens for a friend of hers! We couldn't resist, and now are enjoying the adorable frolicking kitty antics. They're so cute! And playful! And sleepy! The other kitten was asleep on my roommate's face.
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