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  1. The Incredibles I think it's gonna happen but I wouldn't be surprised if it's still another 7-10 years away. It also depends on how Bird's live-action shift goes with M:I: Ghost Protocol and his dream project, 1906.
  2. Edit: Don't **** with the Jedi Master, bitch.
  3. That looks more professional than the real thing.
  4. Will Walt finally get his chance to make an IMPACT!? #FYCArena

  5. Days of Heaven - B+ Beautiful cinematography, simplistic story. The Thin Red Line - A+ One of the best war films ever made. Superbly cast with who's who actors, its less meladramatic than Saving Private Ryan, and is just a gorgeous film to watch. Cameo appearances by John Cusack, John Travolta, and George Clooney; it stars Jim Cavaziel, Sean Penn, Nic Nolte, and the guy who played Casey Jones from TMNT. The latter two have the best scenes together in the whole film.
  6. +1 for the second, lesser of the cruel posts.
  7. Last thing I would do is bitch about something that would put me in school and not worry about being in debt for 20+ years. Try a different approach.
  8. Unless they reshoot the whole film with a D.P. who can competently frame an action/adventure epic on this scale, how much will actually change in 7 months?
  9. D.P. is Seamus McGarvey and was nominated for an Academy Award for Cinematography on Atonement. Other credits include Nowhere Boy, The Soloist, Charlotte's Web, World Trade Center, Sahara, Along Came Polly, and The Hours. He's done some good stuff... so why is a film that's probably budgeted more than all of said projects combined so ugly to look at?
  10. Cinematography looks pedestrian and flat.
  11. I'd love to whack Loki with my hammer.
  12. For what it's worth, it's actually Blu-ray, not Blu-Ray. One (1) capitalized letter... the B... if you looked, you'd see that's how it's been since the beginning.

    1. The Human Torch

      The Human Torch

      Stop apologizing to me all the time. I can't ban you. :)

    2. Ryn


      I like "BluE-Ray"

    3. Wally Q

      Wally Q

      I know, Torchie; I just like you too much. And Blue-Ray just means you're ignorant.

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  13. He needs a red or yellow belt. I would like to see that. Don't care if his underwear shows or not.
  14. I thought Routh looked like a sex toy going to one of Singer's private coke parties.
  15. Seriously? I fast forwarded through more commercials in the two hour premiere than all the episodes I've watched thus far! There was a four minute commercial break in between every two or three scenes.
  16. I'm looking forward to seeing him punch something in slo-mo.
  17. They would be good if we're getting corporate Lex. But I don't think I've heard much, if anything, about Lex being involved at all.
  18. This is a really great ensemble. Snyder just really needs to deliver the goods.
  19. I saw Captain America last night (loved it) but the trailer for this was underwhelming. In short, I trust Whedon with the actors and the screenplay but the action you could cut and paste from any other generic action film. Visually, the film looks boring. I kind of imagine something more along the lines of Abrams Star Trek, only less lens flares.
  20. Probably one of the most boring pilots I've ever watched and TNT lied about the limited commercial interruptions. I'll give the rest of the episodes a shot because there is something there but I just didn't connect on the first try.
  21. Marvel has more interesting characters except one... Batman and his rogue gallery are just the best.
  22. Paul McCartney at Yankee Stadium w/ my mother!

  23. I was rooting for Spader and his Shatner impression.
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