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  1. Zod would have been nice if they had rebooted the franchise like they should have. As much as I liked Returns, it basically stuck the character in a lot of corners which we’re stuck dealing with unless they just choose to ignore it, which ultimately makes the whole experience in 2006 a waste of our time (just think how great a completed Bryan Singer “X-Men” franchise would have been) and their money. My take, set the Clark stuff on the back burner and let there be an all out Superman story and open up the DC Universe with this. If they want to do the Justice League series right, do it thro
  2. Isn't that what they did with Smallville?
  3. I'm not on your friends list. Why am I not on your friends list? I thought we were supposed to be BEST FRIENDS damn it!!!

  4. I'm on your friend's list. Awesome; how do you do it?

  5. You might want to check out this sale (unless you already have this set):


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