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  1. Say My Name

    1. monkeygirl


      Wally Q, Wally Q, oh Wally WallyWally


    2. Wally Q

      Wally Q

      *does a jig*

    3. Jaycie
  2. I want nothing more than Ryan Gosling to play the new gay Lantern, Alan Scott. And no CG suit, thank you!

  3. Wally Q has left the building!

  4. Gets screwed worse than Bret Hart...

  5. Will Walt finally get his chance to make an IMPACT!? #FYCArena

  6. For what it's worth, it's actually Blu-ray, not Blu-Ray. One (1) capitalized letter... the B... if you looked, you'd see that's how it's been since the beginning.

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    2. The Human Torch

      The Human Torch

      Stop apologizing to me all the time. I can't ban you. :)

    3. Ryn


      I like "BluE-Ray"

    4. Wally Q

      Wally Q

      I know, Torchie; I just like you too much. And Blue-Ray just means you're ignorant.

  7. Paul McCartney at Yankee Stadium w/ my mother!

  8. Gods help me, I just ordered BSG (Blu-ray) from AmazonUK.


  10. I don't know what's come over me today, Nightly.

    1. Sheep Murderer

      Sheep Murderer

      Alice in Wonderland hate?

    2. Boba Sweat
  11. I got a television for Christmas but I'm not supposed to know it. Shhhhh!

  12. Just spent the last twenty minutes bitching about how much he hates the film adaptation to Goblet of Fire. OK... fire lit under my ass to start writing.

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    2. Bethany


      Haha, cut off. :-P

    3. Wally Q

      Wally Q

      I'll cute you.

    4. Destiny Skywalker

      Destiny Skywalker

      You know, as much as you and I disagree about POA, I totally agree with you on GOF. Those are my 2 least favorite film adaptations.

  13. Remember, remember the fifth of November...

  14. I'll be pretty happy if I get the Toy Story Trilogy Blu-ray set a day earlier than everyone else!

    1. Bethany


      It takes s little to make u hapyl. Ok, fiary godmaher says DONE

  15. Got his promotion.

  16. Four years of hard work has finally paid off with my job!

    1. Destiny Skywalker

      Destiny Skywalker

      Sounds like good news. What happened?

    2. Wally Q

      Wally Q

      Yes and no. Background checks are a bitch!

  17. Happy Birthday dude!

  18. DEATHLY HALLOWS trailer is now online; join in the discussion at Movies!

  19. is waiting impatiently for the new DEATHLY HALLOWS trailer!

    1. Mara Jade Skywalker

      Mara Jade Skywalker

      is waiting impatiently for the new Deathly Hallows movie!

    2. Wally Q
  20. Happy Birthday dude!

  21. was staring at 'Active Users', saw Gog and Lady Palpatine next to one another and instantly thought of Lady GaGa. I think the Gay gene in my DNA is starting to act out!

    1. Joey Ramone

      Joey Ramone

      I thought of Lady Gaga too when I read your post. And I'm not gay.

    2. Iceheart
    3. Gog


      I don't wear meat!

  22. Turned in my lesson plan and awaits approval.

  23. Wow look at that photo. Wish I could have gone to the park.

  24. Vacation @ Walt Disney World

    1. Mara Jade Skywalker

      Mara Jade Skywalker

      Have fun...you heading to Wizarding World?

  25. OPEN CASTING CALL!!! If you'd like to be involved as a commentator for the Harry Potter Virtual DVD Commentary, please add a comment below and I'll get back to you shortly.

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    2. Wally Q

      Wally Q

      Did I mention there's a height limit? ;-)

    3. D-Ray Kenobi

      D-Ray Kenobi

      Is it just a text commentary, or are you actually recording audio?

    4. Wally Q
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