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  1. I'm not exactly sure what debate Poe was watching because, as an admitted Hillary detractor and someone who won't be voting for her, debate was like night and day. Donald proved for 90+ minutes that he was out of his league by a master debater (by comparison) and that he's completely unqualified to be the GOP nominee. He lied repeatedly (I did my own fact checking throughout the debate), he continuously cut off Hillary after first requesting she not cut him off in the beginning, and he just meandered through every turn, did his usual B.S. with the same dumb, common folk delivery, and when h
  2. I also would have preferred it if they aborted the whole sixth season with Doomsday and just had done the S7 story. Deb just could have discovered Dexter at the end of the Lumen story. That whole 8th season. Jesus Christ, worst season of television ever.
  3. Yes, yes. To Dexter you listen. Even if he's wrong about his namesake show. The journey? Absolute trash and a waste of time. Probably up there as the biggest, "what the fuck was I thinking wasting multiple seasons on this shit" since probably Nip/Tuck. I wish I could single out a showrunner to loathe as much as I do Ryan Murphy, who deserves AIDS more than an actually working career, but Showtime and CBS really fucked that show. And they killed Doakes way too soon. I wish they could have given up Miguel Prada before the Bay Harbor Butcher but what do I know. Hi, Dex.
  4. Tank, seriously when the fuck are you watching Hannibal?
  5. Wally Q

    The Hobbit

    I kind of wish I was in a coma long enough to have missed the theatrical edition and woken in time for the extended edition's release. I thought of it as an entertaining, unintentionally hysterical feature length preview to a film that's not even coming out for another... maybe 7 or 8 months if we're lucky. Oh and I loved Christopher Lee's stunt double.
  6. I have no money so no gifts from me and I've told people not to get anything for me. I did buy myself a PS4 a few weeks back and Dragon Age: Inquisition, Alien: Isolation, Destiny, and Shadow of Mordor as my starter games. I have no regrets.
  7. If John Williams dies who best to score the next Star Wars? Should Williams score the stand alone films that are coming, or should they branch out? Michael Giacchino... cause he's the spiritual successor of both Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams. And no, they should branch out. Just please, no Zimmer and no Horner.
  8. Say My Name

    1. monkeygirl


      Wally Q, Wally Q, oh Wally WallyWally


    2. Wally Q

      Wally Q

      *does a jig*

    3. Jaycie
  9. I'd say the pilot was excellent and up until episode 5 or 6 the show was good... then it went off the rails and they dragged their feet. I loathed the show by the time the finale ended. I gave Season 2 a chance and recorded the season episode by episode and if it went off the rails again, I'd stop all together, but it never really got to the point with the exception of the episode where Linden went into the hospital. And the kid disappearing and spending an episode there was an annoyance but overall, this season makes up for the ****ting the bed the writing team did last year. That's just
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