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  1. Awesome. I was gonna ask if Phule is pronounced like Fool or Fuel, but judging from the titles, it's obviously a pun on Fool. So, I'm sold.
  2. I like the cover art. Would you call it serious science fiction or humorous science fiction? If it's humorous, I might give it a try. I haven't read a good sci-fi/comedy in a while. I don't think I'd enjoy a book with that kind of cover art if it took itself too seriously, though.
  3. Currently reading "Contemporary American Novelists of the Absurd" by Charles Harris. Chapters are dedicated to some of my favorite authors: Kurt Vonnegut, Joseph Heller, and Thomas Pynchon. They're not really contemporary any more, but the book is great.
  4. Reading this shortly: Might suck, but the cover sold me.
  5. Less than half...or have you forgoten you lost the last election as well as the one before that? Only about half the eligible population votes in total. The percentage of eligible voters who voted in 2004 was 53.1%. Which means only about 25% of the country voted for Bush. thumbs_u Damn straight. And let's not forget that in "the one before that," Al Gore actually won the popular vote, which means more Americans voted for him than GWB.
  6. quote: Emperor Tarkin: If someone is going to oppose the war in Iraq because there is presently terrorism, shouldn't they compare the likely future outcome of carrying out the war against that of not carrying it out? Yes, I agree completely. I've said this many times on this board, and I don't believe long-term the war in Iraq is making Americans safer. I'm not even convinced it's going to make Iraq or the M.E. region any safer. We'll just have to wait and see. shrug
  7. quote: Emperor Tarkin: It really all depends on what you consider "terrorism," doesn't it? Yeah. Fair enough. Perhaps I misspoke. Let me try this: terrorism is still present in the lives of the Iraqi people. Whether Saddam's terrorism or the current terrorism is worse for the Iraqis, I guess everyone will have different opinions on that.
  8. LOL It's cool, Sigh! When you recover, here's what I meant.... Like I said, "Your answer is probably already implied in your statement." I was sort of curious as to your feelings about Saddam supporting terrorism against Israel. You've answered that by saying, "i don't think attacking iraq was 'fighting terrorism,'" and the more I think about it, the more I agree with you. Removing Saddam didn't stop suicide bombings in Israel. (Besides, most of what Saddam paid was the families of the suicide bombers). Plus, terrorism in Iraq has gone up. So, yeah, the war didn't really "fight terroris
  9. quote: Sigh: I am just saying that the war was the wrong way to go. the dude never proved to me that there were wmd's in iraq, never proved to me that bin laden and his gang had anything to do with saddam. so i thought the war was unjustified as a means of 'fighting terrorism'. hey, i'll stand beside america in any fight against terrorism, but i didn't believe this war was doing that. Sigh, I'm not going to argue for the war, because I was against it, too. But I'm curious about something you said. Your answer is probably already implied in your statement, but here goes.... I agree on the w
  10. ^ Miisa, excellent points, but I thought it was Bush Sr. who said he didn't consider atheists citizens...?
  11. quote: yolande: Wwhen did I say Anti-Bush made Anti-American?? I said there was a lot of Anti-American steming from Anti-Bush but I did not say Anti-Bush=Anti-American. Well, in your original post, you ranted about how much your Democrat friends dislike Bush and his policies. Then you used the term "anti-American" to describe them. If you don't want people making the connection that anti-Bush = anti-American, then provide a few examples of anti-American behavior. You mentioned people threatening to move to Canada, but then you said they didn't actually move. So, I guess you're saying the threa
  12. I fail to see how being anti-Bush makes someone anti-American. shrug
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