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  1. Are pay as you go sim cards a thing there or is everything contract based now? I know here in the UK you can get then for around 10 pence up to a pound. If this were the case I'd be more than happy to cover the costs of someone doing this, not a special trip or anything but maybe if you're passing by a store? I really wish I'd known about this back in April when I was in Florida lol
  2. Now you mention it Cashmere, my uncle is a Nigerian prince... Thanks for checkin in anyway guys
  3. Hey guys! It's once again been a while since I was back here (just after TFA infact). I've tried to solve this situation myself but I've reached a bit of an impasse and I really need the help of someone who lives in the US. Basically, i'm trying to create a US google account so I can purchase things from the US play store. i've have all manner for VPN's and DNS rerouters working for me but I cannot get around the phone verification. I've tried virtual US telephone numbers, online text services and google seems to know that i'm using these type of phone numbers. Soooo, I was hoping tha
  4. User: wutwut Real name: JD Originally joined: 2002 Reason for joining: Something to do with the prequels Left: Around 2007 ish? Reason: Just kind of drifted away and got on with real life and work Reason returned: Think I kind of came back breifly in 2010 but when I logged on recently to see if this place still existed I had a look around and saw that TFA seemed to bring back a bunch of the old timers. Plan on staying: On and off, yeh probably Timeline since 2005 People I remember from back then: Almost exactly like Kyrian. Most of SWG, including Ayani, Sigh Snootles, JediJami, Mrslukeskyw
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