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  1. Doctor number 1 [played by William Hurndall] reached Gallifrey safe and sound. He first met up with Susan and both escaped from a Dalek. Later Doctor 1 meets up with his latest incarnation [#5] in the TARDIS.
  2. Yeah, it's the Australian Broadcasting Corporation - I probably should've clarified that... Sadly, were still stuck here in the US. There's no end to the waiting in sight yet, perhaps things will change after the Christmas special airs and/or the second season/series of the new series begins filming. I'd like to see the show air in the US this year but I don't think it'll happen - there doesn't even seem to be any new rumors of US networks looking at the show either.
  3. Congrats to Australian Who fans [past and future] ABC has set the new series of Doctor Who to begin airing on May 21, at 7:30 PM.
  4. The BBC made it official the other day, David Tennant will be the 10th Doctor. Official announcement http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/news/drwho/2005/.../18/18639.shtml quote: David Tennant will play the tenth Doctor Who. David Tennant will play the next Doctor, it was announced today by Jane Tranter, BBC Controller of Drama Commissioning. Tennant, whose recent credits include BBC Three's Casanova, Blackpool and He Knew He Was Right, will star alongside Billie Piper who returns as Rose Tyler for the upcoming Christmas Special and second series. "I am delighted, excited and honoured to
  5. That's what the offered the Master - the Doctor was given the office of the Presidency. I don't see the 12/13 regeneration limit as too much of a trouble. The Valeyard was came about sometime between the Doctor's "12/13 and final" regeneration.
  6. No regeneration sequence for Eccleston - I guess RTD and the BBC want a bit of a 'fresh start' for the new viewers. Perhaps the details will be mentioned in one of the later episodes of this series/season. But without a proper regen-sequence, if I recall correctly, McGann confirmed that he was never called in to do one. The UK [March 26th] and Canada [April 5th] have day and time set for broadcast already. New Zealand's Prime TV has picked up the new series but as far as I can find out there's yet to be an announcement about when it airs. Australia and the US are up in the air still.
  7. woo-Who! SOme folks have kindly put the latest trailer online. An 11MB MPEG 1 http://chrisw99.users.btopenworld.com/trai...r_march15th.mpg And a 30MB MPEG 2 [RAR compressed, so you might need to get an appropriate de-compressor]. This is also on that Rapidshare site, so follow the directions I posted earlier http://rapidshare.de/files/885305/DoctorWho.rar.html
  8. laugh I get most of my news from online, so I probably would've missed it too if I lived in the UK.
  9. The Beeb's even done some news interviews both TV and on BBC Radio 1 and Radio 2. Someone over at OG just put up a thread saying they saw their first Doctor Who poster/billboard. I guess you'll start seeing more prominent adverts fairly soon. If you want to see a couple of the news items that folks have put online... marillionkb5 from the Outpost Gallifrey forums put up these links on the 8th to stuff he/she had recorded off the TV. This rapid share site is some sort of metered download repository - if you hit a certain limit with in an hour it'll make you wait until you can downloa
  10. There were 2 six second trailers on. One shows the close up of the Doctor, and then the Doctor and Rose in the TARDIS console room, the other shows a close up of Rose and then then both in the console room. Both are up in Realplayer format on the official site. I believe there'll be longer trailers starting sometime next week.
  11. Realplayer likes to be difficult on the computer I'm using. But it's also not my preferred online streaming format. From my experience Quicktime and WMP files provide superior performance.
  12. www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho has been updated with a renewed focus on the new series. A new trailer isn't up yet - but old fans [and folks looking to see a little be of the old series] can follow the Trailer link on the main page, from there you can hit another link with 50 clips from the classic series. [all in Realplayer though ] Good news for everyone in the UK has just been announced over at Outpost Gallifrey. The first trailer airs tonight at 7:29 [GMT I think] on BBC1 - just before EastEnders.
  13. Big new, big news... the long awaited information we've been waiting for out. While not officially announced March 26 looks to be the big day for all our UK friends. Folks who have access to the BBC's publicity picture site have confirmed that an image of the Doctor and Rose is featured on the publicity images folder for the week of March 26. [the same image can currently be seen on the login page as well] The big BBC publicity push looks to be starting next Tuesday - so we should get a concrete date then [as well as some other goodies like a real trailer] And for our Canadian neigh
  14. Ohh boy - I've got a news update and a nice rumor for anyone waiting to watch the new Doctor Who series in the US. First off the news. The BBC has the theme for the new series. The original theme is great - it's hands down the most distinctive piece of music ever created. Further, I think it's safe to say, no series before or since has ever had theme music that so perfectly fit. http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/news/drwho/2005/.../04/16866.shtml quote: SFX has confirmed that Gold, famous for his work on such dramas as The Second Coming and Shameless, has produced a new arrangement that u
  15. Yeah, BBCWW isn't renewing the rights for PBS stations to air the original series. At the moment it's unknown what this means exactly. Maybe BBCWW is intending to offer the original series along side the new series to the networks [with new/restored/better prints than what the PBS stations have been airing for the last couple decades]. When the news about this first appeared someone emailed Maryland Public Television, who're probably the nexus for Doctor Who on the east coast for the last 15 years [and from which most of my off-air recordings came from], to find out what was happening.
  16. The BBC and Russel T Davies have been rather hush-hush about the exact starting date. But based on the announced 'spring of 2005', most educated guesses are leaning towards next March.
  17. Meant to get this notice up earlier, not to late with the news this time though. Thanks to Outpost Gallifrey for the article http://www.gallifreyone.com/newstv.php quote:The New Zealand television station Prime TV have announced that they've picked up the new Doctor Who series, according to a press release on their website. "BBC Worldwide announces today the licence of the new series of the cult classic Doctor Who to Prime Television New Zealand," says the release. "Only the second international deal to be finalised, the new series will deliver to Prime Television in the first quarter
  18. Kinda slow this month. Here's a link to the teaser Pong mentioned http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/news/drwho/2004/.../02/15823.shtml Unfortunately the BBC is one of those corporate holdouts that insist on using Real Player so if you want to watch the teaser you'll need it. [to bad the sound's gone out on my computer...]
  19. I'm afraid I haven't come across any info yet for who's carrying it in Austraila - but I wouldn't be surprised if it was indeed ABC. The good thing is that the BBC has paid notice to just how the internet connects the world and fully realizes that they can't wait very long to get the new series into the biggest foreign markets for Doctor Who [Austraila & New Zealand, Canada, and the US]. So with any luck we'll get to see the new series just after our British neighbours or just maybe [and this is me hoping] the BBC will be able to get simultaneous worldwide distribution in place.
  20. Okay thanks to Outpost Gallifrey there's some photo's of the New Series Dalek design. But first some other news. The BBC is simultaneously creating a companion documentary on the new series called Doctor Who Confidential Here's the word straight from Outpost Gallifrey. quote: What is "Doctor Who Confidential"? According to Broadcast Magazine, the BBC will produce a companion series for the new Doctor Who season, a documentary entitled Doctor Who Confidential. The thirteen-part, half-hour series will feature behind-the-scenes footage and interviews wtih cast members as well as "archi
  21. It's not known yet - some of the Outpost Gallifrey folks think it might be a still from the new opening sequence. Hopefully the official site will eventually put up the new intro and we'll know for certain.
  22. Finally one of the pieces everyone has been waiting on has finally arrived the logo for the new series The BBC has kindly offered a high-res version [1024*768] suitable for use as a wallpaper. http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho/newtv/...y/logo2005.html I'm going to keep my thoughts on the logo quite for a bit until other's have had a chance to get a look at it for themselves. And for comparison sake IGN did an article on the new logo with pictures of the older ones so I'll put those up too. The first logo really wasn't one just 2 plain text words overlayed on the opening
  23. Found a new article on Outpost Gallifrey , an interview with Doctor Who #4 Tom Baker. quote: Tom Baker: Make Me The Master September 11 In an interview with today's Daily Record, Tom Baker goes on record of wanting to go "over to the dark side on Dr Who. Says the Record, the 71-year-old actor says he'd love to get one over on the character, which made him a household name in the Seventies and Eighties, by returning to the show as the Doctor's arch-enemy The Master. "If the BBC were brave enough, which they're not, then what they really should do would be to make me The Master," Baker say
  24. Hurrah! the Daleks are back for the new series. It's certainly good to hear the the Doctor's oldest recurring enemies shall be returning. http://www.bbc.co.uk/cult/doctorwho/cult/n.../04/13394.shtml Resurrection of the Daleks The Daleks will return in the new series. It's official! The Daleks are coming back after all. We've received the following press release: Mal Young, BBC Controller of Continuing Drama Series and Tim Hancock, agent for the Terry Nation Estate announced today (Wednesday, August 4) that the Daleks will return in the new series of Doctor Who which is currently in
  25. Daleks defeated - Doctor to face new enemy in the new series. Christopher Eccleston's Doctor will face a new, deadly foe in the new series, after talks between Terry Nation's estate and the BBC over the rights to the Daleks broke down earlier this week. The BBC said, "After lengthy negotiations, the BBC and the Terry Nation Estate have been unable to reach agreement on terms for the use of the Daleks in the new series of Doctor Who. These rights are jointly held, and the terms need to be mutually agreed between us. "The BBC offered the very best deal possible but ultimately we were
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