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  1. Interesting, there seems to be lines connecting the first 8 Doctors is some fashion but none connecting the new series Doctor's to the classic series Doctors. The new series Doctors [9 & 10] are even on a seperate page. Perhaps something to hint at the ideas I've seen that the new series is a seperate 'universe'.
  2. Russell T. Davies thought {and I quote} it was "a brilliant cover idea!" One would think the man currently running the new series would want to keep such a major spoiler a surprise.
  3. I'm surprised that Sci-Fi isn't currently showing the 3 season episodes of the new series - I've done some looking but haven't found anything about an expected timetable. Too bad - SciFriday is only just now getting new episodes - perhaps after the last 10 episodes of SG-1 finish...
  4. He Davies is writing the Doctor [Tennat] that way too... I liked Tennant as the Doctor, it seemed his performance in the Christmas special and in the first episode of the second season where far better than what Eccleston had done.
  5. Good - I was expecting Sci-Fi to bring series two over before the end of the year - I'm looking forward to Tennant's performance as the Doctor
  6. You've got my interest Transducer X, could you go into more detail of your impressions overall of how the Classic series fans have responded to the new series. I haven't been around Outpost Gallifrey much these as I've wanted to minimize spoilers.
  7. Has the second season gotten to the... SPOILER ALERT [hide]Alternate Earth Cybermen story? [/hide]
  8. So, how are folks liking David Tennant as the Doctor in the second season?
  9. Not bad - but it seemed like a Revelations of the Daleks Redux. The first half the previous episode reminded me of Vengeance on Varos [and the latter half RotD]
  10. I could see Sci-Fi airing them this coming Autumn/Winter when Stargate SG1, Atlantis, and BSG are back on their re-run cycle until 2007. Feasibly, Sci-Fi could then be able to broadcast the 3rd season around the same time it'll be airing in the UK.
  11. Rogue 3 is right, from Ep. 4 of 10th Planet just some of the regeneration footage and a few other clips are known to have survived. From www.GallifreyOne.com quote:Archive Status: The first three episodes of this story exist as 16mm telerecordings, all held by the Film & TV Library when audited in 1978. The master tape of episode 4 was lent to the production team for the series "Junior Points of View" in 1966; other copies of this episode were destroyed by 1976. Only the regeneration sequence remained, as borrowed for a spot on the "Blue Peter" series, though about 78 seconds of 8mm
  12. All the "missing" episodes survive via audio recordings. Fortunately for us, there were enough fans who made recordings of the show that the BBC was able to completely assemble the audio for all the missing [and orphaned] seriels. So if you're interested you can at least hear every Doctor Who episode the BBC made.
  13. I take it this is the new Cybermen look? CGI model and video clip http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/classic/web...ion/index.shtml ...I like the new torso shell, it adds some impressive 'bulk', the hand seem a mite oversized though. Are the Cybermen going to be all CGI now? Oh, and as for the CGI Cybermats - they look great, the 'movement' their capable of as CGI creatures makes them seem more imposing.
  14. I've purposefully been minimizing my exposure to stuff from season 2 - just what do the Cybermen look like now?
  15. TV Shows on DVD is reporting that the Canadian release of the new Doctor Who series has been given a minor delay. According to the pre-order listing at www.Amazon.ca the series will now be out on March 7th. US resident's eager to have the new series ASAP can purchase the Canadian release since it is Region 1. http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=4930
  16. From what I recall, Eccleston was perturbed at the BBC for letting it slip that he wouldn't be returning [apparently they were supposed to keep mum about it]. I think the whole "I don't want to be typecast" line CE put out after it was revealed he wouldn't be returning wasn't the entire truth. This was the Doctor he was playing, and at the time CE knew full well that the show initially ran a continous 26 seasons. If this new season was a success it might very run for another straight 26 seasons. He should've expected that he might play the Doctor for the typical 3 seasons and then be o
  17. Fox and Universal are US based corporations, the movie was merely filmed in Canada.
  18. The 'Fox thing' was the 1996 TV movie.. As I recall it was a joint venture between the BBC, Universal, and Fox [who also broadcast the movie]. Fox made the unfortunate mistake of running the TV movie directly against the show Roseanne [ion ABC] which was airing the big sweeps episode about Dan's heart attack. It was a no-win situation for Doctor Who, the vast majority of America either had never heard of Doctor Who or hadn't seen anything about the show in well over 10 years. Roseanne was riding high on the popularity wave for years by that point, so the 'big' episode sucked away most
  19. The delay explained - the SCI-FI has picked up the new Doctor Who series http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=4885 quote:Two days ago we posted news that the February 14 release of Doctor Who had been pulled from the schedule, and today we know why; Sci-Fi Channel has picked up the series and will begin airing it later this year. BBC has moved the release date to July 4, 2006 to gain more publicity for the box set, and to allow Sci-Fi to air the series before they release it on DVD. Amazon.ca lists the set for sale in Canada, shipping on Feb 14. The series has already been
  20. TV Shows on DVD is reporting that the NA DVD release for the new Doctor Who series may be delayed. No word on a new release date yet. http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=4870 quote:Earlier today we received a report that Doctor Who may be delayed from the planned Feb 14 release date. We checked with the BBC PR company, and they checked with BBC and were told that there were "complications" with the set, and it wouldn't meet the release date. This doesn't surprise us since nothing with this release has gone according to every other BBC title. The release was announced, yet t
  21. Good news for anyone in the US wanting to pick up the new Doctor Who series, the February release is no longer limited to Canada! http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=4599 quote: SciFiWire has just unleashed a bombshell this morning! In mid-October, we posted news that the BBC would release the new 2005 Doctor Who series on DVD in Canada, but stated that "there aren't any plans to release the set in the US at this time, since no US broadcaster has picked up the rights to air the series." Now SciFiWire is reporting that the DVDs will come to USA in DVD on the same Februa
  22. I do, but they're alot finer than my other eyelashes. I don't think I've ever had a problem with them getting in my eyes though oddly enough. Usually, it seems that the ones falling into my eyes are from the outer-half of the lashes.
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