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  1. It's like that episode of Futurama where Fry's dream turns into an ad for something.
  2. Eew! I don't think I'll be using hand-dryers ever again now... This Cheerios commercial aggravates me every time I see it. Lately I've take to switching channels when it comes on.
  3. Out of curiosity, what exactly do you consider as acceptable headgear for guys?
  4. Those loan companies don't care if they have the right person or not. Next ask for the companies name and contact info [politely] tell them again for the umpteenth time they they have the wrong guy you'll be providing your lawyer with their information. Hopefully that will get the calls to stop.
  5. "Wally" opens up communication with guests at work and allows some familiarity. I've also gotten plenty of tips since I changed over to it. But it's really only a work/Nightly thing. Just curious, is your office space/cubicle/etc. adorned with Dilbertian Wally highlights? Like such...
  6. :thumbsup: Hahahah, that's great! Someone was parking lot stalking me the other day when I was in the wrong aisle. I wasn't purposefully going down the wrong aisle though, I just happened to be walking straight back and was going to cut over an aisle when I was near my car. This Bisquick Shake & Pour commercial annoys me: Everytime I see it I can't help but add the dialogue "Hey kids! Look how much I care about you, I made pancakes in a detergent bottle!" Pancakes aren't difficult just some self-rising flour, one egg, and some milk -- that's all there is too it.
  7. What - no one has gone to dig up more SWHS videos yet? How about Boba Fett's first appearance...
  8. Surprisingly - there are still plenty of SWHS vids up on Youtube, take this one for instance...
  9. Did some digging, and found some from the UK, US, and Canada. I wouldn't call any of them dumb, some are certainly funny and others are unusual/noteworthy. {obviously some are unusual now since they share a name with something that's become well known later} Towns/cities in UK [Counties listed, all in England unless otherwise noted] Climpy (Strathclyde, Scotland) Little Snoring (Norfolk) Dollarbeg (Fife, Scotland) Ham and Sandwich (Kent) Giggleswick, North Yorkshire Kilmahog (Central Scotland) Little Sodbury (Avon) LLANFAIRPWLLGWYNGYLLGOGERYCHWYRNDROBWLLLLANTYSILIOGOGOGOCH, Anglesy, W
  10. I'm currently reading the Rex Stout's Black Orchids - another fine Nero Wolfe story, well pair of stories. I'm also reading The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian - it has the first 12/13 stories [in the order they were written, and original versions] of Robert E. Howards most famous creation. This is pure REH - no pastiches to muddy the waters here, and its very impressive. Subsequent work by other writers [as well as Conan's presentation in other media], have largely diluted the character among the general public, making him blend in with the host of barbarian characters that followed him.
  11. Piper's return to the show [even for just three episodes] strikes me as kind of scrambling to recapture lost viewer attention/hype - a ratings stunt. It's not I'd expect in a show that's supposedly 'healthy' [TV business-wise]. And unfotunately with Rose's return - since Davies is persistent in his silly & tiresome "Female companion X loves the Doctor, but the Doctor may/may not know it" routine - the Doctor will undoubtedly be stuck into a Love Rectangle/Rhombus/pick a 4 sided shape.
  12. Metallo - his origin story [silver Age] is a prime candidate for a movie. It just boggles the mind that no one wants to use it.
  13. It's obvious what's happened: Superboy Prime flew by and punched Junior out of movie continuity...
  14. Oh? Interesting - I've not noticed Doctor Who Confidential listed in the programming of my local Public TV station, but I've not really thought to look for it either. I'll have to keep an eye out for it this coming weekend.
  15. The Sci-Fi Channel isn't running DWC, I'm not sure it's running anywhere outside the UK for that matter. In any case, DWC isn't the series itself so relying on it to provide necessary explanations really would be sloppy writing. Didn't this Master, when asked by the Doctor, say that the Time Lords regenerated him? As a weapon against the Daleks? (Retroactively suggesting that was the Doctor's role at the beginning of the 1996 film.) Not in Utopia at least - the Doctor's and the Master's conversation is mostly limited to the Doctor pleading with the Master not to take the TARDIS,
  16. I liked Blink too - it "felt" like a Classic Series Doctor Who episode; a Tom Baker era episode to be more specific - although it might not have been out of place when William Hartnell was still the Doctor. In some respects I thought Utopia was a bit of let down, another hum-drum episode like 42. I thought the bit about the Time Lords never traveling "to the end of the universe" was a blundering, non-sensical, and almost painful to watch, case of sloppy story-telling. The end of the episode where Yana transforms back into the Master kept it from being a totally forgettable episode though.
  17. Aww -- that's just silly, the BBC is going to kill part of the new series' momentum.
  18. Not upto there yet, last Friday Sci-Fi ran Human Nature - but we don't get to see the second half, The Family of Blood until next week, Sci-Fi is doing a fan favorite SG-1 mini-marathon this evening. It's an interesting story idea - but I'm dissappointed in Davies continued use/rewritting stories from the DW New Adventure books [even though the original author is writing the script]. Largely because there seems to be an unspoken 'order' for viewers to read the books to get the whole story. And the whole thing kinda feels like cheating - these writers are getting paid to contribute new sto
  19. I read an advance review of the forthcoming Superman: Doomday DVD on Newsarama a few weeks ago - apparently Lois still doesn't doesn't know that Clark Kent and Superman are one and the same and yet she has her own towel in the Fortress of Solitude... Did you notice on the cover with Jimmy apologizing to Superman that Jimmy continues to fill his pockets with the pay-off money?
  20. Indeed, here's a few more examples of what Mercury was talking about. {These and many more can be found on the site that Torch posted...}
  21. There's a 40+ year history of the two working together. That and despite the superficial appearances, if you really truly take a look at the Batman you'll find that he is the ultimate optimist - he believes that the villains that comprise his rogues gallery can be, to borrow a phrase, brought back from the darkside [they'd still need to pay for their crimes though]. There is no doubt that the Joker has earned the death sentence a hundred times over - and yet the Joker continually ends up in Arkham Asylum rather than on Death Row. You just reminded me of the Dragnet movie ...
  22. What?! No mention of Plastic Man yet? Bruce Campbell often gets mentioned to play Plastic Man [and I think he'd be a great match]. But at nearly 50 [he's 49 this year] Mr. Campbell may be a bit too old to reasonably take on the role, especially if the superheroes featured in a potential JLA movie get their own movies down the line. Plus - with Hollywood's unfortunate penchant of trying to make a movie all things to all people, Plastic Man's inclusion would be one of the few reasonable ways to bring the many forms of comedy
  23. I was disappointed to find in the previous, "Evolution of the Daleks", that the the production team included a scene from the War of the Worlds. The scene in Hooverville where Solomon is killed by the Daleks is a slightly tweaked version of the of the scene in War of the Worlds 1953 (the only movie version that's worth watching) where Pastor Collins approaches the Martians in peace but is disintergrated. It's almost as if they knew the episode ought to have been placed during Orson Welles WotW broadcast. Tonight's episode, "The Lazarus Experiment", seems like it could be interesting...
  24. You got me - it's not like they couldn't have spared a half-minute or so at the beginning of the episdoe with the Doctor saying something like "well just one more trip". Spoiler! --Click here to view-- For some reason it felt like Davies & Co. just kinda gave up on putting much [if any] thought into the story. The sub-plot between the stage-hand and the actress was good but the primary plot of the Daleks building the Empire State Building was a one way ticket to Hokey-ville. It doesn't take much thought to see that basing this episode around Orson Welles's Mercury Theatre broadcast
  25. I think Rose has been a bit overrated as a companion - perhaps because for a lot of viewers she's the first companion they see the Doctor travel with. But I already like Martha Jones, she already seems like she'll be a much more interesting companion than Rose was. I found the The Shakespeare Code to be enjoyable viewing - though in the overall scheme of things it felt like a reworking of The Daemons. I think that the Doctor's adoration for Shakespeare was forced into the story [as the story would have worked just as well without]. If the Doctor was going to single out any human like tha
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