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  1. Yeah it seems like if you are a smart comedy that differentiates from the norm you get axed. Why is that? I mean they have decent ratings.
  2. I think WB and DC are being too harsh on the old film. I mean what are their complaints? The film didnt make enough money and mixed reviews of the film? Well, first not all of that $300 million budget was on Bryan Singer. That film was accumalating that budget for the last ten years since Burton and Nicolas Cage were rumored. And i think Singer got a lot of heat for the film not turning a profit which was WB's and DC's fault, IMO. Also the film was not great. But it was acceptable. I think Singer and his friends got together one weekend and worked out a script because WB was putting alot o
  3. Nitro, I always appreciated the show. Better PPV? Starcade 97 or WM 20?
  4. Stone Cold - He is the one who made WWF better than wCw. Better Show? wCw Thunder OR Sunday night Heat?
  5. Outsider's Edge, it always had a unique feeling about it. not many people do it. Worse Angle? Hawk Falling off the Titantron OR Scott Hall Throwing up on Bischoff on TV?
  6. Cruiserweight. I love high flyers like Paul london and Aj Styles. Spinaroonie. John Cena sucks! Hogan's leg Drop or People's Elbow?
  7. World Title. It has over 100 years of history and it looks BIG and Cool. Better Powerbomb? Kevin Nash OR Mike Awesome OR Sid Vicious
  8. Leg Drop. Even though it's easy, its not as dumb as the five knuckle shuffle. Cooler belt? Smoking skull belt or Spinner Belt?
  9. Never heard of them so... Cooler Wrestler with Face Paint? Vampiro OR Great Muta
  10. Kurt angle with Flair. Hilarious stuff. Better Movie Star guest On a Wrestling program/? Robocop OR Chucky OR Schwarzenegger?
  11. Carlito is TONS better. OJ is a horrible excuse for anything, including a wrestler. Face Kurt Agnle OR Heel Kurt angle?
  12. I'd rather see Nash because he is entertaining on the Microphone. But Wrestler wise, Lesnar. Wrestler that needs to be fired more? Batista or Cena?
  13. Dont know them. Best Entrance From The Rafters? HBk at Wrestlemania OR Sting's Lowerings from the rafters?
  14. Stacy Keibler's legs because they are more of a trademark. You see nice boobies on every WWE Diva. Ring Ropes? Red Ropes OR Blue Ropes OR Black Ropes, OR Old School Red, White and Blue Ropes?
  15. D-X, it was always my favorite because of the raunchiness. Favorite musical guest on a Nitro? Chad Brock OR KISS OR Master P & Da No Limit Soldiers OR West Texas Rednecks
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