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  1. Im done. This place is not worth the insanity.
  2. Maybe youre thinking of someone else, my posting history is searchable. As for your theoretchical, if you insist that you dont understand the differences between that and the harassment endured by Brie Larson and others (eg. Kelly Marie Tran) then I have to wonder what game youre playing at, because that is basic comprehension stuff.
  3. I have not, or better meant as I dont believe so, however I will review. I use words and phrases like sometimes, maybe, perhaps, I feel, I dunno. Three Hours (or so) Later: I reread everything Ive written here for two years, sounds like a lot, but it really isnt (also yay for the search function actually working). Granted I didnt submit myself for review to an independent source, mostly because who the fuck cares about two idiots on a message board, but other than when I intentionally got drunk to dive deep into the anxiety of our political climate (and even then I hit both sides) I cant
  4. You know, sometimes there is a wrong and right. Not everything is a middle ground, grey area. Smilegaters were ***holes. Afterthought: Im already sorry that I posted. lol
  5. Robin

    The Orville

    If it is not a intended as a comedy /or satire, I feel like the show is worse. Im half way into episode two now and the show is doing The Menagerie except without the thought and they are already using technobabble to solve the problem. So far this makes OS Trek look like hardcore sci-fi. Side: My teen daughter just got home from school, she watched for a second as she was putting away her winter gear and then commented, So is this like a Star Trek rip-off? And on that this show does not feel much better than Star Trek Continues.
  6. Robin

    The Orville

    So I just started watching this, I think it is okay, I guess. I feel like the show is at war with itself. The comedy is tame, the performances are flat and as a result the show feels less like an endearing satire and more like getting knock-off toys for Christmas. The first episode is 45 minutes long, roughly a third of Galaxy Quests length but it feels twice as long and not even half as amusing. Im going to watch the next episode now.
  7. I think we have always been an Ouroboros, this self destructive behavior might just be more easily heightened in these modern times. To paint a super geeky image: we are the married couple that Egon is studying in Ghostbusters 2, the internet is the room we are in and the bots are the temperature.
  8. That does sound scuzzy, certainly, Poe. I was not aware the transgression was literally that, rather that Senator Warren felt heightened empathy for minorities based on her heritage*. Maybe I was mistaken in that regard. *of course, not that anyone needs a relation to feel for something but having some kind of relation does seem to heighten the emotions. In regards to ancestral tales, I have no idea how in depth or revered Senator Warrens begats were, however tracing ancestry has been popular (in some cases required) since time immemorial. Defrauding someone or something would certainly be
  9. I dont think Senator Warren needs fo let it go, she was bullied about it and told she was lying. Ive witnessed this type of bullying in my personal life. My oldest niece is blonde, blue eyed and typically white skin toned however she is half black. My oldest neice has been bullied into proving her background. Granted Senator Warrens heritage appears to very far back indeed, but unless she has defrauded something or someone then her holding dear to that heritage should not have been cause for scorn. Bullying should not be ignored. It is silly to suggest that there is no benefit to stand u
  10. My wife is an 8th Native American, my kids then 16th (if I understand the genetic math thing). While we dont claim cultural connection, nor seek financial aid or memberships etc, there isnt anything wrong with acknowledging heritage and history and allowing that knowledge to enrich your life/outlook. Whether that relates to how Senator Warren has lived, I dunno. Anyway, its a new week, everyone... so let us all do our best to remain bitter judgmental ***holes about everything. ;-)
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