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  1. Holy Hell......This place is still here. And my glorious avatar still exists. I feel good, I feel right, I feel like dacing.
  2. jayce76

    Snoke prequel

    He was never interesting enough too begin with, that I want a prequel of his character. Should of done him better in the trilogy he was in. Other than that, dont really care about a rip-off from Beowulf.
  3. Nice Thanks. Way to beat down a guy trying to contribute. ****ing Pricks.
  4. Avengers Coming To A.B.C. Television! Marvel Studio’s smash hit, “The Avengers Assemble“ has truly conquered the American box office this summer, amassing over a whopping $625 million at the domestic box office so far. In the “Believe it or Not” section of reality, Marvel Studios is also looking to possibly take this bigger-than-life superhero team-up to the small screen, with an Avenger’s themed TV show actually in the works . . .
  5. More Spidey / Avengers Rumors! Before Marvel Studios smash hit, The Avengers: Assemble was released back in early May, speculation was running pretty wild that Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker/Spider-Man would have some sort of a cameo ( If not a role even? ) in Joss Whedon’s superhero ensemble. Which in the end proved to be totally false, despite someone on the production speaking to the later. However, the actor has now been spotted in downtown L.A. with something leading “Daily Mail Magazine”, to come to the conclusion that he may indeed be . . .
  6. Avengers Related . . . Ant-Man Comes Coser To Reality! For a long time now, it seemed almost improbable that Ant-Man:The Movie ( Not the official title ) was heading into production anytime soon, especially since director Edgar Wright had already announced principle photography would begin on “The World’s End”, his trilogy ending collaboration with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, sometime this September. Then he was set to follow that up immediately, with “The Night Stalker”, starring Johnny Depp. So many would be left thinking that any inkling of hope for an Ant-Man feature would
  7. That's probally good, because it's nothing like the show. Not even a little. Have'nt seen it though, heard it's funny.
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