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  1. 21 hours ago, Darth Krawlie said:

    Not depression, but I’m just exhausted. I’m so tired of being in transition. Still waiting on SO many things needed to feel normal again and everything keeps getting delayed or changing or some other bull shit. Im tired. I want to have transitioned, not be stuck waiting. I have been physically uncomfortable for a few weeks now, and mentally/emotionally uncomfortable for longer. I know a move is a big deal and this is all normal but I want to feel better and want it to all calm the fuck down already. The job itself is going fine—I have very little to do so far. The kids are adjusting better than I thought they would. Katie has a lot on her plate, she’s taken on most of the work for the move and told me to focus on the job (only sort of working for me lol) but she’s doing way better than I am. I dunno. Ramble. I’m tired of making fucking phone calls and appointments and getting lost in my own neighborhood and getting few answers to anything.

    Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. MTLK Terrace is a maze of streets...because of Candy Cane Park few streets go through to I-5 east-west and there's really only one way to go. I have it all mapped out. I can come watch Eli & Lyra if you and Katie need a break-IF you trust me :)


  2. Are you watching them? Do you care? I LOVE watching Republicans say bad things about Trump but honestly, I feel like Charlie Brown with the football. This isn't going to end with him being even charged with anything, is it??


  3. Yeah, also like my Mom. When I look back, she should have been in a home for her final year or more. We let her live at home way too long, but she appreciated it. She only had to spend 5 weeks in that home she didn't want to be in. The staff told me what to expect all that week. They told me that she may decide to go when I wasn't in the room and that I shouldn't take it personally. I still did. I wanted to be there when she passed, if only to hold her hand through it. She waited until I went to my BFF's home for dinner





  4. I want to find a conservative GOP voter to help me do something to reduce elective abortion numbers. I'm finding on tik tok there are many who say they're pro life but are okay with abortion exceptions for rape, incest and medical necessity. To me, that's Pro Choice. But it does point to the fact that many of us are really close in ideology, if not voting. I think having a somewhat liberal voter and a conservative voter fighting for the same thing might get some attention.

    Elective abortion could be so much lower if we provided a safety net for prospective parents.

  5. Jacobe is gonna live in my town so there's a LOT more of this to come.

    So far we're just as fun IRL as we are here, so we've got that going for us. We like the same things. He's taller than he sounds. SO tall that you can't (I couldn't) help but remark. L-Roy and Jesus liked him right away when he came to my crappy apartment and L-Roy is usually wary of new people, but he came out for pets.

    We got BBQ pork humbow at The Market, Tried to go up in the Space Needle but it was close to a 4 hour wait, saw the Experience Music Project, went to the locks at the ship canal, had drinks at Ray's Boathouse (where Mindy and I met Nicole and Mr. Skywalker years ago), cruised Archie McPhee and drove around Green Lake. I also showed him my ex-house that's worth $1,700,000 now, along with the house they built in our yard now worth $1,600.000 today I AM KICKING MYSELF).


    I've already invited him and his family to my friend Jackie's house for the 4th of July.


  6. 53 minutes ago, Tank said:

    I definitely get less sleep/work done because I start scrolling and can’t stop

    HOURS, sometimes. But I find this also makes it the perfect time filler, not just waster. waiting for things annoys me so I'm happy to be early now for appointments when I can just graze on people's lives.

  7. 1 hour ago, Spider-Man said:

    I enjoy the app when it feeds me content I feel is original or fresher. I get tired of it when it is feeding me just repetitive trends. I know this sounds like, “Bro, do you even TikTok?” lol But there are a lot of types of content other than lip syncing and dancing.

    This is my type of off wall comedy stuff…


    I also like historical tours, tips for things like art and cooking, and educational videos… I suppose this sentence could have just been ‘I like educational videos’.

    I like that video. I'd heart it.

  8. I'll preface by saying I expect to get mocked for being old but I am in love with tik tok!

    I get such a heavy dose of seratonin from all the animal videos and I really like finding 'my people' from all over the world, but I recently discovered how to just scroll through all the "lives" that are going on at any given time.

    Holy COW, it's the Wild West here! You can see Libertarians with the "don't tread on me" flag as a backdrop screaming about the govmint, MAGA people yelling about Trump, thoughtful types who give you great info, pretty young people trying out their political legs, mentally and physically challenged people living their best lives, people simply just living their lives on camera. I find it SO entertaining! It's better than teevee!


    Do you ever go on tik tok? Have you ever just surfed the "live"?

  9. I can't say for sure because I haven't looked it up yet, but I'm seeing stats that say 93-97% of abortions are performed by week 10. I need to get clarity on that


  10. So, you don't like the idea of elective abortion? I don't either but I'm okay with it done before 24 weeks. After that, I get squeamish. I know it's a human life from conception (that's what I believe, maybe I should say-not all agree) but the more it develops and looks like an infant and less like a sci-fi shrimp, the more reticent I'd be to yeet it.

    Now, that said, I'm actually okay with abortion up to birth because I've heard of some hellish medical shit that can come up and I know nobody's just deciding they'd rather not give birth and aborting at 39 weeks. A co-worker's son died the day before his wife was to be induced; the umbilical cord wrapped around the fetus' neck and strangled him. She had to have an abortion to evacuate him-for some reason not given to friends, she couldn't be induced. To have forced this woman to wait until her body went into labor, IMO, would have been unacceptable and medically, it would be a problem. I trust women to make these decisions for themselves.

    I'm also very wary of stories of women using abortion as casual birth control. Yesterday in a tik tok live someone cited a woman who had 74 abortions. I doubt the human body could take that, let alone her doctor. I believe there are a few women here and these who can abort with no conscience but they're not enough for me to agree with a ban.

    And again-this is all red herring stuff to me. There are no similar bans on any mens' medical procedure so according to the 5th Amendment, this is unequal protection under law, which is unconstitutional.

  11. On 5/5/2022 at 6:30 PM, Zathras said:

    I understand now.  I chalk that up to maybe long time nightly members having said all there is to say about abortion?  

    Not that anyone asked, but my personal opinion on abortion is that I am generally pro life, however, I recognize there are situations where abortion is necessary and should remain legal and oppose an overturn of Roe V Wade, so I guess that technically makes me pro-choice.    

    I'm spending lots of time on Tik Tok lately and am seeing this a lot. Yes, you're Pro Choice! Nobody likes abortion or thinks it's good but those of us who recognize that it's sometimes a medical necessity are Pro Choice-no technicality about it.

    My biggest problem with all of this is I think too many are making this ABOUT abortion and it's not-it's about the intrusion of politics into our most intimate lives. Politicians have no Right, IMHO, making this decision for any woman, let alone all of us

  12. On 2/23/2022 at 4:02 PM, Fozzie said:

    I’m getting a new cell phone tomorrow. An actual brand new phone. First time that’s happened since my very first smart phone. I’ve gotten my mom’s used phones in the past, and I got her used phone when she died, but I wanted to upgrade to a 5G phone while I have two phones to sell/trade-in. Spectrum offered extra money on the trade-in, so Im spending around $40 out of pocket to get an iPhone 13, which will last me for years. 

    I just got a 13. Share user tips with me?


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