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  1. That little puffy cloud at left center? That's my Mom and Dad, dancing on the wind. It hung there for a good 10 seconds or more
  2. I'm good any evening any time before 9pm Pacific. Let's do this and by us, I mean someone who knows how to make it happen.
  3. So, the Girl Trip this year was mostly business for me since my parents' death. Mom passed on December 6th, so now, I own a condo in Florida. (Let me know if you want a cheap vacation in Seminole 4 miles from the beach). I haven't been through probate yet and now I have to file not only my own but my Mom's taxes. Anyway, I had their ashes scattered together from a little plane. My Dad had been a pilot in the Air Force and it was his wish-my Mom just wanted to be with him. They took pics and video for me and it was very emotional, unexpectedly. The whole package had to be biodegradable so it was just a bag with the ashes in it. But something unexpected happened. The ashes just hung in mid-air, like a small cloud until they disappeared. I had expected them to just dissipate immediately but they didn't. The pilot made almost a full circle around them before they were gone. My Dad's ashes were dark grey-my Mom's looked like sand and you can even make out the two different colors for a few seconds. It was such an emotional moment! I don't know why, but "Moondance" ran through my head the first time I watched the video, even though it was a beautiful, sunny day. I "saw" them dance together on the wind. It gave me a great sense of closure. Now, I have to go through all my Mom's stuff and that just seems impossible. But for a few minutes, I flet okay about their deaths.
  4. Camilla Parker Bowels Macaulay Culkin Elizabeth Hurley Harvey Weinstein Alan Greenspan Keith Richards Johnny Depp Bob Barker Jimmy Carter Heather DeLoach (Bee Girl)
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