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  1. CAN I REALLY CHOOSE? I pick Lars Von Trier's Dogville with Nicole Kidman! (NOT the "Dogville" skateboarding flick) ODD you mention chalk drawings, Seth... Choosing was difficult-I have a half dozen films I'd love to force people to watch!
  2. I'd teach Vices and how to USE but not ABUSE subtsances Cooking; everyone should know how to make a gourmet meal MATHS; because I had to Biology: because everybody has a body Finances Art Decorating with texture
  3. NO you can't do that. And I'll need your number, K? drink texts
  4. I am still amused by the 'wear a mask' bullshit. Nobody is going to change their mind on this stance no matter what anyone else says or does yet people continue with this. I wear one because I don't know if I'm Typhoid Mary or not but of someone doesn't wear theirs, I just don't jam my tongue down their throat. Is this wrong?
  5. what if you don't feel a NEED, but you just like open carry? I'm confused by any 'need' being attached to a Constitutional Right-necessity doesn't figure into Rights
  6. JAYEKIBBE and I will be drinking and watching Tuesday night WHO IS WITH US?
  7. The Execution of Lady Jane Grey is my favorite oil painting. I want to take an oil class just to reproduce this.
  8. Wendy here looks a LOT like one of our traffic reporters. If we were still going to work, I'd totally copy and leave this on her cube.
  9. Me, too! My best friend's wife was going to teach me but she died.
  10. I get that a LOT. Jesus once dipped his and his tail sucked up almost the whole 8th I'd just ground
  11. That could take care of the 'extra money' dilemma as well tho
  12. JEEZUZ Jacob it was YOU who said you could last night. Don't get on me cause I'm stoopid *CRIES* Who's doing the liquor/beer run this time? It's dark here when we Zoom now I don't wanna do mine again in the dark
  13. I'm exploring this right now. I've asked my therapist to help me because I came out of a discussion with a woman I really like, who is smart and who disagrees with everything I hold dear and the same for me to her. I can't 'fix' her (nor does she need fixing) so I decided to fix me. My therapist offered some homework. I'm to watch "the Vow", check out a journalist named Matt Talby, a book called "Why Liberalism Failed" by Patrick Deenan and a podcast called "Unspeakable" by Meghan Daum. Anyone know any of these?
  14. I have but those in my area suck.
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