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  1. I'll preface by saying I expect to get mocked for being old but I am in love with tik tok! I get such a heavy dose of seratonin from all the animal videos and I really like finding 'my people' from all over the world, but I recently discovered how to just scroll through all the "lives" that are going on at any given time. Holy COW, it's the Wild West here! You can see Libertarians with the "don't tread on me" flag as a backdrop screaming about the govmint, MAGA people yelling about Trump, thoughtful types who give you great info, pretty young people trying out their political legs, mentally and physically challenged people living their best lives, people simply just living their lives on camera. I find it SO entertaining! It's better than teevee! Do you ever go on tik tok? Have you ever just surfed the "live"?
  2. I'm good any evening any time before 9pm Pacific. Let's do this and by us, I mean someone who knows how to make it happen.
  3. Camilla Parker Bowels Macaulay Culkin Elizabeth Hurley Harvey Weinstein Alan Greenspan Keith Richards Johnny Depp Bob Barker Jimmy Carter Heather DeLoach (Bee Girl)
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