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  1. I don't think I'll ever understand the not-wanting-to-rock-the-boat thing. ALWAYS honor the feelings another person evokes, especially those of the creepy variety. I have yet to hear of someone who was wrong about these vibes. Protect your family, including yourself. I'm so glad you're in therapy! It's absolutely necessary for this type of thing. I don't have any advice about what to do with/around/regarding your Mom or extended family because I'd be willing to behead this motherfucker at Thanksgiving dinner. IF he's on the spectrum, that doesn't give him and excuse-people with
  2. I've been cultivating mine during mask-wearing days in hopes of looking like I belong in the circus but it just won't come in. I'm going to have to wax what's there
  3. My friend Jackie has 2 special needs grandkids and their parents are divorced. Their Dad is on the spectrum and he is not doing well trying to manage their school days online. Kids don't seem to be getting or dying of this much so I think they should allow kids to go back to school-gawd knows everyone could use the break.
  4. and what about this election was a clusterfuck? Officials all over the USA are saying it's been one of the smoothest, problem-free elections in modern history...
  5. What has Biden done that shows he's in "worse mental condition than Ronald...near the middle point of his second term", please?
  6. B52s/Rock Losbter Wall of Voodoo/Mexican Radio Depeche Mode/Blasphemous Rumors Joe Jackson/Another World Whitney Houston/I Wanna Dance With Somebody Prince/When Doves Cry Violent Femmes/Blister in the Sun AC/DC/Back in Black Hall & Oates/Maneater Bowie/Modern Love Elvis Costello/Veronica The Clash/Rock the Casbah Ramones/We Want the Airwaves Midnight Oil/Beds Are Burning Ziggy Marley/Tomorrow People Red Rider/Lunatic Fringe Boomtown Rats/I Don't Like Mondays XTC/Dear God Til Tuesday/Voices Carry
  7. My favorite part so far has been how NOBODY in the GOP has stood up for him since polls opened. NOT. ONE. Beavis got on mic to try to stop counting but nobody cared. I also loved that both times he went public during the count, all the networks bailed on him. I can't imagine what fun it must be to work in the White House right now. It's like Mom left us alone with our abusive drunken stepfather and a case of cheap booze and she's not coming back til he's sober. FUCK
  8. Trump is now the only POTUS to have lost the popular vote twice. Buh-byee, Donnie. I long to see him behind bars, in an orange jumpsuit. I want to see him forced to answer some questions. I want him utterly broken. I want his criminal family forced to give back their salaries. I am so happy he's going to be gone. I want these maggot supremacists forced back under their slimy rocks. I'm worried about what he'll do between now and the Inauguration. I want a clause in the Constitution banning reality TV show hosts from running beyond city offices. "I am a terrible human being." Nop
  9. You're not the bad guy at ALL! This is what you DO so I'm being sensitive to you GAWD. I just think my taste in films is out there and the few I love and would suggest aren't readily available. You want to do City of Lost Children? Let's do it! See, and I appreciate your take on Dogville. It actually makes me feel better we're not all going to watch it-I was unsure but you've confirmed for me it's a gimmick that didn't work well for him. What's an edgelord, please?
  10. You know, never mind. I don't like my second choice and can't think of another. Just take me out of the line up and choose another person. You all won't like what I choose and it'll just anger Seth. I've always wanted to discuss Dogville with people who know films. Its set is minimalistic and there's bit of a mystery to the plot. I got sucked into it hard and 15 minutes in, it might as well have been The Ten Commandments for all the feels. It also, to me, showed the acting in way no other film has. I was curious if others would feel the same or if it's just a gimmick gone bad. I have a c
  11. Is there a way to see what's on Netflix without having an account on Netflix?
  12. HAY, i PICKED a movie you all just can't find it!
  13. I'll fire up the thread and include Spam as soon as I'm off the air today. I fell asleep on the couch during a M*A*S*H break. I see nothing's changed since then. ALSo EVERYONE StOP being mean okay?
  14. This is a TV script. GOOD GAWD!!!!
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