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  1. I know the gift rule but Sheryl is the kind of person that would say something if she noticed them missing. I like Hobbes' suggestions, especially the fire!
  2. I didn't give or receive gifts this year but a friend bought me some Christmas ornaments that I don't like at all. I don't know what to do with them because she comes over and helped me decorate this year.
  3. Yeah, my kitties always get new mice, fresh catnip and bird toys. I even fucking wrap them
  4. People are always buying things in the hopes that someday, it'll be worth a buttload of money. Rite? I don't think people realize the fates that have to come together in order for an affordable object to attain retirement-money worth in one lifetime.
  5. I have friends here who only decorate the top half of their tree
  6. I like the name of the Italian wine!
  7. My favorite white wine is Duckhorn Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc. Nicely balanced, affordable, fast, crisp finish.
  8. I'm sort of enjoying mine. It seems sort of sad with just me and the cat here. I feel like a meme
  9. There's going to be a movie done by the people who made "Veep"
  10. You don't even decorate? I do just to make me happy, usually just lights in my more unmotivated seasons
  11. You guys are making me happy I don't have to deal with family and Christmas buying. Old ppl and coins; my good friend has parents in dementia who cannot buy enough coins. They don't rust Biden and the banks so they buy coins. WTF.
  12. Sell them as soon as you get them and let him know you have?
  13. I got a new one and it was definitely my mouse
  14. So, IS it my mouse? Should I just get a new one?
  15. Its bottom is clean. It's a regular, corded mouse. Now, instead of right clicking, it's giving me odd drop down menus. I play a jigsaw puzzle game and I'm having real trouble grabbing and moving the puzzle pieces. It's very frustrating.
  16. This past week I've been having online problems. I KNOW YOU'RE SHOCKED. but seriously. Like, I can't drag things around a screen, I always lose them unless I concentrate on really holding my right button down. And when I try to highlight text, it gives me fits! I can't easily highlight even the shortest text. I know it's not my cursor, ha ha, but is this a mouse issue?
  17. Maybe I am in a bit of a grief funk. I've been thinking about my parents a lot lately. I spent Thanksgiving at my cousins and heard many stories, which was nice. I do want to send cards this year but I'd like to buy local and I'm loathe to go out shopping. I'd love you to visit, Spam! Girl trip is March 7-11th this year. But I live here now, so ... LOVE the new socks! Nicole, I"m impressed with your shopping so far
  18. So, this will be my first tropical Christmas as a resident and I'm not feeling it yet. I bought a tree (artificial, lighted) on craigslist but am totally unmotivated to decorate it. My friends here and some back in Seattle are in the same boat as I am; we really don't want more 'stuff' and don't have the money to buy experiences so we made a deal for no presents and we just get together and go out instead. There are no kids in my immediate life so I have nobody to buy presents for this year. Wrapping and displaying gifts used to be one of my favorite parts of the holidays. I should be psyched that his leaves me with money to do nothing but decorate but like three people will see it so it seems like too big of a bother. Decorating means keeping it all dusted, too then I'd have to stow it all nicely again and my storage closet is like a Jenga game. What are you spending money on this holiday? I wonder if I'm in a space or I'm just getting older and the holiday is losing its glitter for me.
  19. I bought a $200 Christmas tree, now I don't feel like decorating it.
  20. Yeah, I see those a lot here. Nine out of 10 of my mondo grass has died and the one that's still alive is struggling. I may try to plant some again soon and see if starting out during cooler weather makes a difference I don't have dappled shade-mine comes in blocks. I miss gardening.
  21. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Nicole, you'd trust me around your kids? Spam, I feel you. I've gotten so used to 55+ pools, I can't even tolerate the good grandkids that show up here at times. I don't do well with most kids when they're in their natural habitat, unless I already know them.
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