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  1. I would but they never use what I buy for them
  2. I volunteer to slap and/or kill Icyhot's stoopid co-worker. I also have ZERO sympathy for Guiliani and will not be able to stop myself from dancing a jig of glee if he succumbs to the COVID. Fucking fuck faced fucker
  3. For me, an album can't be called great on one hit song. As much as I'm meh on the Eagles, I'd say Hotel CA is a great album. It spawned three hit singles and doesn't have an unrecognizable tune on it. Joe Walsh meshed so well with the band and enhanced their sound. And they had a theme for the album that was laced well throughout the songs. AND it charted twice because of a re-release. Not many bands have pulled off all of this with one album, let alone many. I've never been a big fan of Metallica so I can't say about them. Other albums I'd call great: AC/DC Back in Black, Flo
  4. I honestly don't get the problem. People are just being giant dicks for no reason
  5. "It was like...magic" "You don't want to be in love. You want to be in love in a movie" “It’s easier to be killed by a terrorist than it is to find a husband over the age of 40.” 'That statistic is not true.' 'Didn’t you see ‘Fatal Attraction?' I don't get it, either. Fraser isn't big here.
  6. My last Aunt died of COVID over the weekend. My Dad's whole family is now gone-like they were never here. It's odd
  7. Yeah, that cat's been assembled incorrectly. You've voided your warranty
  8. Tell me. I f I never hear another line from Sleepless in Seattle, it'd be nice
  9. My neighbors seem so much less annoying when Spam and Tank post about theirs. i'd have murdered by now
  10. Mine LOVE trees. Jesus will still try to eat stuff but for the most part, they just like to sleep under it. Their first Christmas together was in my ex-house with hardwood floors. Every day, they absolutely ruined the gifts and tree skirt arrangement so after a week, I kept the gifts upstairs and let the tree skirt be their bed. This is really all they want for the holiday is a tree to sleep under. For me, it's just not worth it
  11. 62/female/Mountlake Terrace WA I was born in NW PA and moved to Seattle in 1984. I lived in Renton's May Valley, Kirkland's Houghton Park, on Phinney Ridge, Maple Leaf (where amazon is now), in Tacoma's North End and now am just over the King County line in Snohomish County (I like to say "I put the HO in Snohomish") just off Lake Ballinger in a 'hood I refer to as East Edmonds. People here are mostly Democrats/liberals/very PC and very protesty. There are people here who own sea turtle costumes. Most women don't wear heels or makeup daily, most men are sensitive and hands-on fathers
  12. I don't get the appeal, either. never did.
  13. I also have nobody to buy for this year. My closest GFs all don't buy for adults, just the kids and grandkids in their families because of money. My Mom only wants my Dad back and I don't bring back the dead. I have no kids or grandkids and I can't see Jackie's grandkids this year so NO GIFTS FOR THEM. No, seriously, if I had the money, I'd buy little things for them but I don't. I don't want a tree because this place is a cat hair magnet to begin with. I will and have already done some decorating. I did my front door outside with pine boughs and clear lights, inside with green garland and fuc
  14. I almost never eat Cougar Gold because $45 a tin so it was a very nice gift for the holiday! I cut my own bangs this past Summer and I did the worst job EVAR. My hair grows so fast it was no big deal but Jackie told me "pardon me for being so not PC but your look is bordering on Special Needs" and I just kept saying, enthusiastically "I think I look good!" I'll come cut Mr Skywalker's hair next time. ALSO I GOT NO pecan pie this year, runny or otherwise. I ate my two small apple and pumpkin pieces Thursday night and SO should have saved them for Friday breakfast. I did traffic on our
  15. I have never had to live with this until I moved into my crappy apartment. Three guys come every Wednesday, the complex next to us does their blowing on Thursday and a guy across the parking lot from me does his own for at least 3 hours every Thursday evening. I want to know why these things are legal. They HAVE to be above the legal noise limit. They are an abomination. I would go postal on people doing this for hours every day. POSTAL. I went over to try and reason with the sole guy once. He pretended he couldn't hear me and wouldn't shut his blower off. I have fantasies of blowing
  16. I went up to my friend, Jackie's, because I've been at her house each Friday since I got back from Florida in March. Three of her kids stopped by at different times. We had White Russians and Cougar Gold cheese, salami and crackers. She just got a gazebo and fire pit so we all sat outside. It was all very PacNW. But I miss not having turkey leftovers.
  17. I'm hoping for some lawsuits on January 21st
  18. He's too greasy to die. He'll be alive into his 90s just because he's such an awful human
  19. https://www.scytl.com/en/fact-checking-regarding-us-elections-debunking-fake-news/
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